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How to illuminate dyed hair?


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How to illuminate dyed hair? Hair Lightening Techniques When a woman wants to change something in her appearance she paints her hair in a different color.

Blondes are easier in this regard if they decide to change the color of the hair to the darker, but the

for brunette and hairdressers should be pre-light. All this does not go for hair for nothing, their quality can be greatly deteriorated, hair can even begin to fall out. Therefore, the dyed hair needs to be illuminated correctly.

As a result of the effect on hair and the result, the process of lighting painted hair can be divided into three types: illumination, proper lighting and ordinary lighting. There is a difference between them.

How to illuminate dyed hair?

Illumination is a partial weakening of the pigment. At the same time the hair becomes only a little lighter, they can be emphasized as if separate strands. Therefore, this method is not very suitable for illuminated dyed hair.

Hair color gives a lighter color due to the artificial oxidation of the coloring pigment in the hair structure. This procedure is called "paint washes" and is harmful to hair.

Dyed hair, of course, can be illuminated in this way, but it is strongly damaged by the structure of hair and there is a risk that it will not be able to recover.

How to illuminate dyed hair?

How to illuminate still dyed hair?

There are other ways to illuminate dyed hair. One of them is called rubbing. In essence, it is the same oxidation, only more short-term and using more greasy substances. When treating the surface of dyed hair is degreased, the speed of the exchange process increases and hair scales are revealed.

Traditional and, perhaps, the most famous way to illuminate dyed hair - is the use of hydrogen peroxide. Under its influence, the destruction of coloring pigment and washing it out of hair occurs. This is a very damaging procedure for the hair.

Hair coloring is always an aggressive effect on hair, so it's best to turn to a professional hairdresser. You can take components in the wrong proportions or overpower them for longer, and the consequences can become very serious.

By conducting similar experiments at home, you risk or lose hair at all, or cause them a huge damage, which will inevitably affect their quality and, consequently, your appearance.

How to illuminate dyed hair?

How to illuminate hair without paint at home?

Light golden curls are always considered a sign of beauty and femininity. It is not surprising that many beauties decide on a radical change of color, sometimes, to the damage to the health of the hair. However, you can do without sacrifices if you use safe home-based methods to cover the headlights.

  • Chamomile

Chamomile is probably the most common plant that is used not only in folk medicine, but also in cosmetology. This grass helps to fight magnifying glass, gives the hair volume and strength, and also helps to make the curls a little lighter. This effect can only be achieved if you do not expose your hair to staining. Natural dyes such as basma and henna also make it impossible to illuminate the hair with chamomile.

So, if you really wanted to make your ringlets golden, then you'll have to stock up with chamomile. It should be used as often as possible in various forms( rinse aid, masks, and so on).Duration and frequency of procedures depends on how many tones you want to light your hair. But, in any case, you will be able to admire the first results in about a week.

  • Honey

Despite the fact that dark hair looks very impressive, girls just do not hesitate to light them. This trend will continue from ancient times. Even then, for this purpose, honey was used. This tool is successfully applied not only for illuminating the hair extensions, but also for teeth whitening and facial enhancement. It is also worth noting the high content of vitamins in honey, so that the hair is not only cosmetic, but also therapeutic effect.

Honey allows you to illuminate even very dark curls, which will not cure any paint. Before proceeding to direct illumination, it is necessary to clean the scalp and hair well. To do this, use a shampoo with the addition of a small amount of salt( the effect of peeling is created).You can also add soda to make the curls become softer and more obedient. Then on the root and the entire area of ​​hair is applied honey( for the best effect, it should be liquid so that it did not need to be diluted with water).Warming your head is not worth it, as it can weaken the effect. After 40 minutes, it is necessary to wash the head again( it is possible without a shampoo) and dry the hair naturally. In no case use a hair dryer, hot air can dampen all your efforts.

  • Lemon

One of the most effective hair loss remedies is lemon juice. For this procedure, you will need to allocate almost a day. Also, carefully examine the weather forecast so that the hot sun does not block the clouds.

It is not necessary to wash the head before the washing procedure. Just splash your hair with water. Now moisten the curls in lemon juice and put your hair extension to sunlight. As the liquid dries, grease the hair again with juice. If you are afraid to use it in its pure form, then dilute it a little with water. By the end of the day you will notice that the hair has become much lighter.

  • Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a very effective remedy for hair illumination. For two standards of powder you will need one norm of your favorite balm. Store the contents evenly over the entire length and warm the head well( first with a plastic bag or a hat and then a towel).If you consider that the mask should be kept for up to 8 hours( depending on how dark the natural color is), it would be advisable to make it at night. By conducting this procedure three times a week, you will add an incredible golden hue to your hair. It is also worth noting the fragrant aroma of cinnamon, which for a long time will stay on your curls.

  • Natural henna

Henna is an incredibly useful remedy that strengthens the hair, enriching its useful elements. It is also very effective in controlling dandruff. Another nice moment to use henna is that it has a light lightening effect.

In order to make the hair a couple of tones lighter, you need to buy white henna. Also, a special developer is being sold to it, without which it will not be possible to achieve the desired effect. All components are diluted with water to make the medium medium thick. On average, this mask is kept for about 40 minutes. But if your hair is thin, dry, then henna will be much faster. It will be good if after completing the procedure you apply a nourishing balm or mask to the curls.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most effective and affordable methods of hair coloring. In order to have a slight discoloration, it will be enough to make a drug with a concentration of up to 5%.Wash your hair, treat them with nourishing balsam, and then dry without using a hair dryer. Transfer the peroxide from the bottle to the spray gun, from which you will spray the curls. After 30 minutes, rinse your hair with lightly warm water and apply balm again.

If your hair is by nature dark enough, then the lighting technology will have to be slightly modified. So, for the preparation of a coloring agent you will need 40 grams of hydrogen peroxide( 8%) and liquid soap, 30 grams of water and a spoon of amber. The head is not required before the procedure, and the device is applied as usual hair color. In no case do not bend your head into polyethylene and towels in order not to get burned. The process of painting will take about an hour, after which you need to wash your hair with shampoo and rinse with water, acidified with vinegar.

When covering the hair with peroxide, note that this method, although the most effective of the above, but it does cause serious damage to the hair. If your curls are thin and dry, it's best to refrain from similar procedures.