Dizziness During Pregnancy: Causes Of Symptoms And Treatment

In this article, we will tell you about the dizziness that occurs during pregnancy, about the causes of what preventive measures should be taken to avoid this illness in such a responsible period.

Dizziness During Pregnancy: Causes Of Symptoms And Treatment

During the baby's bearing, the body of a woman rebuilds the work of

in many systems. In the first place, this is due to changes in the amount of hormones and blood sugar levels. Dizziness during pregnancy can be the result of such changes.


  • General Information
  • How to behave during pregnancy?
  • Causes of dizziness and fainting
  • Preventive measures during pregnancy
  • Summary of results

General information

At a certain age, a woman has the ability to become pregnant. But in the first month, as a rule, many do not assume an event. Only after a lack of a menstrual cycle are beginning to guess about it. There are several signs by which one can assume the conception of a child. The manifestation of dizziness is one such.

Toxicosis, at any stage of fetal development, can cause dehydration of the body. As a result of manifestations of attacks of dizziness, up to fainter may occur frequently. Very often a side effect during pregnancy is a decrease in hemoglobin levels. Such changes entail an aggravation of all chronic diseases. As a result, it can exhibit general weakness, dizziness.

At abrupt pressure drop, which often occurs during pregnancy, there may be loss of consciousness. The increase in progesterone is able to expand the blood vessels and the pressure decreases. Very often this happens in sharp movements. Quite often dizziness manifests itself in the early stages of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, the volume of fluid and blood in the body of a woman increases. This is to ensure the future of the child with vital substances. Such a process promotes an increase in blood pressure. It can also cause dizziness.

In the process of bearing the fruit it grows. For a certain period of time, this may have an additional effect on the vessels and organs. In a certain position, the child begins to put pressure on them with their weight. As a result, a sharp drop in pressure and fainting.

Varicose veins may begin to appear during or observed in pregnancy. Such a disease affects the blood pressure and very often it decreases, which also causes dizziness.

During pregnancy, the body temperature of a woman rises by one degree. So do not overheat in the sun. This will only increase the risk of fainting and dizziness. Often, the cause of the swooning can be diabetes. If he began to show up during pregnancy he is called gestational. But after delivery, these manifestations usually take place.

There are cases of dizziness and leprosy due to ectopic pregnancy. When such manifestations begin to occur quite often, be sure to visit a gynecologist. The causes of dizziness can be individual and if they are present, during pregnancy, be sure to consult a doctor.

Dizziness in the early stages of pregnancy may indicate a pathology of the internal organs. You must notify the doctor as soon as possible about this.

How to behave during pregnancy?

  • monitor blood sugar levels;
  • drink at least two liters of water per day;
  • discard diuretics;
  • enter foods rich in iron and vitamin C in the diet;
  • completely abandon alcohol and narcotic substances;Take
  • medications only on the advice of a doctor;
  • in a hot time of year wear comfortable clothing;
  • ventilate rooms and bedrooms;
  • in time for the onset of hot sunshine, rinse with cool water;
  • water for bathing should have a comfortable temperature;
  • do not make sharp movements( sit down, get up);
  • try to change the position of the body more often while sitting.

These simple rules will help you avoid dizziness and fainting. Fainting can be dangerous to your health and your future baby's health.

In case your work involves long leg staying. Try to change the support leg as often as possible. Dizziness during pregnancy can be caused by a violation of metabolic processes in the body. Dizziness in the early stages of pregnancy is a signal for a medical examination.

It is believed that it is not desirable to lie on the back during the last period of pregnancy. By his weight the future child is putting pressure on the lower abdomen, which causes blood circulation to worsen. This can cause dizziness and reduce the amount of oxygen that comes to your future baby.

It is recommended that during a rest and a dream lie on the side, give preference to the left. To go from bed should be gradual, even when you just relax, for some time.

Causes of dizziness and fainting

Dizziness During Pregnancy: Causes Of Symptoms And Treatment Dizziness and fainting are very common in pregnant women. The most common cause is the lack of oxygen in the blood. In the beginning of pregnancy, dizziness may occur from nicotine ingestion in the body.

