If the rabbit mows - what to do in this case the owner of the animal?

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  • How is the normal molting?
  • What should I do if molting is very intense?
  • What to do if the rabbit's hair falls out due to the disease?
  • What are the diseases associated with hair loss in rabbits?

If the domestic rabbit breaks down, what does the

do to the owners of such a beautiful and fast pet? Like any animal with wool, a rabbit can mow several times a year. And the reasons for this process can be quite different.

If the rabbit mows - what to do in this case the owner of the animal?

Following some rules for caring for a rabbit, you will avoid frequent rabbit moulting.

How is the normal molting?

Homeowners must remember that young rabbits change the so-called baby fur for an adult in about 12 months. However, this process can start directly during the period of puberty, which begins in 4 months.

If the rabbit mows - what to do in this case the owner of the animal?

Sometimes molting passes unnoticed, but there are cases when it resembles a serious illness.

Lining takes place in different ways. That is why very sharp baldness of an animal almost always frightens the owner. In some cases molting is accompanied by the appearance of a large number of balds. For example, the process of lining begins with a head and gradually passes to the sides or the spine. And this may resemble the onset of a serious illness. However, if the skin of the pet's pet is clean and literally the next day molting continues, then there is no reason to experience. Sometimes the rabbits melt imperceptibly and this process is similar to the usual hair loss.

In some cases, the rabbit melt very quickly. Its good wool is rather active, almost in 2 weeks it is replaced by a new one. The result of such molting is a healthy, beautiful and brilliant wool of a pet. On such a wool the pet owner will be able to admire for several months, and then the process of descent will begin first. In order not to panic, people should know that with age, molting can occur more often and last longer.

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What should I do if molting is very intense?

If the rabbit mows - what to do in this case the owner of the animal?

Dry feed has the ability to provoke the replacement of old wool in a rabbit.

If the domestic rabbit melt too intensely and there is a lot of fox on its body, then it is imperative to review the conditions of its content and nutrition. It should be remembered that changes in the mode cause quite serious failures in the correct development of the animal's organism. That is why specialists and people who have long been engaged in breeding domestic rabbits, advised to use one kind of properly selected feed. If every time the owner offers pet food to a new producer, then he does not have to wonder what the rabbit has started to lose his beautiful coat.

To make your pet look nicer, you can not overfeed it with foods that contain a large amount of proteins, as they have the ability to provoke the replacement of old wool. For rabbits, the content of this substance in the feed should be approximately 16%.Increases the amount of alfalfa protein. Therefore, it is necessary to offer it to a pet very carefully. Causes molten increase in air temperature in the room where the home rabbit lives. To eliminate this problem, it is necessary to ventilate the room regularly or install air conditioning.

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What to do if the rabbit's wool falls out due to the disease?

If the friction loss process is accompanied by the formation of a large amount of dandruff, then there is a suspicion of the presence of mites on the skin. It is not advisable to treat a pet yourself, since the presence of dandruff also means the development of food allergy. In this case, you should immediately contact a veterinarian.

If the rabbit mows - what to do in this case the owner of the animal?

If the molting process is accompanied by a dandruff, then there is a likelihood that the pet's skin is a mite.

If the roundabout suddenly appeared in the domestic rabbit, it indicates the presence of scabies that are transmitted to humans. What to do in this case? To begin with, you must necessarily arrange quarantine. It is necessary to forbid all family members to touch the rabbit and not allow other animals to be allowed to do so. Only after a thorough inspection of the veterinarian can begin treatment of the pet, which is carried out with the help of specially selected ointments. The owner of the pet will need to daily cage iodine solution.

Very commonly in the homebred rabbits, the bark is formed in the chin area, indicating the presence of the abscess. It is here that the odorous glands are located, which he treats about certain objects and labels them. Therefore, the glands may gradually clog and prick. With the timely detection of the abscess, it is quite possible to cure with antibiotics, which, after examination of the animal, appoint a veterinarian.

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What are the diseases associated with hair loss in rabbits?

Losing your beautiful pet's coat may be due to the fact that it is constantly wet on the subfloor. This trouble can be observed most often in females. If this happens due to the development of a stomatoma in the pet, then it is necessary to urgently contact a veterinarian who can help in the treatment of the disease. But in any case it is necessary to monitor the dryness of rabbit wool. Otherwise, ulcers may appear on the skin and the wool will start to drop out.

It is necessary to cut off extra wool regularly, and to remove moisture it is necessary to use ordinary baby powder.


If there is balding of pillow paws in domestic rabbits, this is the most terrible harbinger of the development of such an illness, such as pododermatitis. This disease is very serious, and the process of treatment is prolonged. The disease may occur if the animal is often on a very hard surface, it is overweight or the owner does not trim in time his pet claws. Therefore, it is necessary to check the animal's legs every day and, if necessary, to trim the wool. When hinting on balding or reddening, specialists recommend using the "Rescuer" ointment.