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Candles from hemorrhoids from raw potatoes, recipes, reviews

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Candles from hemorrhoids from raw potatoes, recipes, reviews

When it comes to hemorrhoids, it's important to use all known methods to cope with the ailment. In addition to various drugs, there is a huge amount of folk remedies, one of which is the use of fresh potato tubers .When treating hemorrhoids, potato candles have a positive effect on the body and accelerate healing of wounds.

Potato Benefit in the Treatment of

Potato hemorrhoids are used very often because this vegetable has a lot of nutrients that have a positive effect on reducing pain and edema in the hemorrhoid site. In this case, not only a bulb is used, but also compresses from juice or grated potatoes can be used. Starch, which is in large quantities in potato juice, is evenly distributed along the walls of the rectum and thereby relieves itching and pain. Due to the presence of vitamins, the use of potato juice from hemorrhoids leads to a decrease in bleeding sites and to the strengthening of the walls of the vessels.

In addition to all this, this tool provides anti-inflammatory action, relieves swelling and pain.

Candles from hemorrhoids from raw potatoes, recipes, reviews

As you know, there are several stages of this disease, each of which is accompanied by one or another manifestation.

  • 1 degree - the beginning of the disease, which is accompanied by the appearance of small nodes, discomfort and itching;
  • 2 degree - pain sensation is observed during defecation, nodules are enlarged, blood emerges after emptying, as well as the loss of hemorrhoids, which then are independently administered;
  • 3 degree - at this stage, hemorrhoids nodes fall not only during bowel movements, but also when lifting the burdens, also bleeding occurs. In this case, the nodes do not work independently, they need to be corrected manually;
  • 4 degree - nodes are tampered with, thrombosed and severely sore;in most cases surgical intervention is required.

Potato candles can be taken at 1 stage of the disease as they help to remove swelling and pain. At 3 degrees, with severe pain, candles from potatoes act quickly and effectively, and allow you to cope with the negative manifestations of the disease.

Hemorrhoids from potatoes

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, special attention should be given to the correct selection of drugs. At stage 1-3, you can use both medicines and folk recipes, but if there are complications, without a doctor's advice can not do.

One of the most popular remedies for hemorrhoids is potatoes:

  • fresh juice - from raw potato tubers squeeze juice and use 30 ml for microclysters. Juice should be cooked immediately before use, and the treatment should last at least 10 days;
  • freshly squeezed juice is taken internally for half an hour before eating, drinking 1.5 drops during the day.juiceHe not only helps to overcome hemorrhoids, but also positively affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • potato candles are widely used at different stages of the disease, since they are made simply and quickly eliminate the symptoms. Making such a candle is very simple - for this it is enough to take raw potatoes, peel off and cut from it a barrel, in shape resembles a medical suppository. Before entering it you can immerse yourself in honey or sea buckthorn oil. This procedure should be performed every evening for 2-3 weeks. It is not necessary to remove a candle, it will come out on its own with the pile masses;
  • compresses from grated potatoes - washed and peeled tubers rubbed into small grater, wrapped in gauze or cloth and applied to the affected areas;
  • with hemorrhoids effective baths, including using potatoes. The skin should be boiled in milk, then pour the mixture into a bucket or basin and cover with a hole about 5 cm. Then you need to sit so that the hot pairs fall directly into the anal area.

Disclaimer When Using

Potatoes It should not be forgotten that any remedies for folk medicine are also medicines and should be used with wisdom. Although potato candles are a widespread means, there are some contraindications to their use.

For a good effect, you need to choose the correct potatoes for candles or juice. In no case can you use sprout or green tubers, because they contain high levels of toxic substances. Thus, if the potato is wrongly picked up, it may cause allergies, itching or burning. In this case, the treatment should be stopped and the other methods selected, you can also try again after a while to use only ripe potatoes.

Hemorrhoids is an illness that is curable, but it is time to start it. At the initial stages it is quite possible to do folk methods, such as candles from potatoes, baths, lotions, microclysters. But if the illness complicates, you do not have to wait, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible.

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