Where to go to study after the 9th grade boy

After graduating from the 9th grade, many young men set an important question: where to continue their education. To make the right decision, you need to consider all the options, because your future profession is chosen not for one day. Future work should bring pleasure, be

in demand, well-paid.


1. Should I go from school after grade 9?
2. How to make a choice?
3. What can I do to simplify entry after grade 9?
4. What specialties in the labor market are considered the most needed?
5. TOP of the best occupations for boys who enter after grade 9
6. Instead of concluding

Should I go from school after grade 9?

Any graduate after grade 9 can continue his education at school, entering grade 10.Then, after graduating from high school, it will be possible to enter higher education institution. Higher education will have the advantage of employing.

But let's not forget that EDI must be handed over for entry to the UK: this is a fairly satisfactory test, which involves serious training, because low marks will not allow competitive selection. In addition, they did not go to college, young men will be called into the army, and then they can continue their education only after service.

If, after the 9th grade, the graduate chooses a college or college, then the service will receive a profession and an opportunity to continue their education at a higher educational institution. Some universities take on the second course, passing competitive tests. Where to go to study after the 9th grade boy

How to make a choice? The

ninth grader is not always ready to determine exactly who he wants to work in the future. Sometimes the idea of ​​some specialties consists of films or stories of friends, and therefore to consider it reliable can be a huge stretch.

It is not always easy to make decisions, so it is better to consult with parents or educators, get acquainted with possible future professions. To do this, it is better to visit those schools or technical schools that are scheduled for entry;as a rule, they hold a special event for entrants - "Open Door Day", when teachers and students talk about the specialties that can be obtained at this institution, tell about the conditions of work, employment opportunities.

Sometimes graduates have a misconception about future specialties, so it is imperative to go to the Open Doors Day. In addition, each educational institution has its own website on the Internet, which lists the specialties that can be obtained, the number of places, budget and payment, the cost of training and other useful information for the entrant.

If, after grade 9, a graduate still decides to leave school and continue his education in a technical school or school, he must first of all decide for himself: which specialty he chooses.

The advantages of the data of educational institutions is that they prepare specialists for work in the regional enterprises, that is, most likely, after the end, there will be no problems with employment. In addition, you can get acquainted with the conditions of work, payment, career opportunities.

Students who have completed 9th grade can get a degree quickly enough( if, for example, the financial situation of the family requires someone to earn) by entering short-term courses. After graduating from them, you can start work in the specialty less than a year later. But, choosing such courses, it should be remembered that to start work in some specialties can only after 18 years.

It is unlikely that you can get a job where the employee is materially responsible or responsible for the life and safety of people. Will not take minors to work related to alcohol or tobacco products, or involves night-time changes, or endangers the health of a teenager. This is a significant disadvantage of such courses: their short-term nature is not always consistent with age restrictions.

Where to go to study after the 9th grade boy

What can I do to facilitate entry after grade 9?

Graduate of the 9th grade should know that when entering college, college or college it will not be enough for him to provide the results of an OEG or a certificate. Typically, introductory tests are conducted, the format, questions and topics which should be pre-requested on the site of the educational institution, where the section "The student" is presented with all the necessary information.

To facilitate admission to a college or school, you must necessarily prepare for entrance examinations. Quite often, preparatory courses are organized for entrants. Where teachers of the university work out similar tasks, they consider the questions that will be taken at the reception. To attend such courses is useful:

firstly , the entrant has the opportunity to do extra( this will certainly help with the delivery of OGE);

second , familiarity with teachers - the opportunity to recommend themselves;

thirdly , the format of entrance examinations is often different from graduate school, so advance preparation prevents examination stress.

Occasional tests are sometimes conducted, and it is better for an entrant to get acquainted with the criteria of assessment necessary for the level of work provided in advance. In addition, experienced teachers will give tips on how to do better, which types of work is better, which should not be shown on introductory tests.

What specialties in the labor market are considered the most needed?

Currently, labor specialties are very popular on the labor market, especially those related to construction: masons, handlers, welders, design specialists. Finding a job in these specialties will be available in virtually any region, as construction and finishing work is carried out everywhere.

When choosing a specialty it is important to pay attention to those enterprises that are in your city. As a rule, technical schools and colleges prepare specialists for work in the regional enterprises. So, in cities located near the seas and rivers, will develop shipbuilding, navigation and ship repair, the fishing industry. If the region has industrial enterprises, pay attention to the specialties that will be demanded by them.

Professions related to the field of services will always be relevant: hairdressers, cooks, clothing tailors. You can work practically everywhere, regardless of place of residence, climatic conditions, economic situation.

Graduates of the 9th form can continue their education in road technical schools and colleges, since the specialty "Driver", "Specialist in servicing vehicles" will always be in demand. Where to go to study after the 9th grade boy

Information technology specialists are very much needed on the labor market. Professions related to this area of ​​work involve the direct work of computer technology, repair and maintenance.

Boys who finished 9th grade should pay attention to military specialties, very honored in our society. Military personnel are trained in Suvorov colleges or in specialized technical schools. Often in such schools there is a very large competition for entrants, and in addition to knowledge of the subjects of the school curriculum, entrants should demonstrate good athletic training.

