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Nails, color change: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Healthy nails have a smooth surface and a uniform color, corresponding to the tint of the skin. A change in the color of the nail is called dyschromia. Unfortunately, not all pay attention to this phenomenon. And it is in vain, since changing the tint of the nail can be a symptom of a serious illness.

Therefore, having discovered that one or several nails acquired an unnatural color for them, one should not try to mask this lack of bright varnish, but should contact the dermatologist. It may be necessary to consult other specialists.


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Causes of

Nails, color change: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment Nails can change their natural color for various reasons. Very often become the cause of the disease of the dermatological profile. This, first and foremost:

  • Fungal defeat of the nail plate. It is the fungal infection that causes the change in the nail color in half of the cases.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the nail plate( acute paronychia, chronic paronychia, etc.).
  • Various pigmented anomalies of nails. .
  • Various dermatoses, eczema, psoriasis, lichen, etc.

Endocrine disorders can become a cause of non-standard color of the nail. Such as diabetes mellitus, Addison's disease, manifested by chronic malnutrition in the production of adrenal hormones. Sometimes minor manifestations of dyshhromia may occur during pregnancy.

A cause of changes in the nail plate may be a disease that affects the liver or the cardiovascular system. It can also affect the color of the nails such severe diseases as HIV or malaria.

For exterior reasons that can affect the color of the nail can be smoking and injuries, including an improperly executed manicure.

Change the color of the nail as a symptom of the disease

Doctors have long noticed the relationship between the color of the nails and various diseases.

Natural pink nail color is a testimony to excellent health. But too pale nails can be one of the signs of anemia.

A yellowish or brown nail tinge may be due to fungal infection. Sometimes such a color of nails is noted in patients with psoriasis or other chronically leaky dermatosis. The yellow color of the nails can be purchased as a result of a long course of antibiotics. In addition, yellow or even brown nails are hardcore smokers.

A black or purple nail color is often a consequence of nail injury. As a result of a stroke or pinching under the nail, a pectoral hematoma is formed, which gives the nail color.

A dyed tint of nail plates is observed in patients with circulatory disorders. In addition, such an unusual shade of nails can be purchased when treating silver medications.

The appearance of dark red or brown spots can be as a result of nail injury, as well as evidence of infectious endocarditis.

The appearance of white spots may indicate a lack of zinc or calcium in the body. The appearance of former muddy areas of the nail plate often indicates fungal infections.

A yellow-green tint of the nail can be a sign of the development of cancer, severe liver damage or diabetes mellitus.

Diagnostic Methods

Nails, color change: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

For patient diagnosis, an external review of the patient.

Diagnosis in this case is reduced to external examination and the purpose of surveys aimed at clarifying the cause, which led to dyschromia. At the same time the patient may need consultations of narrow specialists:

  • Nephrologist;
  • Cardiologist;
  • Endocrinologist;
  • Gastroenterologist;
  • Neuropathologist.

It is imperative to conduct a patient survey, it is necessary to find out how long the patient noticed a change in the color of nail plates, learn about the presence of concomitant diseases, to find out if there was a recent injury to the nail plate.

In addition, a number of surveys are required. As a rule, it is intended to conduct such analyzes.

Culture survey - nutrient stacks on the nutrient medium. The method is used to determine the type of bacterial or fungal infection and to detect their sensitivity. The material for the study is a piece of nail. The material is placed in the nutrient medium, and after a certain time, measurements and determination of the types of microflora are carried out. The analysis takes usually 7-10 days. In the course of the research, the definition of the reaction of the microflora to the drugs is carried out, which allows to find the most effective treatment.

Microscopic study of material to determine the nature of the lesion of the nail.

Treatment of

Treatment in this case depends on what caused the formation of an unnatural nail color.

If it is a fungal infection, then a complex treatment of local and systemic drugs is being performed. Drugs are selected based on the results of the analyzes. Typically, agents that have a common antimycotic action are used. For example, Nizoral, Orungal, Lamizil, etc.