A pregnant woman may not smoke, but is in the same room with smokers. Therefore, in the case of signs of dizziness it is necessary to lie down, to organize access to fresh air, it is desirable to raise the legs. In this position, blood circulation and blood flow to the vessels of the brain improves.

You can not make sharp movements. If you need to get up from the bed lie sideways, lift the case in a seated position, lower your legs, and in a few seconds you can get up, if you do not spin your head.

Pregnant women are advised to use as much natural ingredients as possible in their diet. Add the nettle to your diet or make tea from it. Consume more prunes, blackcurrant, raspberries, blueberries, dried apricots.

If the whole dishes of garlic are added to the prepared dishes, there is no sharp odor, and the beneficial properties remain. Include seafood in your diet, they contain a large amount of minerals that is anemia prevention.

There are points on the body, the effects on which can relieve you of pain or stimulate the improvement of blood circulation. One point is located at the end of the wrist on the bend, called the lung point, the second heart point is located on the tendon from the side of the little finger. Press them simultaneously and hold them for seven seconds. Then repeat the procedure on the other hand.

You can use homeopathy or acupuncture to reduce the risk of dizziness and fainting. In such a situation, it is imperative to consult a doctor who is observing your pregnancy and with a homeopathist. Dizziness during pregnancy can be prevented by applying simple preventive measures.

Prophylaxis during pregnancy

  • Avoid body position, which may cause blood circulation to worsen;
  • is not in a stuffy and smoky room;
  • has a lot of outdoor activities;

To practice physical education, many exercise complexes are designed for pregnant women, which can be performed independently or by visiting special groups( moderate physical activity improves blood circulation).

Study a few exercises of the breathing gymnastics and perform them not only at the time of dizziness, but also for preventive purposes. If you are in a single position for a long time, try to squander the body every twenty or thirty minutes.

  • do not make sharp movements, avoid strong physical activity;
  • monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure;Follow the
  • hemoglobin level;
  • to take food often and slowly;

Make a diet so that vegetables and fruits are present along with foods that contain carbohydrates( such a diet will provide you with the necessary amount of glucose).

To maintain the vessels in a certain tone, you must take a contrast shower( cold water not lower than eighteen degrees, hot no more than thirty eight).

If you are suffering from toxicosis, try to take breakfast without getting out of bed, and then gradually go up and relax. From nausea manifestations can help water with lemon juice. Weakness and dizziness during pregnancy very often occur simultaneously.


There may be several reasons for dizziness and fainting. The body of a pregnant woman is experiencing heavy load, so all its systems work in an enhanced mode. If you experience signs of dizziness, be sure to tell your doctor about this, which will help you to find out their causes.

A dizziness is a peculiar signal to the body that it needs to provide some kind of support. Lack of oxygen - more to walk in the fresh air. Low hemoglobin or high sugar is to change the diet.

Often, fainting and dizziness speak of the pathological course of pregnancy. If you suspect you should complete a medical examination. The entire period of pregnancy should be observed by a gynecologist. To do this, you need to be registered in the women's consultation and strictly follow the instructions and appointment of a doctor.

There are definite tests and types of tests to be performed at each term of pregnancy. As the fetal development of a future child occurs, the formation of his organism and, possibly, the timely determination of pathologies.

Development of pathologies or severe pregnancy may require the presence of a future mother under the constant supervision of a doctor. For this there is a department for preservation of pregnancy in the departments of gynecology.

Dizziness during pregnancy is manifested quite often. There is a sense of rotation of one's own body or the surrounding world. These processes can be affected by severe eye irritation, vestibular apparatus, or some other factors.

Weakness and fecundity may occur due to non-compliance with the rules of conduct during pregnancy. Each body passes individually the state of pregnancy. It is very important that all your feelings are especially painful and not related to the work of the internal organs to pass.

Need to understand the reasons for which they appeared. After that you can take prompt and effective measures to eliminate them.

Pregnancy is a very difficult period in the life of a woman, so that it is necessary to take it properly. In no case do not panic, follow all the recommendations of the doctor and listen to your body. Throughout the term, feelings can change. Sometimes the entire period has to be under the supervision of a doctor.

The result of all your suffering and pain will be a long-awaited and healthy baby, which will bring many joyous moments. The joy of motherhood is not equal to anything.