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How to sew a dress for the New Year 2017?How and what to decorate?

How to sew a dress for the New Year 2017?How and what to decorate?

How to sew your dress for the New Year 2017 with your own hands?- Many girls ask this question. And it is not necessary to have rich imagination, it is enough to clearly determine the style of the dress. If you do everything right, then this dress will look no worse than a dress purchased at the


Sewing Dresses.

So, as already mentioned earlier, the main task is to determine the style and model of New Year's clothing. Another important factor is the choice of a festive dress cloth. It is worth paying attention to the benefits of the Fire Cave. The dress should be made of natural cloth, since the cock prefers everything natural. Categorically you can not use synthetic materials. As for the color, then the dress should be any red tint, golden or silvery. You can not use a cat coloring fabric.

How to sew a dress for the New Year 2017?How and what to decorate?

Once the fabric is purchased, it's time to take off your mark. Here it is necessary to be very attentive, otherwise the dress may be spoiled.

Those who do not have a special sewing experience can choose the style of a Greek dress.

When the measurements are taken off, you can proceed to the dress patterns until the New Year 2017. Next, you only need to sew the pieces of cloth with each other.

How to sew a dress for the New Year 2017?How and what to decorate?

An important part of creating a New Year's outfit is the decoration of the dress with additional elements. But how and what to decorate your festive dress? It depends directly on the taste and style of the sewn dress. For example, if this is a dress in the Greek style, then it can be decorated with a golden belt and gold rings. For evening cocktail dresses decorations in the form of a rhinestone will fit. Dresses on the dress best fit with a special gun. By the way, you can buy crystals in the same store where the fabrics are sold. Also, for decoration you can use artificial feathers, chains, locks, beads, brilliant inserts and much more. Even a simple classic strap can add some raisin to a festive outfit. Separation of the dress or its sleeves can be decorated with ruby ​​or fringe. They are also sold in fabric stores.

So you can sew your lovely festive gown yourself at home at your own time until the New Year 2017. It will not be a special job for those who have ever been sewing their clothes. And those who try themselves in this business for the first time, should choose simple division of dresses. To determine the choice of dresses, you can flip through fashion magazines. Perhaps it is there that you can find the same dress that you will have to like. And if you find sewing magazines, then they have ready-made patterns.

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