Headache in the forehead area: causes, treatment and preventive measures

Doctors believe that headache in the forehead is the most common type of headache. At the same time there is pressure on the eyes, whiskey, there is a feeling of gravity. Such pain can be visited even by healthy people. Why is this happening?

Headache in the forehead area: causes, treatment and preventive measures

This question is a subject of debate in the modern

science. To cover such manifestations can be various health problems. Let's understand.


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General Information

Hyaluronic acid, inflammation of the nasal mucosa occurs, and as a result, headache in the forehead area. Independently check the diagnosis: when your head is tilted down and your head is in a state of cold, you may be suspected of genital herrrhizomy.

The frontitis is the inflammation of the sinuses in the forehead, the pain in the forehead becomes brighter in the morning, due to the fact that the mucus has accumulated overnight and the process of cleansing the sinuses has been difficult. And in this case, you can use warming, medicines prescribed analgin, aspirin, inhalations give a positive dynamics.

If the disease develops with complications and recovery does not occur for a long time, prescribe antibiotics. When the disease has become chronic, which can be shown operation.

Increased pressure causes headache. Headache in the forehead area is observed in patients both at elevated and under reduced pressure. If the pressure increases, the attack begins with pain in the forehead and can move through the whiskey to the neck, and then feel all over the head.

Several factors may accompany the increase in blood pressure - stress, fatigue, overvoltage, atmospheric pressure changes, sharp changes in the climate.

All diseases caused by infections in the body cause headache in the frontal lobe of the head. Among such diseases are the flu, angina, meningitis, pneumonia. Nausea, vomiting with complications can be observed.

Migraine attacks can be inherited and differ from other painful manifestations in the forehead with a throbbing nature. If a very strong attack can start nausea and vomiting.

Headaches in the forehead appear for several reasons:

  • overfills;
  • stress;
  • overvoltage;
  • depression;
  • violation of psycho-emotional background.

The attack begins in the neck and gradually the pain rises to the forehead. With severe pain, light nausea is present, but vomiting may begin. Usually the epicenter of pain is supra-arched arches. The patient feels the feeling of squeezing his head upward.

To take off the attack, you need to take the pill and try to get away from reality, do meditation.

Causes of

Pain A pain in the forehead may provoke malnutrition. All products that contain artificial supplements and preservatives can increase blood pressure.

For example:

- nitrates found in almost all meat products that have been processed. These include sausages, sausages and sausages.

- histamine present in virtually all alcoholic beverages, allows it to be taken in small doses, and when excessive use causes migraine attacks;

- sodium glutamate is used in almost all manufactured products, its great content is in raw seafood, so that Japanese or Chinese cuisine can cause pain;

- tyramine present in nuts, chocolate and raw. These foods in large quantities can cause headache attacks;

- high doses of caffeine stimulates the brain, but may cause fatigue and, as a result, an attack of pain;

- Citrus is useful, but you also need to stick to the measure. With a large amount, an allergic reaction may occur and as a result of an attack on the headache in the forehead.

It is very important to follow the rules of healthy eating. Nutrition is one of the important components of your health. If you prepare your body with toxic substances, sooner or later they will cease to perceive and begin to react to their presence. Headaches can occur when the diet is wrong.

To have a meal, you must take meals several times a day. Nutrition is necessary to maintain the vital functions of the body, and excessive intake of food, especially oily and acute, leads to the emergence of excess weight. Excess weight is a companion of many chronic and serious diseases. Include vegetables and fruits in your diet and as much green as possible.

There are occasions for chronic headaches in the forehead area, in which case medical aid is simply vital. A specialist will conduct a medical examination and identify the root cause of this manifestation. The faster you go through a medical examination, the faster your recovery will be and the risk of a serious illness will decrease.

If you have a headache in your forehead, you should try to see at what times of the day it happens most often and what follows it.

Need to know that headaches can be a harbinger of a serious illness, so a medical consultation is simply necessary. The methods of treatment depend on the cause of its occurrence.

Causes of headaches are so varied that you can not even assume a consequential relationship. Violations of the entire system of your body, injury, violation of the nervous system, poisoning with toxic substances, fatigue, stress, brain tumors, bright light or sharp sound, bad breath - all this can provoke an attack of pain.

Harmful Toxicants

Headache in the forehead area: causes, treatment and preventive measures Today, synthetic substances are present in a lot of household items, furniture or construction materials, as well as in children's toys.

With these objects, we come across every day, and even we can not pay attention to the specific odor that comes from them.

