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Mirrored plastic ceiling - the installation of plastic panels with his own hands


  • Properties mirrored ceilings, plastic
  • Purchase of materials
  • Installation of ceilings
  • training base and attaching sheathing
  • Installation of lighting
  • Installation of panels
  • advantages and disadvantages
  • video about the installation of mirrored ceilings

Mirrored plastic ceiling - the installation of plastic panels with his own hands

Mirror plastic ceiling

Today the market of finishing materials there are many optionschoice of ceiling cover. A variety of goods allows you to take into account all the wishes of the client. Mirror plastic ceiling is able to satisfy the wishes of the most demanding buyer. Ability to choose the design and shape of the coating elements will solve any problem associated with the interior design of the premises.

Properties of Plastic Mirrored Ceilings

The main component for the manufacture of this material is polystyrene. Despite the fact that in addition to polystyrene in the composition of the alloy, and other chemical elements, the plastic mirror ceiling is an environmentally friendly product.

Sufficiently flexible and practical material while having a good safety margin. The material can slightly expand when the temperature in the room increases, which should be taken into account during installation. The mirror of the panels is very high and reaches 98%.When manufacturing at the factory, the working surface of the strips are covered with a protective film that protects them from mechanical damage during transportation and installation.

Purchasing Materials

Mirrored plastic ceiling - the installation of plastic panels with his own hands

Mirror Panels Before you begin, you need to purchase the materials and tools you need to install the ceiling.

Note: In order to make plastic mirror panels for ceiling without excessive expenses, it is better to make all necessary measurements of the room in advance.

You need to make an estimate in which to calculate the cost of the material. To the total amount of expenses it is necessary to add 15-20%( additional costs of the material), since calculate the exact amount of required plastic will not succeed.

Next, we draw up a scheme for fixing the profile( laths).In this case, taking into account the need to install a more rigid UD-profile on the perimeter of the room. For transverse bands, you can use a milder CD-profile. The total length of the transverse profile is calculated based on the distance between the stripes of the grating, which should not exceed 60 cm. The number of screws for fixing the grid is also easy to calculate. The total length of all profile strips( in meters) is multiplied by two( the mounting step is 50 cm).For the registration of the perimeter of the ceiling, a skirting board is used, which is purchased together with all materials.

When purchasing the ceiling elements you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • the presence of a protective film on the plastic surface of the work surface. When transporting and installing, there is a probability of damage to the surface of the panels;
  • when pressed on the panel with its fingers, it slightly flexes, but does not crack;The
  • plastic band, when folded in the same place several times, should take the initial position, while the glossy surface should remain smooth without damage.

Installation of ceiling

Installation of the entire design is carried out in several stages:

  • Preparation of the base.
  • Profile Mounting( Ribbon).
  • Installation of lighting fixtures and wiring.
  • Mounting of mirror plastic strips.
  • Mounting Pads.
  • Preparing the base and mounting of the
    Mirrored plastic ceiling - the installation of plastic panels with his own hands

    grid The installation of the

    grid The starting point is to maximally align the surface of the substrate to which the entire structure will be attached.

    We find the lowest ceiling space in the room. Then add the height of the profile strip and the thickness of the plastic panel. We will measure the amount we receive from the previously defined lowest point of the ceiling and set the mark. This mark will be the lowest point of the whole design.

    Next we put the same marks around the entire perimeter of the room, maintaining the required height. During the whole process, you must use the level. Now connect all the marks, for this we use a strong thread. The connection of all marks forms the lower level of the whole future design.

    On this line, we attach a profile around the perimeter of the room. The mounting step is 50 sm. Fasteners are made using screws or screws( depending on the material from which the walls are made).In the corners, the front side of the profile is cut at an angle of 45 degrees. So the angle will be perfectly even. After that, we attach the cross-sectional profiles. The distance between the cross bars of the grating should be no more than 60 cm. Keep in mind that the guides should not stick against the wall, as it may be uneven. Due to the slight gap between the wall and the steering wheel, the wall irregularities can be leveled.

    Installation of
    Mirrored plastic ceiling - the installation of plastic panels with his own hands


    Fixtures The first thing is to install a distribution box from which the wiring will be carried out. Next, we output the wires, while firmly fixing them to the surface. Before laying the wiring, it is necessary to note the location of the fixtures beforehand. In these places we make a wire for installation and connection of fixtures.

    It should be remembered that the work must be carried out as high as possible. Otherwise, to repair the posting, you need to disassemble all the plastic.

    Installation of panels

    In order to properly install plastic mirror panels for the ceiling without damaging them, all work must be carried out with extreme caution. It is not necessary to take a protective tape from strips before the completion of installation work.

    We start assembly from the edge of the room. The first panel is attached to the profile by screws. The next one is inserted by a lock in the previous strip, and the other side is fixed by screws to the profile. The last panel is truncated to the desired width and is simply inserted.

    Useful to know: In the process of installation, you need to cut openings for fixtures.

    Use a special cup for this. If there is no cup, you can use a regular plastic disposable glass. Turn the glass and place it on the surface of the panel. Put a pencil on the base. In the middle of the circle a drill hole was formed. With the help of scissors, we cut a hole for the lighting elements along the line.

    At the completion of the perimeter is fastened baseboard. The choice of skirting depends on the wishes and taste of the customer. The plinth needs to be selected the correct width so that it completely closes the gap between the wall and stripes of the ceiling.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Mirrored plastic ceiling - the installation of plastic panels with his own hands

    Plastic ceiling with mirror in the bathroom

    This type of ceiling has a lot of advantages:

    • visually raises the ceiling and increases the room. An actual solution will be the installation of such coverage in premises with low ceilings;
    • ease of installation of the design. All ceilings without special work can be mounted independently;
    • is resistant to moisture;
    • has a long service life. Coating for a long time retains its original qualities( does not burn);
    • environmentally friendly material;
    • does not burn and does not support combustion. When burning out electrical wiring or other unforeseen situations involving fire, this material does not burn;
    • ease of care. It is easy to rinse with detergents. It should be remembered that washing mirror plastic panels using substances containing abrasive particles is strictly prohibited.

    The disadvantage of this material is its high price. This type of ceiling treatment appeared recently, which confirms its exclusivity and high cost.

    Despite the high price, a mirror plastic ceiling will be a good solution in the most elegant interior of any room.

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