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How much acute hemorrhoids lasts

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How much acute hemorrhoids lasts

Hemorrhoids means "bleeding" in translation from the Greek language. But in practice, this is just one of the brightest symptoms that manifests itself in the acute course of

disease. Hemorrhoids occur in 10-15% of the adult population of any sex and age, may occur in children. It lasts from several days to tens of years.

As a result of circulatory disturbances in the lower intestinal tract, there is a varicose veins of the anal canal, the mucus of the rectum moves to the base, and nodes filled with blood are formed. These nodes are beginning to cause discomfort to patients and are the main symptom of diagnosing hemorrhoids.


Depending on the stage of development, the disease is subdivided:

  • For chronic hemorrhoids. For this period, weak symptomatology is characteristic, nodes practically do not disturb. There may be minor bleeding, loss of internal nodes, anal itching. If not treated, the disease will be aggravated regularly and can last for many years.
  • For acute hemorrhoids. This is an exacerbation of the chronic process. This stage most often makes patients ask for help. Thrombosis of hemorrhoids( external and dropped internal), leads to an increase and consolidation of cones, causing sharp, acute pains in the anus.

The duration of acute phase depends directly on the cause of exacerbation and methods of treatment for hemorrhoids. On average, specialists have five days to remove the acute period with medication. The measures are aimed at the removal of pain syndrome, reduction of edema. When inflammation of external nodes, surgical removal of the thrombus is possible. If there is a collapse of the internal node, the surgical intervention is not desirable, since there may be many complications.

Causes of exacerbation of

How much acute hemorrhoids lasts

People with hemorrhoids often can not lead a desired lifestyle. If a person has this disease, he is obliged to study the factors that influence the aggravation of the process:

  • Violation of the regime and quality of food. When setting the diagnosis of "hemorrhoids," a specialist should advise the patient on the topic of a diet that is mandatory in a pathological condition. If for a long time, the patient does not adhere to the instructions, there is a consolidation of feces, injury to hemorrhoids, bleeding, inflammation and exacerbation of the disease.
  • Sedentary lifestyle, neglect of physical activity. In the course of chronic hemorrhoids, it will rarely be observed exacerbation if you regularly engage in sports that disperse blood through the body. A passive way of life, for a person suffering from hemorrhoids, threatens the slowing of blood circulation and the increased filling of the veins of the damaged rectum. How much do not heal the acute stage, without prophylactic exercise by physical education, the exacerbation will be rotated through similar periods of time.
  • Digestive disorders due to stress, avitaminosis, poisoning. Diarrhea and constipation not only violate the usual way of life, but also lead to the development of acute hemorrhoids. Increased pressure in the rectum with constipation, will help fill the affected veins with blood. And diarrhea provokes the active reproduction of pathogenic bacteria in the immediate proximity of the hearth of inflammation.
  • Pregnancy, childbirth. In the presence of chronic hemorrhoids, it should be treated before pregnancy. Otherwise exacerbation is guaranteed. Fetal pressure on the internal organs, reduced mobility of the woman, malnutrition - all this can cause the disease, even if it was not before pregnancy.
  • Lifting heavy objects, excessive physical activity. As a result of these actions there is a tension of the muscles, including the sphincter of the anus. Due to this, pressure in the rectum increases, external nodes are filled, conditions are created for the loss of internal nodes.
  • Helps in acute hemorrhoid

    How much acute hemorrhoids lasts

    Cure acute hemorrhoids can be - it's only a stage of the chronic process. But you can provide emergency care and after a few hours or days, the patient will feel a lot of relief.

    Emergency Assistance:

    • With severe pain that does not pass when you change your body position, you can apply a cold compression to the anal passage. For a liquid in which the gauze is wetted, you can use both water and seaweed oil, herbal infusions of calendula or chamomile, a solution of furatsillin or manganese. Well, such a simple folk remedy like potatoes is wrapped in gauze;
    • If you have the opportunity, do not need to sit or stand for long. The best position for a patient with acute hemorrhoids is on the back;
    • Regular cool baths will reduce inflammation and will not allow you to join the infection;
    • If you have constipation do not need to try to carry out the act of defecation, as long as the problems with the chair continued. The situation will only worsen. You can make an enema if the patient's condition allows and regulates the diet.

    Medicinal treatment for

    Treatment for acute hemorrhoids with medication continues until the onset of a remission period. These can be ointments, tablets, candles. You can not choose drugs yourself. Only a specialist, after a detailed review and specification of the problem, can prescribe drugs and dosage. The benefits are mainly symptomatic. With a favorable course, the symptoms go through 4-7 days.

    In the case of internal hemorrhoids, most often spoiled candles( from belladonna, glycerine, sea buckthorn, and others).It takes very little time, just a few days for the complete removal of symptoms, with a strict performance of doctor's instructions, a mode and a diet.

    Fight with acute hemorrhoids with external disease, easier with ointments, gels. Often prescribe and candles( especially in combination form).Drugs such as heparin ointment, Proctozan, Ointment Vyshnevsky, ointment for treating hemorrhoids, Troksevazin, have long proven themselves as excellent ways to fight pain and inflammation.

    A possible and tablettable treatment."Proctosedil", "Detralex" and other medicines are able not only to remove the symptoms of hemorrhoids, but also to strengthen the walls of the vessels, to normalize the blood circulation in the small pelvis, to eliminate stagnant phenomena.


    How much acute hemorrhoids lasts

    Proper nutrition is the basis for hemorrhoids treatment in any of its phases and one of the necessary conditions for prevention. According to the simple rules, it is necessary to include in the diet products rich in vegetable fibers( fruits and vegetables), vegetable oil, seaweed. Of great benefit will be substances that strengthen the immunity( vitamin C, phytoncides).

    Complications in hemorrhoids

    • Hemorrhoidal nodes impingement. There is no way to do without the help of doctors. Self-correcting nodes and relieving pain is very difficult;
    • Bleeding. Sometimes the disease lasts a long time, and the patient continues to tolerate, ashamed to visit a doctor. The walls of the mucous membrane can break and cause severe bleeding. In this case, urgent intervention by specialists is also required, stopping of bleeding, measures aimed at preventing the development of infection;
    • Paraproctitis. Heavy complication of purulent nature, which arises in cases of hemorrhoids. Can be observed favorable( the formation of abscess) and unfavorable( sepsis - infection of the blood).In sepsis, even medical intervention may not bring relief.

    Prevention of

    How much acute hemorrhoids lasts

    How many people would not suffer with acute exacerbation of chronic hemorrhoids, with the onset of remission all preventive measures are forgotten. But after all, they are not so much, adhering to these simple rules will help to get rid of the problem for good.

    • Proper nutrition;
    • Regular dynamic load( running, walking, cycling);
    • Decrease of static loads( lifting of loads, prolonged physical activity);
    • Herbal baths;
    • Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene;
    • Rejection of Harmful Habits.

    If the problem is, it will not "dissolve" by itself. But due to the development of medicine, hemorrhoids are easily and quickly treated with timely reference to the proctologist .This disease has long ceased to be considered a "shame" disease. The correct attitude to the situation will prevent the development of complications and reduce the number of unpleasant minutes.

    Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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