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Black pug, white pug, red pug with photo and video

Black pug, white pug, red pug with photo and video

In ancient times, a black pug has caused fears for people: will suddenly bring misfortune? Now this color is considered to be particularly valuable, because it does not meet very often. But lovers of pugs with great desire buy also dogs that have a completely different suit. Having looked at the history of the

origin of the breed, we learned about some interesting facts related to the color of the pisces. It turns out that for thousands of years the colors themselves have not changed much, but the attitude of people to the perception of one or another color has changed. You will find all the details by reading the article.


  • Experts Recognize Only Great Four
  • To be proud, pray or flee from the color of the night of the dogs?
  • Beige -
  • Color Classics Managing Its Majority of

Genetics Experts Acknowledge Only Great Four

For any breeding dog the right suit is very important. And this means that the wool must be necessarily the same color as described in the standard. There are four colors for pins:

  • black;
  • apricot;
  • Beige( Pale);
  • is silver.

Each of them, besides black, necessarily involves a dark mask on the muzzle of the pug. Warm eclipses along the spine( a belt) and a spot on the forehead in the form of diamond( diamond) are welcomed. In black pimples, a white stain on the chest reduces the chances of winning the show.

Black pug, white pug, red pug with photo and video

In America and Europe, not only silver( silver) is found, but also its shades are possible. It is possible almost white with cold steel or gray. When descriptions are used different metals, for example, melchior, platinum, and even simply - a gray stone. It is these names in their documents allows the American Dog Club.

However, Russian cynologists engaged in this breed argue that there are only three colors in practice. Silver from this drop down list. Where it is unknown, but in pedigree puddings living in Russia, such a color does not occur. Anyway on paper. Black( black), Apricot( Apricot), Fawn( Beige) - these three colors are found in pedigree Russian dogs.

The presence of only three colors in the pedigree, instead of four, is associated with confusion in the documentation. The most commonly registered color of wool is the age of the puppy. In the pedigree, the original record remains, which leads to non-Arabs. According to some estimates, the change in the color of the pears lasts up to one and a half years.

Black pug, white pug, red pug with photo and video

There is no doubt that Russian pedigrees can appear in the near future, where in the graph the color will be written - silver.

Be proud of, pray or flee from the color of the night of the dogs?

As it seems, all world cultures are among themselves. In each of them black is given a special place. In the Indians of Central America, the black jaguar was considered a sacred animal and worshiped as a deity. We in Russia still go back and spit over shoulder, if the road crossed the black cat.

Black pug, white pug, red pug with photo and video

In the neighboring China, where this breed occurred, the ancient inhabitants of the black pug were very afraid. They bind absolutely harmless dogs with evil forces. Existing prejudices forewed the bad signs of fate if such a dog settled in the house. It was faith in the dark forces that led to the fact that they tried to get rid of black pisces. Such puppies simply destroyed, barely they appeared on the world.

Fortunately, this property could not be destroyed by the end. She liked the Europeans very much. Contributed to this by some lady Bress, who brought to England the three black representatives of the breed. And since 1886, they gradually became one of the most fashionable decorative dogs. At the exhibitions of that time their color was compared with the color of the night, which was very poetic.

Black pug, white pug, red pug with photo and video

The current standard strictly prohibits the presence of even the smallest amount of light hairs in black pimples. There should be no white, no gray, no ore wool. This is considered a disadvantage and reduces the exterior rating for exhibitions.

Beige is the classic color of the

Yellow-brown pug's hair is considered to be traditional. In the pedigrees, the word Fawn is used, which means beige or pale color. Such tones themselves are calm and warm. SoftThey have lighter and darker shades. Sometimes the degree of light reaches such a palette that comes out a white pug.

Albinos, as well as tiger or spotted dogs, are of interest to lovers. These colors look unique. However, the standard is not recognized, and therefore on exhibitions will be considered a marriage.

Occasionally, the yellow-brown hair is somewhat silvery, which makes it look like a sable skin. The name of such suit was given by the corresponding - sable( Silver fawn).

Black pug, white pug, red pug with photo and video

A very rare pink variety is apricot color. Often it is confused with beige. By content, it is close to beige, but in fact it's completely different - with a touch of orange. That is, really like ripe apricot.

It's almost impossible to guess which color the pug comes out of when it grows.

Puppies may be born gray-brown or reddish, and re-centrifuge until one and a half months old. That's when you can roughly make the first conclusions. Though further as the maturity of the shades change unpredictably.

Controls Its Majority of

Genetics The color of wool always depends on what genes have received from parents. True, long walks under the rays of the sun can lead to the fact that the wool will burn out. But these are exceptional cases, because it is known that the pugs are very poorly tolerated by heat. Walking with them under the scorching rays is detrimental to their health.

Only genetics remains, which in this matter is the ruling queen. But for the uninitiated person to figure out where and which genus the dog has, it is very difficult. In the black pepper the dominant gene corresponds to the black color, and the beige is recessive.

If black pins are bearers of a beige gene, then beige puppies can emerge from them. In the event that both parents have pale color, then the puppies are born light. From a colored bitch and a male, the offspring will also be multicolored.

It is easy to care for the pug's hair. Usually, once a month, they are washed with shampoo, and combed once a week. The general condition of the wool is affected by feeding. If it is correctly balanced, then the look of the dog will be perfect, and the wool is smooth and shiny.

Black pug, white pug, red pug with photo and video

By the way, near the black pug, the wool on the touch is a bit stiffer than that of light. And if you consider the number of wool itself, then it is much smaller. It turns out that the cover of the black pug is not so thick compared to other colors.

As for the nature and temperament of pugs, they do not depend on the color. Just as the color of the wool does not affect the degree of fattening the dog. And the main thing: no matter how the color of the pug, it always remains a living, intelligent and interesting dog, in love with the owner.

Black pug, white pug, red pug with photo and video

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