Shine pigeons: species, description, photo breed

A beautiful proud posture, filed forward of the chest and clearly pronounced fading. That's how shut up doves give themselves to the world. Beauty wants to admire infinitely. The exterior speaks of the strength of the body and performance.

Shine pigeons: species, description, photo breed Beautiful proudly colored and bulge-shaped chest forward -

features distinctive pigeon pigeons.

The group of these birds is very different:

  • colored;
  • by individual anatomical forms;
  • nuances of feathers;
  • flying features.

But here's what unites the shutters in one group:

  • elevated and chest width;
  • Spin-Off;
  • tail, with one to two dozen steering feathers.

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Pigeon pigeons can be seen all over the world, but when compiling directories, they do not allocate a separate group. We have been singled out since 1982.Most of the birds live in the settlements of the Azov Sea, the Don, and the Volga. Some moved to Siberia and the Southern Urals.

Pigeon pigeons are of increasing interest, no exhibition can do without demonstration of these breeds. The Budapest exhibition in 1975 first took this breed, it was there that the Rostov white pigeon pigeons were shown, where they won the highest judges' judgments and the love of the spectators. And already in 1980, when the exhibition was held in Czechoslovakia, the champion has rightly recognized the Volga band pigeon.

Divide Indicators

All shuttle pigeons are divided into:

  • winged;
  • shakes;
  • pots.

Shine pigeons: species, description, photo breed There are three types of pigeon pigeons, each of which has its own peculiarities.

The word "winged" already speaks for itself. The tips of the pigeon wings dip almost to the floor. By size, winged pigeons of medium size and small. In this group were included: Kamyshensk, Dubovsky, Rzhevsky, Martyny and some others.

In shakes a shorter body, they are medium and small. They have a characteristic curved elongated neck. It is she who provides shake where the name comes from. The tail of such pigeons is cast. This group includes: chilika-chili, Lugansk, Poltava black-haired, Volga red-breasted, Uryupinskogo blue, Kazan, her-two-haired, Voronezh beetles.

The body of pots is short, with a high breast. Neck bending and often shaking. They call their name back and forth when walking or excited. The pigeons include pigeons Rostov stateless, white-haired, colored, Novocherkaski black-tailed.

Flight Features

According to the characteristics of the bird's flight, pigeons are divided into:

  • high-end;
  • tourists;
  • decorative.

In the high-grade category, all the winged and slightly shaken were hit. Rzhevsky, Kazan mussels were attributed to tourists. All pots are classified as decorative.

Flight features of birds are the result of genetic selection, breeding methods and training activities. At regular gosnay, a balanced diet and quality content pigeons achieve from the bird striking results. A round slow flight of pigeons can show up for 6 hours.

In cities, there is a tendency to grow bird in cages and cages without the possibility of flight. As a result, the skills of a good summer are gradually being lost. It is possible to restore flying ability, but it takes time and several generations of birds to do this.

Shine pigeons: species, description, photo breed Shutter pigeons do not fly very well, and some of them are completely classified as decorative.

Feathers beauty

Russian pale pigeons can have any color of the feather, because they are in the first place to become. Can have a shirt pattern and be colored. There are birds with colored sides and tails, sometimes there are ripples.

Some birds have managed to decorate themselves with herring, sometimes even two-headed. The extremities are also not deprived of jewelry: bells, cosmos, stockings, hawks, feathers - all for the beauty of the breed.

Features of the Content

When dealing with the maintenance and breeding of pigeon pigeons, it is necessary to take into account the features of the feathers of the limbs.

These pigeons are unpretentious, with a calm temperament and good cheeks. Most of the birds have a low landing, plumage on the limbs and lowered wings. All this requires special sanitary and zoo-hygienic measures, as well as some other equipment. For example, sit down should be arranged so that the wings remain above the floor.

Shine pigeons: species, description, photo breed Shaving pigeons are not easy to care for, but care must be taken about the cleanliness of feathers on the legs and wings.

Species diversity

The pigeonholes of a particular area have tried to improve those or other poultry qualities for many decades, and they certainly did manage it. Over the centuries, the work of selection, led to the emergence of special breeds, species and subspecies of pigeon pigeons.

Each group has its own individual, only its peculiar qualities, and the golubovev has something to be proud of.

The removal of pigeons in one or another geographical or territorial zone gave the name of the breed. Rzhevsky, Volga, Kazan, Orenburg, Rostov - can count for a long time. If you take a certain region, then you can trace the characteristic characteristic only for him in the derivation. Which, for example, gave pigeons Rostov region?

Rostovsky White-Gold

Flower-decorative, with original article and color. Their withdrawal dates back to the end of the century before. Significant efforts have been made to secure certain features that can be inherited legally. Excellent flying parameters on small circles, they do not take large heights. These birds - pigs, their high standing and interesting gabites attract the eyes of pigeon lovers.

Shine pigeons: species, description, photo breed Rostov white pigeon pigeons can not fly high but have a very unusual color.

Behind the exterior, the bird is average, black with a high white chest and trembling with a gracefully curved neck. The round head is decorated with bangs. The trunk is short, with a wide back. The wings are short, the lowering of the tail is a characteristic indicator, and they tend to reach the floor, adhere to the body weakly. The extremities are short, they are decorated with cosmos and spurs.

The bird is black with a resinous luster, except the bottom of the bird - it is white.


These pigeons are popular today, they can be found in Rostov, although they were the breed in the beginning of the last century. A beautiful bunch of flying at medium altitudes, small circles, with a duration of up to three hours fascinates, but in the nurseries, they behave aggressively.

Shine pigeons: species, description, photo breed Chiliaki can fly up to three hours in a row, but behave aggressively in the cockpit.

The birds are small. The tail is raised, the wings with a significant ousting, the legs are short and non-porous, but the turn is important and proud. The neck is medium, bending because in a state of excitation the bird strongly shakes it. The wing shield and frontal coccidus are pale, red, blue, black, all the rest - white. The color scheme is juicy, bright and full of color.


Derived in the Rostov region. Even before the war, this bird was exported to other regions. There, the pigeons were given their names, which were very far from the original: Omnipotent, rough-haired. The war has damaged this category, now they are few, with the general name "Bessarabian".

Shine pigeons: species, description, photo breed The buckwheat tsitsar is a rare but beautiful breed of pigeon pigeons.


Shuttle pigeons remain favorite and desirable. It is possible to enjoy the beauty and the state of birds for hours and enjoy the flight for a long time.

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