Sections of the business plan for breeding rabbits

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Rabbit Growth Business is a great start for implementing ideas in the field of agriculture. Cartilage is a profitable business in the current economic situation. Rabbit is not only meat and peel, but also valuable fur from which you can produce quality felt, which is very popular in the manufacture of hats, coats and needlework.

Sections of the business plan for breeding rabbits

The business plan for rabbits breeding is an excellent start for implementing ideas in the field of agriculture.

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Why is a rabbit, not a goose or chicken? Everything is simple: rabbits have high fertility. The sexually mature female is able to bring up to 4-5 apples per year for 8-10, and sometimes more rabbits in each. Investments to start a business are minimal, especially if there is a plot. You need to equip the cells, buy food, choose the appropriate breeds of rabbits, set up marketing channels, and then everything goes smoothly. Investments pay off in a year, and the business begins to generate net profit.

The goal of the project is to increase the number of rabbits and to establish sustainable product turnover from the farm's content with further profits. Since the niche for the production and further sale of felted products remains free, then this kind of activity, like business, is promising in the next 10-20 years.

Sections of the business plan for breeding rabbits

Meat industry - the required products from meat breeds.

In order to secure a business, it is better to plan work in several directions at once:

  • Meat industry - the necessary products from meat breeds. Potential consumers are all kindergartens in which the catering of children with hot dishes is organized. The rabbit meat is a diet product that is very useful for a growing baby organism. Products can be of interest to hospitals and maternity hospitals. In these institutions it is very important that patients receive healthy and healthy food.
  • Sale of down and finished products - needy bunnies of dams. After the successful introduction of technology for fabric production of the intended consumer will be all the factories and factories that manufacture their products using felt.
  • Fertilizer spreader. Manure of rabbits is a valuable fertilizer for flowering crops in pots. You can arrange the supply of organic fertilizers to the bases for growing plants in pots, which will bring additional profit.
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    The purpose of the

    rabbit breeding project Before the implementation of this business plan, a number of organizational issues need to be addressed. You need to register as an individual entrepreneur or register a peasant farm. If it is planned to issue a subsidy and take a loan for the purchase of the necessary equipment and organization of the rabbit farm, it is better to switch to a simplified taxation system in order to remain able to return part of the funds spent. If the necessary amount or equipment is already available, then you can switch to a patent.

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    Sections of the business plan for breeding rabbits

    rabbit branch analysis The sale of rabbit meat and skins is a great business.

    In Russia and CIS countries rabbit meat is not popular. But on the shelves of the shops you can find on sale rabbit meat. Still, every year consumers need about 300 thousand tons of rabbit meat per year. Farmers cover only 1/6 of demand, offering consumers about 50 thousand tons of meat a year. This situation is due to the fact that rabbits breed more often, without organizing large farms for mass production.

    The market offers more and more artificial fabrics and wool. But if there are worthy competitive rabbit breeding farms, then the majority of the population will be able to provide natural wool. Natural wool of rabbits is also healing, if worn on vulnerable places. The mittens will help maintain the health of the joints for many years, the socks will warm the legs, preventing it from catching the whole body, a scarf - it will warm the neck, and a shawl or belt will protect your back.

    Selling rabbit meat and skins is a great business. But there is another profitable niche that remains free. This is a production of felt. High-quality felt is not produced in the country, it is bought in France. This is expensive, so the price for this material remains very high. If you adjust the production of felt in Russia, you can significantly reduce the price of goods and become one of the main suppliers of this product. The demand will be high enough to quickly get into the plus, get huge revenues and pay back all initial investments for a minimum period of time.

    But it is valuable not only for the manufacture of knit wares, but also for the production of felt. The fettle, obtained from rabbit down, is very high quality, it is used in needlework and other industries.

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    Risk Analysis Each project may be at risk of failure. To avoid this, it is better to calculate all possible risks in advance. What should be foreseen for the successful breeding of rabbits?

    The greatest risk is the disease of rabbits, which can significantly reduce the number of rabbits.


    But there are only two of the most dangerous diseases. This is myxomatosis and VHCK viral hemorrhagic disease of rabbits. How to deal with them and what to do to prevent them? Myxomatosis is a viral illness that was artificially derived in France, carriers are mosquitoes and sick rabbits themselves. In sick animals there are tumors, after which the rabbit dies. The disease can occur in 2 forms:

  • Vozlikova. This is when nodes appear on the rodents' rod, this form is being treated, it is not so dangerous. You can use Hamavita vaccine, you need to put injections subcutaneously until the animal recovers completely.
  • Edema. It is more dangerous and fast. There is no treatment for this form. And the meat of sick rabbits is forbidden to use in food.
  • VGHK( viral hemorrhagic disease is not dangerous to humans and other animals, but fatal for rabbits.) There are no medicines from it, in 95% of the cases, rodents die very quickly, so it is very important to have time to prevent the disease so as not to get rid of the entire stock forfew hours. Disease is very fast: from several hours to 2-3 days. These diseases are not susceptible to small rabbits in the age of 2 months. In this period, it is necessary to vaccinate all animals. And after repeating it annually. In order not to miss the time of vaccination of rabbits,for eachThe animal should keep a vaccine diary in which information about vaccines and vitamin complexes will be entered.


    For the prevention of myxomatosis, the strain B-82 vaccine is used for the first time at the age of 1 month and then annually in spring. The cells in which the animals are sitting mustKeep it clean, drink water should be changed daily. It is best to install a drinking bowl with an automatic water supply. Cell every 1.5-2 months to be poured hot water to kill infections.

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    Cost of organizing rabbits

    To implement the rabbit breeding plan in life, it is necessary to consider all costs and incomes. What is the cost and how can you save? Rent a plot. If you do not have your own plot for breeding, then you have to rent it. The cost of rent depending on the region of residence is different. Buying cells can cost a very large sum. But it is possible to make cells and themselves, then their cost will decrease 5-6 times from the purchase price of the finished cell.

    Rabbits are better to buy from proven breeders. If you buy rabbits in the market, then there will be no guarantee of breed cleanliness of line and animal health. And for the successful conduct of business of animal health is in the first place. The breed is of great importance. After all, if the business idea is based on getting a down for the production of felt, and buying rabbits of meat breeds, then the original idea is lost, and there will be difficulties in implementing a business plan.


    The cost of feed can be reduced if you prepare your own green feeds, and dry - to buy in bulk. Breeding rabbits at home and selling rabbit meat products is a profitable business that everyone is engaged in. Competition is small, so even a small rabbit breeding farm will be competitive and bring profit to the owner.