All about keeping and caring for rabbits

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  • Take away the rabbit home
  • How to care for domestic rabbits?
  • How to care for the rabbit's wool?
  • What needs to be done for a rabbit toilet?

Find out all about rabbits today anyone who wants to bring in their home

is so mobile and beautiful pet. The cage for the pupil should be spacious. It can have a heavy feeder with a length of 80 cm, a special drinker, as well as a sence. The last belonging is necessary in order that the domestic rabbits do not spill hay on the cage. Toilet should be angular and have tall sides on both sides.

All about keeping and caring for rabbits

Rabbits live calmly on the minimum area, without interfering with the neighbors either smell or sound. At the same time, the rabbit meat is perfect even for dietary nutrition.

Take the rabbit home

In the hot summer, picking an animal home is necessary in the evening, as the rabbit will not suffer from strangulation. In addition, in the evening, the animal can most actively showcase its curiosity and explore the environment not yet familiar to him. Literally after the first night, the anxiety that was associated with the move goes.

On the first day of a pet it is better not to touch, as it should get used to the cage. On day 3, you need to open a cage to allow the animal itself to decide when it will take the first step in a new home. This may take about 10 minutes, but this method brings much less stress to the rabbit, which is very important in the current situation.

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How to care for domestic rabbits?

All about keeping and caring for rabbits

The home rabbit is very tidy, so every day you need to clean all the unedged food and thoroughly wash the feeder.

For proper home care, proper care is important. You do not need to do too sharp movements, scream at the rabbits, and even talk loudly around the cage. It should be remembered that the animals very well understand almost all the intonations of human voice and when too high the timbre begin to behave restlessly.

With a good mood, the rabbit runs around the cage, jumps bountiful and may even unexpectedly fall to the side. At home, rabbits develop intelligence throughout their lives. Therefore it is necessary to release as much as possible an animal, which can gradually explore new things for him. On a sofa let out a rabbit literally for half an hour. An older animal can walk on the floor under the supervision of the owner. This place of walks must necessarily be provided. Remove all electrical wires.

Every day it is necessary to clean all eaten feed and thoroughly wash the feeder. It is necessary to clean the tray well, as the home rabbit is very tidy. No more than 1 time per month should be carried out full cell cleaning. It is better to use cells that have a very light plastic pallet. His master will be able to wash quickly and easily. Do not use cleaning products for cleaning, because their smell will not please your pet, and poorly washed residues of household chemicals can damage the animal. It is best to wash the cage with ordinary hot water. Of disinfectants, the best characteristic is given to the drug "Glutex".

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How to care for the wool of domestic rabbits?

All about keeping and caring for rabbits

Furry rabbits need to be taught to combine everyday.

Funny and mobile rabbits change their beautiful coat in the fall and spring. But the animals that can live in apartments lose their wool for almost a year. Gentle stroking and brushing is a great massage for your beloved pet. A rabbit's owner during such a massage receives a huge pleasure from touching a pet.

If your pet's pet is very fluffy then you need to accustom it to daily combing. To perform the proper care of the gentle and soft hair of an animal, it is necessary to apply collimator cutters, felts and scallops.

Home rabbit can quite successfully take care of the cleanliness of the coat. That is why washing it is not necessary. It should be remembered that when bathing from wool is washed a layer of fat, which performs a protective function. However, if the need for bathing still appeared, then you need to use a special shampoo for rabbits.

At the animal's tail, the wool must be washed with a little warm water or wiped with a damp cloth. Then, carefully dry the animal with a towel and protect it from the drawer. You can not bathe an animal using a household or toilet soap.


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What is needed to equip a rabbit toilet?

It is best for an animal owner to buy 2 toilets: for walks and cages. For example, for a cell is 100% suitable corner toilet, and for walking - the usual tray. As the most suitable specialists, it is recommended to use presented in the pet shops a woody filler that keeps the smell and perfectly absorbs urine. You do not need to change it too often, since the home rabbit is very quickly getting used to the previously proposed variant. It's best not to use silicone or clay filler, as the animal can simply eat it.

Specialists recommend the use of special sprays to eliminate a large number of microorganisms.

If you do not observe the rules of hygiene, various infectious diseases can develop, for example: colibacillosis, salmonella, or pasteurellosis. The aforementioned diseases are considered infectious, but the pathogens of the disease are taken by the rabbit from the contaminated environment.


It should be remembered that the characteristics of such funds are positive. They are even allowed to spray around the animal. For the rabbits, purity is very important in the cage. That is why the owner must take care of her.