External treatment is to use local remedies - ointments or solutions containing antifungal agents. Andriysyan liquid, consisting of a mixture of glycerin, alcohol and vinegar, may also be prescribed. To soften the tissues of the affected nail, use ointments containing salicylic or lactic acid.

In some cases, the use of surgical treatments is indicated. In this case, the complete removal of the affected nail plate is carried out. After the operation, the course of taking anti-fungal drugs is prescribed.

Treatment of the hypodermic hematoma, due to the formation of which the nail acquires purple or black color, consists in a simple operation. Using a sterile instrument, they pierce the nail and release ice underneath the blood.

In the event that changes in the color of the nail are caused by vitamin, it is necessary to appoint a vitamin and mineral complexes to replenish the lack of nutrients.

In the detection of endocrine abnormalities an endocrinologist is prescribed corrective treatment. If the examination revealed the disease of the internal organs, it is necessary to appoint a special treatment.

In the event that the cause of yawning of the nail is smoking, the only possible treatment will be the complete refusal of the harmful habit.

Treatment by folk methods

The choice of folk methods of treatment, as well as the methods of traditional medicine, depends on the cause of the change in the color tint of the nail plate.

So, for fungal infection, healers recommend:

  • Ointment from fungus. Take the copper sulfate and heat it in a frying pan until a white and gray powder is formed, mix with equal amount of powdered sulfur, birch tar and goose fat. All put on a water bath and stir when heated until homogeneous mass is formed. Apply to nail-affected fungus.
  • Ointment of celandine. Take 50 grams of roots and stems of celandine and finely chop, stirring in a blender or on a meat grinder. Mix with 300 grams of tallow fat. You can take goose or pork. Keep the ointment in the refrigerator.5 times a day to smear the affected nails.
  • An effective treatment for fungal infections is the compresses of a tea mushroom or propolis tincture. In the first case, you need to attach to the patient finger a piece cut off from the body of the fungus. In the second - a tampon, moistened with tincture. Keep the compress for about half an hour.
  • Coffee Tables. You need to cook a solid coffee and use it to hold the trays. Nipples are lowered into warm coffee, trying not to shake the precipitate. After 15 minutes, remove and allow the nails to dry, without wiping them with a towel.
  • Helps to cope with fungal infection and turn nails into a healthy color of wine with vinegar.
  • If the cause of the loss of the natural color of the nail plate is some kind of illness, then the main efforts for its treatment should be directed. In parallel, it is necessary to care for the nails, so that they were stronger.

    It is useful to make baths with the addition of sea salt. It is useful to use for bathing water not water, but a broth with a honeydew or willow bark. After holding the bath, rub the almond or other oil in the nail.

    One more useful procedure is to melt the honey and mix it with equal amount of vegetable oil. Cool the mixture slightly and add yolk. Dip into this mass of nails for 15 minutes. Then massage a little nails and wash your hands.

    Forecast and prevention of

    Prevention of nail changes is to maintain overall health. It is necessary to lead the most healthy way of life, to regularly take preventive medical examinations. When detecting diseases to accurately perform all assignments of specialists.

    It is important to properly care for nail plates, avoid injuries, gently make manicures. If possible, you should abandon the trimmed manicure, as this procedure has a high risk of infection. It is very important to use individual tools for the treatment of nails, and when passing procedures in manicure salons to require that the master performed the sterilization of instruments.

    When using colored varnishes, it is sometimes recommended to give the nails "rest".At this time, it is recommended to use special creams for nail plate care.

    It is highly desirable to quit smoking, since this disastrous habit is not only harmful to health, but it can also be the cause of the unnatural color of the nails.

    Forecast when changing the tint of the nail plate depends on the reason caused by this phenomenon. When eliminating the cause for 8-12 months, the healthy nail is normal color.


    Nails, color change: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment Nails, color change: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment Nails, color change: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment Nails, color change: causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment