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Pool Analysis for Enterobiosis: Need Help?

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Those who swim know that pooling is an obligatory procedure without which attending training will be impossible. It is worth noting that

requires such a certificate not only in this case, it is also required for visiting kindergarten, schools and many other institutions.


  • 1 Why do I need help?
  • 2 Indications for research
  • 3 Self-scam at home
  • 4 How long to wait for results?
  • 5 Pool analysis

1 Why do you need help?

Nobody is insured from parasites. They can easily settle in the body of an adult or child and damage health until a critical situation arises. They should be eliminated immediately, as soon as there are first signs of the presence of parasites in the human body. To do this, there are many effective medicines that can kill worms quickly and without consequences for the infected. With each type of parasite you have to fight with different drugs. Therefore, it is necessary to begin the diagnosis first and determine exactly which helminths have settled in the human body.

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Pool Analysis for Enterobiosis: Need Help?

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If a patient finds worms, he is denied access to many public places. For example, without a special certificate the child will not be taken to kindergarten or school. In addition, the person will be blocked access to the pool, where even one infected can spread parasites among other visitors.

One of the obligatory analyzes for visiting the pool is the absence of ticks, that is, evidence that the visitor has no enterobiasis. For this purpose, a special test is conducted, the results of which are valid for a certain time, after which it will have to undergo this diagnostic procedure again.

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2 Indications for the study of


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The analysis of worms should periodically take place each person. Children attending educational institutions are especially important. But such a rule exists for adults who are arranged to work with a certain type of activity or are going to visit the pool.

A person can take an enterobiosis test independently. The need for this arises, as a rule, in the case of itching in the posterior passage, the appearance of inexplicable weakness and reddening of the skin, especially in the area of ​​the anal aperture. Parents should closely monitor the child's condition. If acne is suspected, you should immediately contact your doctor and go through the examination to begin treatment.

Pool Analysis for Enterobiosis: Need Help?

There are special indications for enterobiasis analysis. First of all it concerns those people who have a permanent hospitalization and admission to an educational institution or to work. An analysis on the worms always seems to be before taking a trip to the sanatorium. One of the frequent cases where a certificate of absence of torticles is mandatory is the issue of a pass to the pool. Here, the likelihood of infecting other people is very high, so the tests are mandatory.

3 Self-scam at home



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In some cases, parents can take a self-stalker from their child. It's easy, but you need to act according to the rules. There are 2 home methods that parents can use. This is taking the material with a cotton wand or sticky tape.

Pool Analysis for Enterobiosis: Need Help?

The peculiarity of this analysis is that it must necessarily be taken in the morning until the first bowel movement. The reason is simple - the females get worms at night only. After the first visit to the toilet in the morning, the eggs, which were postponed earlier, lag behind the skin, so finding them will be very difficult. Often, for this reason, a negative test result is obtained.

Parents who are going to send children to the pool should learn to take the material correctly for further analysis. A wicker stick or a piece of sticky tape after collection should be put in a clean container and stored in the refrigerator until it is time to go to the laboratory.

The main thing - is to adhere to the rules of how to collect material for the analysis of enterobiasis. This procedure should not be performed after bowel movements, as the results will not be accurate. The scrap must be collected only on the day the analysis is submitted. That is, the material for research should not lie several days at home. The optimal time between taking and sending it to the laboratory is 2 hours. The maximum storage life at 8 ° C should not exceed 8 hours. Before collecting material, do not wash or take a shower.

4 How long to wait for results?

Research on enterobiasis is conducted fairly quickly. For this there is no need to wait for several days, the certificate can be obtained in 2 hours after the collapse falls into the hands of a laboratory worker. That is, in this case everything depends exclusively on the workload of the laboratory staff and the clinic. In any case, the material should be examined no more than 8 hours after it enters the laboratory. So you can get the help the next day.

It should be taken into account that the quality of the result depends on how well the material is collected. If a person does not care and he just needs to get a reference for visiting the pool, the negative result of the analysis for enterobiasis will be expected. In the case when parents constantly mark the signs of pinworms in a child, but the analysis does not show anything, a re-examination may be prescribed. Typically, in this situation, 3 dice are made. It is advisable to carry them out at the clinic, as specialists can collect more material for examination.

Pool Analysis for Enterobiosis: Need Help?

5 Pool analysis

Each person should have a basītaine enterobiasis certificate if he is going to visit this facility. That is, the document that the analysis for enterobiasis is negative is obligatory.

Pool Analysis for Enterobiosis: Need Help?

It is desirable to carry out this diagnostic procedure in a polyclinic, where there are all necessary tools for collecting material, which guarantees the receipt of accurate results. Relevant reality information about the state of the human body plays an important role not only for himself, but also for other visitors to the pool. Eggs of the pinworms easily penetrate the water and can live in it for a while. Therefore, one patient is enough to infect a huge number of people.

After a person hand over an analysis on the worms in a medical facility, he must give the result on a special form. A standard sample is valid throughout the country. If a person receives a certificate in Moscow, it will be valid in Krasnodar, and in Vladivostok, and in other cities of the Russian Federation. But the document has time constraints. The certificate of negative analysis for enterobiasis is issued for no more than 1 year.

If during the examination it turned out that a person still has a pinworm in the body, he needs to undergo appropriate treatment. After that, the diagnostic procedure is repeated. If the study shows the absence of pinworms, a certificate is issued.

Do not worry if the results of the analysis turned out to be positive. Nowadays there are many qualitative preparations for the treatment of actica. They are so effective that they work from the first pill. The most commonly used one pill, and after taking an additional dose to consolidate the result. It is advisable to treat the worms immediately at all who came in contact with the infected.

A man must remember that pinworms are very viable, so they can stay in bed linen, clothes and personal hygiene items. Therefore, it is necessary to handle all objects that are in contact with the infected. Proper preventive measures help to prevent people who are often communicating with the patient.

A person who is going to visit a pool and other public places of this type should take a very responsible attitude to enterobiasis analyzes. This measure is important, since it depends on the health of many people. When receiving a positive result, you must start treatment immediately. Garters do not lead to a fatal outcome, but can disrupt the functioning of the immune system and many important internal organs, so they should be eliminated as soon as possible.