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Overview of feeds for castrated premium cats - Top 4 brands

A huge amount of different feeds sometimes causes panic even in the most calm owners."What to choose a feed?"My cat is castrated, what is suitable for him? And can you give this one? "- this is just a small part of the issues that concern caring masters. Below is

information on which feed is best fed cattle cat. Believe me, such animals need special feed and vitamins.

The most popular food for castrated pets is premium premium food. The choice of most caring owners falls on the premium class. Therefore, it will be appropriate to pay attention to him and tell more about each kind.

Royal Canin Line

The Royal Canin Royal Canin range is represented by the following positions:

Neutralized adult maintenance s / o

The designation s / o means that this feed contributes to the creation of such an environment in the urinary system, which will be unfavorable for the formation of calcium oxalates and strute crystals.

This is a moist fodder that is great for not only castrated goats, but also sterilized cats that are under 7 years of age. It can be given to your pet right after the operation. This feed is aimed at protecting the urinary tract, preventing the formation of calcium oxalates and strute crystals. Neutralization of the negative effects of free radicals is due to the complex of antioxidants that are part of Neutered adult maintenance. The special composition and balanced content of carbohydrate-fats proteins help maintain the optimum weight of the castrated cat.

Available in packs of 100 g.

A review of forages for castrated cats of premium class 4 best brands

Overweight - one of the main risk factors for the occurrence of diabetes in cats. Often, castration itself promotes the emergence of overweight and, as a consequence, the onset of diabetes. In addition, the operation reduces the level of sensitivity of the body to insulin. Producers Royal Canin took into account these features and created the feed Young male, which contains an increased amount of protein and reduced - calories.

Enriching the composition of proteins increases the feeling of saturation( the cat does not overeat), improves the taste quality of the feed( his pet is naming for both cheeks), contributes to improved muscle regulation compared to normal diet. Due to increased urine excretion, the level of mineral substances( from which calcium oxalates and strute crystals are formed) are contained in it. This allows you to create unfavorable conditions for the formation of sand and stones in the urinary tract and, as a consequence, to protect the genitourinary system.

Available in packages of 400 m, 1500 m, 3.5 and 10 kg.

A review of forages for castrated cats of premium class 4 best brands

Senior Consult Stage-1 s / o

This series is great for boars and cats over 7 years of age, with no apparent signs of aging. In the first place, this feed is positioned as a food for castrated pets, but it can also be used for those animals that have not undergone this procedure. Moreover, it can be given to cats.

Reducing the level of oxidative stress occurs due to a complex of antioxidants synergistic( joint) action. This complex includes taurine and lutein, as well as vitamins E and C. Maintenance of normal kidney function is achieved due to a slightly lower phosphorus content. The proteins included are amino acids, which improves their digestibility. In addition, the Senior Stage-1 contains phosphatidylserine, which improves brain function and health, accelerates cell renewal, increases endurance and productivity, as well as reduces muscle pain. According to the energy needs of an adult pet, the weight of which is insufficient or normal( 3 or below the fatality scale), the caloric value of Senior Stage-1 was developed. All this in a complex helps to slow down the processes of aging of an organism of a pet.

Available in packages of 1.5 kg.

A review of forages for castrated cats of premium class 4 best brands

Senior Consult Stage 2

Applies this feed to castrated / sterilized pets as well as to non sterilized / uncastated animals with signs of aging, whose age has exceeded the 7-year limit.

Flour from New Zealand mollusks is a great source of chondroprotectors that provide support for the aging pet's joints. Snails with excessive or normal weights( 3 points or more on cats' fattening scale) will be evaluated by Senior Stage-2, since it is optimally suited to the energy needs of pets.

Available in 1.5 kg packaging.

A review of forages for castrated cats of premium class 4 best brands

The Hills

Ruler Some sources indicate that Hell's feed is a superconpretation class, but comparing its pricing with the same Royal Canin yields approximately the same value.

Sterilised Young Adult

The development of this dry feed takes into account the special needs of sterilized cats and castrated pigs that have reached 6 months of age. A unique formula that helps control the weight of your pet( due to fat burning and muscle development), and clinically proven antioxidants support a pupil under the age of 6 in perfect shape. High-quality ingredients provide a delicious meal that will appreciate the clamshells. Support for urinary tract in a healthy condition is achieved at the expense of a controlled level of minerals in the composition. The optimal intake of nutrients, as well as useful vitamins and micro / macroelements, is due to highly digestible ingredients. Developers of Sterilised Young Adult have taken into account the peculiarities of the hormonal background of animals subjected to castration or sterilization, which has helped to achieve a balanced composition formula. Special ingredients will keep an eye on digestion and will not allow a pet to fall ill with diabetes. The L-picture, part of the Sterlised Young Adult, will support the kidneys at the proper level, since many castrated / sterilized bones are prone to problems with the kidneys and the urogenital system.