Such a smell can indicate the presence of synthetic compounds in these subjects. With the prolonged use of such things in your body accumulate toxic substances and he begins to give signals about this in the form of headaches. Excess of such substances in the body will lead to serious illness or the formation of tumors on any organ.

Therefore, when making any purchase, pay attention to any shortcomings or vivid properties of the subject. Where possible, you need to require a quality certificate that will show who the manufacturer is and whether he has permission to manufacture this product.

In this situation, it is a sharp odor that needs to alert you. If the head starts to hurt, it is necessary to ventilate the room.

Food supplements and concentrates are widely used in the food industry today. When processing meat products, use nitrates or nitrites, sodium glutamate. All these substances in large quantities can cause headache in the forehead, allergy, kidney disease, liver.

Forequal parts of the head are a kind of shield of the brain, they can be easily cold in the cold season. Colds can cause headache in the forehead area. The cause of headache can be any cold or infectious disease.

Chronic headache in the forehead may cause genital heriitis, frontis, sinusitis, angina, influenza, meningitis, encephalitis. Any of these diseases is accompanied by an increase in the body, abundant discharge from the nose and as a side effect of pain in the forehead.

A pain may begin in the forehead area and spread to the temporal area or neck, and may even remain in the forehead area. In cases where the body temperature has reached thirty-eight degrees and lasts for three days, urgent referral to a doctor, not to engage in self-medication is strictly prohibited.

When you have a headache you can take an analgesic, but more than one at a time. In case of violations of any of the systems of the body, headaches arise for various reasons.

Pain in the forehead may occur as a result of migraines, bundle pains and optic neuralgia, as well as various types of nervousness. Each of these diseases has its nature and root cause.

In case of migraine headaches, headache can be felt throughout the attack, and maybe at the beginning. In order to learn how to distinguish between an ordinary headache and migraine attacks, you must necessarily visit a doctor and undergo a medical examination. Punctuation headaches start on one side of the head and can move from the forehead to the neck, and can spread to the temporal area. Sometimes such attacks are felt throughout the head.

Neurosis may be a cause of stress or fatigue or if it is based on a serious illness. Usually all diseases of the brain are accompanied by headache.

The consequences of an injury are very often a long recovery period. Attacks and fractures of the skull, as well as the concussion of the brain may be accompanied by severe headaches.

For pain relief, use anesthetic pills. In the process of recovery and for the purpose of prevention, it is possible to use medicinal herbs, but only after consultation with a doctor and in the absence of any chronic disease.

In order to relieve pain in the frontal part, you can drink herbal tea based on mint or St. John's wort. After that, stroll through the street or ventilate the room. Sit in the chair and fest, and it is advisable not to include a TV or a computer.

Long staying at the computer can cause headache in the frontal area, especially for children, it is harmful to stay behind him for more than two to three hours. In general, it is necessary at the very beginning to set up the monitor correctly, and maybe use protective glasses. Headache can occur due to tension or eye fatigue.

Summary of results

Headache in the forehead area: causes, treatment and preventive measures If you have a pain in your forehead, you do not need to postpone the trip to your doctor. Such manifestations can be very dangerous for your health.

There are diseases that for a long time do not make themselves known and only headaches can talk about the beginning of their development.

It is only after the doctor's recommendation that you take medications or treat any treatments.

It should be remembered that the head of the front should always be kept warm and in winter it is necessary to wear a hat or close the forehead with a scarf. Such measures will help to avoid colds and any pathologies associated with them.

Treatment of headaches is possible by folk remedies that are most harmless to your body. But in order to use them you need to consult a doctor. Applying any method of treatment alone can only be done after determining the cause of the appearance of headaches.

For this purpose, use different decoctions and tinctures, compresses and massages. With headaches of tension and overwork, meditation is very helpful. This method will help you relax and headache attacks will take place. You can meditate after head massage or compression.

Aromatherapy can be used to relieve headaches. Well helps to rub balm "Zyrochka" or peppermint oil in the temporal region.

To achieve a lasting effect, you must adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Eliminate alcohol, tobacco and narcotic substances. To be engaged in physical education and sports, as much as possible to use vegetables and fruits. The physical load should correspond to the age and health status. It is impossible to overload the body, it can lead to repeated attacks.

Medicines are needed to relieve an attack, but they should be selected only on the advice of a physician. Accept the pill only if you need it. If anesthetics take off the attack for a short time, be sure to consult a specialist.