TOP of the best occupations for boys who enter after grade 9

Professions for boys who decide to enter after grade 9 are very much, but we chose the most in demand today.


The profession of locksmith-repairman, whose work is required at any level, is widespread in the labor market. Various mechanisms, technical devices, aggregates - field of activity of a specialist of this profile.

Performing repairs, preventive measures, proper maintenance of devices require a locksmith of professional knowledge of physics, metallurgy, production techniques. This specialty belongs to the category of occupations with an average level of physical activity. However, working conditions may be due to the amount of work in hazardous production conditions. Therefore, the presence of good health, strength, visual acuity is imperative for a locksmith. Owning a profession can be in the walls of college, college. Where to go to study after the 9th grade boy

Electro-Gas Welder

Modern industry, building organizations do not dispense with the operation of the electric gas extinguisher. The existence of such civilization benefits as multi-storey high-rise buildings, cars, household appliances, and industrial machines is the work of a welding specialist. Significance for the electro-gas mixer society in its demand. Professionalism in the labor field will provide both knowledge of your own business and excellent health, because the work of the welder is energy-intensive, complicated. The welder is at risk when performing metal work at an altitude under high pressure. Learn about the gas evacuator is possible in college.


Mechanisms, based on which the various parts, made in a turning shop, are specially trained in this work by the lathe. Turning the workpieces on specially designed machines for this purpose, the lathe creates each detail separately, which is the same as art. This specialty is demanded at enterprises, in industrial production. The desire to become a turner must be supported by excellent vision, endurance. Health threats are devices that work under high voltage. Vocational technical schools produce a significant number of turntables each year. Where to go to study after the 9th grade boy


Metal milling machine on a milling machine carries a miller. The specialist carries out activities consistently, guided by technological cards, drawings. The work involves specialized electromechanical equipment. The circle of professional interests at the stage of development of skills is wide: drawings and geometry, the theoretical basis of metal processing, the work of machines. Configure the molded machine, fail to read accurately the data of the drawings - this is also the functional responsibilities of the miller. A professional in this industry must have an exact observer, spatial type of imagination, concentration of attention.


Welder - specialist joining elements of metal constructions. Material with which the welder works, in demand at work, in everyday life. A colossal measure of responsibility lies with the specialists, since the created designs must have the strength, representing a threat to people's lives, comply with the established quality standard. Agriculture, construction, energy - in all areas a welder is in demand. The profession has a number of specializations. Knowledge of deep welders6 from the technology of melting of metals to the properties of gases. Along with the positive side of the profession there is a drawback - the harmfulness of difficult working conditions. You can get a specialty by going to college or college. Where to go to study after the 9th grade boy


The professional field of activity of a specialist in this area is bulk. The assembler can collect furniture, apply their skills in shoe manufacturing, assemble cars, wood products. Therefore, a highly qualified assembler is in demand by enterprises in the labor market. Any design is in the original form a set of elements, which together collects together. The technical makeup of the mind, the fortress of hands, clarity and precision - the leading qualities of a specialist. Important is the ability to navigate the schemes, understand the tools. Train collectors at work.


The position of the builder profession in the ranking of the required specialties firmly occupies a central place. The entire list of repairs is part of the functional responsibilities of the builder. Stable investments of financial flows in large-scale urban planning make the profession a builder in demand. Builder - a profession from the category of mass. Knowledge of the foundations of a building business, which will be useful and in life, makes it popular among entrants. High productivity of work quality is due to personal responsibility, hard work. Work as a builder can be both in the presence of education, and independently mastered this specialty. Where to go to study after the 9th grade boy

Driver of the car

The driver of public transport in the age of motion and speed profession is relevant. The demand for the specialty is growing with the needs of passengers who prefer a public mode of transport because of cheapness. The functional driver includes both the control of transport, the transportation of passengers in it, and the elimination of problems, the correct route arrangement, goodwill and restraint. Safety precautions are a priority for the driver. Profession obliges to be attentive and enduring, since the driver is responsible for the lives of passengers. You can get a profession at different educational institutions, driving schools.


The mechanic specializes in carrying out repairs on maintenance of various equipment. Industrial design, household appliance fail, to restore which - the task of mechanics. Specialty due to the growing demand for services is relevant in the century of mass consumption of technical goods. The equipment in its field of knowledge, the ability to identify the cause and qualitatively eliminate it allow the mechanic to perform the front of the work at a high level. Caution, responsibility and speed of response to emergencies are the main characteristics of a specialist. The skills of the work of a mechanic can be acquired in colleges, technical schools, and colleges.


Automechanics - with an increase in the number of cars, the demand for good service has increased several times. That is why this profession is considered very in demand and is suitable as it is impossible for the boy. Where to go to study after the 9th grade boy

Instead of Conclusion

Choosing a future place of study is a very important step in the lives of every young person. Sometimes this question is very difficult: in our time in every region there are many secondary schools where the graduate has the opportunity to get many different professions. When choosing a future specialty, a young person must know exactly what it should be, firstly, demanded in society, and secondly, it is the young man himself. Do not believe in someone else's tutorials, ads, movies, but you should familiarize yourself with the chosen educational institution, ask questions about the organizers of the "Open Doors".The main thing is, you need to take seriously the choice of specialty, because it is not a quick admiration, but an important level of adult life.