Growing and care for zonal geranium

Zonal Geran, like her relatives, comes from a hot and sunny Africa. Grow it in order to get large and bright inflorescences. This kind of geranium is called zonal because the leaves of the plant have dark stripes at the edges. Growing this flower will not bring any inconvenience,

because it can be grown both in the street and at home. The advantage of geranium is that if you run it only once, then it will for a long time please you by your presence in the house, on the balcony or in the garden.

Beautiful zonal geranium has vertical shrubs, the height of which, as well as coloring, depends on the properties of the variety. She enchants her vast spectrum of coloring leaves and flowers. To enjoy such a wonderful phenomenon, you need to know how to grow and care for geranium properly? Which sort is better to pick up?


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Tips for Growing

You can sow geranium all year round, but provided that you can provide backlighting in the winter. If this is not possible, the summer and spring will be the most optimal period for sowing.

Growing and care for zonal geranium

Seeds of plants are sown in loose soil. It must be prepared in advance. For this purpose, turbinate soil, sand and peat will be needed in proportion to 2: 1: 1, respectively. The soil mixture should not be too saturated with nutrients, because seedlings can "heal".Before using the soil as intended, it must be disinfected. This process is carried out in several ways: the

  • soil must be steamed in a water bath;Heat the
  • to a high temperature in a microwave oven or oven;
  • washed with a solution of the appropriate fungicide.

This will protect the seedlings against diseases such as, for example, the "black leg".

If you want your seeds to go down not for the whole month, but rather, before seeding, you need to rub the seeds of a small shrubbery neck as carefully as possible. To begin with, seedlings do not need a lot of space, so they are best planted in a container with a depth of approximately 2 to 3 cm. Before sowing, the soil should be moistened, but not so much that the water in the containers stagnated. Then the seeds are planted one by one in the soil with an interval between rows 2 cm. Then they fill up with a layer of soil mixture, the height of which will be about 1 cm. After sowing the container should be placed in a warm place with a temperature of 20 to 22 degrees, and constantly watering, so that the soil was not possible to dry for a long time.

Growing and care for zonal geranium

Since the appearance of the seedlings, seedlings have to be placed on a window that is well lit by sunlight and at the same time maintain a moderate temperature regime. If these requirements are met, your seedlings will have a good, firm root system. The soil is periodically bursting. The soil should be wet all the time, but to the extent. If direct and hot sun rays come to the pelargonium, then it should be hidden from them, hiding in a darker place.

With the appearance of several true leaves in the Sejants, they need to be diced in small pots. Picking occurs in such a way that the root neck of seedlings does not deepen. From this moment, plants will be stored at a temperature of 18 to 20 degrees.


Each plant is susceptible and at risk of contamination with dangerous diseases. Since pelargonium is still a very sensitive plant to any adverse conditions, it can be susceptible to diseases such as flower mold, edema( with this disease leaves of the plant are deformed), spotted leaves, rust pellagonia, various viruses, as well as the pelargonium can attacksnails, snails and caterpillars.

Growing and care for zonal geranium


Pelargonium zone easily propagates by seed method. Seeds must be sown in small greenhouses. There they will grow within 1.5-2 weeks. Then seedlings need to be cut several times and be sure to pinch in order for the plant to be better. Soil for cultivation should be loose and moderately nutritious. Naturally, geranium needs to be fed. This procedure is carried out in a period when the flower is actively growing. In different periods it is necessary to make respectively different fertilizers. When the flower grows actively - fertilizers that contain nitrogen, during budding - potassium and in the period when the flower begins to bloom - phosphate fertilizers.

Growing and care for zonal geranium


The zonal kind of geranium has many interesting and charming beauty of its varieties. Since it's not possible to describe all of them, here are some examples of the finest varieties of zonal geranium.

  • M. Mayne is a zonal geranium variety with large elastic headed beet-flowered inflorescences and light green leaves.
  • Achievement - a breed breeding method that consists of zonal and ampelled geranium characteristics. The flowers form a "rose" of a pale pink color, and the leaves are painted in a light emerald color.
  • Ada Suterby is a zonal geranium variety with bright pink flowers that form a lush "hat".
  • Artic Princess - zonal geranium, which blooms with white inflorescences, and the flowers themselves are quite small in size and form tight "hats".
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