Available in packs of 300 m, 1500 m and 3.5 kg.

A review of forages for castrated cats of premium class 4 best brands

Sterilised Cat Mature Adult 7+

This type of dry food is specially designed for sterilized / castrated animals, whose age exceeded the 7-year barrier. Older pets need a more balanced diet, so Mature Adult 7 Sterilised contains vitamins A, E, C and D3, iodine, manganese, zinc, iron, copper, reduced phosphorus and calcium, as well as beta-carotene, L-paintin and taurine,so necessary for mature pupils.

High-quality ingredients are an integral part of all Hills feeds, and Mature Adult 7+ is no exception, making it so appealing to the pitches. Weight control is due to the loss of energy for burning fat and muscle building, which helps the animal to be in good shape, despite the respectful age. The high digestibility of Mature Adult 7+ is useful for mature bryozoans, since it promotes the optimum intake of vitamins and minerals in the body, as well as the necessary nutrients.

However, this type of food is contraindicated to give to kittens who have not reached the age of 6 months.

Available in packs of 300 m, 1500 m and 3.5 kg.

A review of forages for castrated cats of premium class 4 best brands


The Advance range of quality, pricing policies and warehouse is roughly one step away from Royal Canin. The Advance spectrum is represented by only one kind of feed for castrated / sterilized pets, which differs only in a flavoring additive and in the weight of the package.

Cat Sterilized

Salmon and wheat feed contains 15% salmon meat, which makes it especially attractive to animals that love fish. Fodder with turkey and barley contain in its composition 15% of turkey, so it will be more attractive for booths, prefer meat. Cat Sterilized is suitable for pets immediately after castration / sterilization and until they reach 10 years of age. This diet prevents obesity, without affecting the muscle mass( no loss occurs).A high level of protein along with a moderate amount of fat helps to keep the muscular mass of the kits in shape. Due to lower caloric content, a pet can not use more calories than he needs. Increased fiber content helps the nurse to feel more saturated.

Ingredients that help maintain the pH of urine at the proper level, stimulate diuresis. Glucosamine prevents the formation of stones and the occurrence of urolithiasis. Reduced carbohydrate content improves pancreatic function and, as a result, normalizes insulin levels.

With turkey and barley, it is available in packages of 1500 m and 15 kg, and with salmon and wheat - 1500 m and 3 kg.

A review of forages for castrated cats of premium class 4 best brands

The Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan is a 2-breasted feed for boars, which can be given to both boys and girls. Great for young and adult animals( from 1 year old).

Sterilised Salmon

The main ingredient is salmon. It can also be called Adult after care with salmon. It is a balanced full-food diet. Reduced energy needs of sterilized cats and castrated pigs served as a reason to create a feed that would be tailor-made for such favorites. After care ensures the normal functioning of the urinary system, regulates glucose metabolism and maintains the ideal condition. The main ingredients of food are tuna and salmon with good taste characteristics, which provides the cellulose with the necessary nutrients, and also preserves its health.

Zinc, linoleic acid and vitamin A, which make up, increase the moisture and elasticity of the skin of the pet. Essential fatty acids help prevent brittleness and increase the thickness of the coat. Each granule feed has a special coating that effectively reduces the formation of stone on teeth by almost 40%.Cell protection and antibody synthesis are enhanced by the content of powerful antioxidants and proteins, which helps to strengthen the body's protective forces. In castrated cats, there is often the appearance of pleural stones and calcium oxalates in the urinary system, so a special formula has been developed in the stern aimed at preventing the formation of stones, which will allow the kidneys to function properly. To regulate the absorption of glucose, the reduced content of carbohydrates and elevated - animal fats is included. To facilitate the assimilation of rice and cereals.

Available in packages of 400 m, 1500 m and 10 kg.

A review of forages for castrated cats of premium class 4 best brands

Sterilised Turkey

Here the main ingredient is turkey. Another name is Adult after care with turkey, chicken and rice. Accounting for the reduced energy requirement of sterilized / castrated pets helped create a feed that can maintain the urinary system in a healthy condition, improve glucose digestibility and control the optimum body weight. The special complex supports the work of internal and external protective systems of the body, such as: immunity, almost, digestive system, wool and skin.

Available in packages of 400 m, 1500 m and 10 kg.

A review of forages for castrated cats of premium class 4 best brands

Instead of finding

What kind of feed is preferable - depends only on the owner. I want to finally say that cats are beasts, so when they buy a large package of food, the owner may be very disappointed when the cat just refuses to "shovel".It is best to buy small packs for the test, to be sure what kind of food your pet likes more than others. If the cat does not have enough forces to break the pellets of drying - they can be softened in a small amount of water, cream or yogurt( because milk is not desirable to give to adults).