Description of the rabbit breed white giant

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  • Reproduction and development of
  • Features of nutrition
  • Meat-skin dignity of breed

Breed of white rabbits is one of the most common. The advantage of this breed is due to the fact that it does not require the creation of any particular conditions for the output and

growth, and the result exceeds such in other breeds. The main qualities of the rabbits breed white giant - a thick, absolutely white hair, perfect maternal care and nourishment. This is a typical albino rabbit. It attracts high fertility, high weight( the mass of adults of elite varieties reaches 5.8 kg).It's possible to grow white giants on large special farms, and in the household. Some adapt a place for rabbits even in an apartment, growing them as pets.

Description of the rabbit breed white giant

The main qualities of white rabbits breed are thick, absolutely white hair, excellent maternal care and nourishment.

The breeders of Germany and Belgium began to produce white giants in the 20's of the 20th century. In 1927 this breed appeared in the USSR.However, it was not adapted to the harsh climate of Siberia and the entire Middle Stream of Russia. As a result of huge work, crossed the breeds of albino breeds, the Belgian Flanders with the breed of gray giants and chinchillas, the Soviet scientists managed to bring a new breed of rabbits white giants, is characterized by good viability and excellent adaptability to the environment. Externally, they are very similar to the Flanders, but more beautiful and sophisticated.

There are three classes of rock in the mass:

  • Elite( giant) - 5800g.
  • First - 5300g.
  • Second - 4800g.
  • Reproduction and Development

    Description of the rabbit breed white giant

    Food for a rabbit should be rich in vitamins.

    6-7 months after birth, a white rabbit reaches pubescence. The female must lead to the male. Selected the largest developed individuals, with good edges, no defects. Rabbit is planted to the male and left for 1-2 hours. A week later, rejoice to control. If the female is shy and aggressively tuned towards the male, then a fast breeding is expected.

    The rabbit carries cubs about 30-31 days. When there is 10 days left to the ocher, the mother must be put in the cage as the female starts to nest.

    Rabbits are beautiful mothers. They do not eat their own litter. Newborn rabbits have never been scattered, they lie together in a nest, covered with fur. The rabbit takes care of the rabbits and provides them with full feeding. Milk at mother reaches 250 g. In this case, females often suffer from mastitis. The composition of rabbit milk is advantageously different from the composition of milk of other mammals. Unlike cow's milk, rabbit milk contains 4 times more protein, and minerals - 3 times more.

    Newborn rabbits weigh about 90 g. They are very rapidly gaining weight, on average 25 g per day. At two months they can weigh about two kilograms.

    Hay harvest for rabbits occurs throughout the summer. Places for mowing are chosen where there is no poisonous herbs. Well dried in the sun and then stored in ventilated, dry rooms.

    Description of the rabbit breed white giant

    Carrot has a very positive effect on the operation of the SLE.

    Distinctive features:

  • The coloration of the hair is completely white, eliminating the presence of any shades. Eyes are not painted( ie, colorless) and look red through translucent blood vessels.
  • Long rectangular, slightly rounded at the ends, ears, thin, strong paws, chest necessarily with a small brassiere.
  • Great fertility( can carry up to 13-14 rabbits).
  • Larger weight( an adult giant animal can reach 5.8 kg).
  • Females have a feminine look, and males are courageous.
  • To remove children from the nest begin after 2-3 weeks, excommunicate from the mother in 2-3 months. For good immunity it is not recommended to deprive rabbit milk of mother to two months of age. Eating in adult grooms is the same as in adults. Only fresh food is introduced gradually, starting with small volumes, increasing for two weeks to the age standard.

    The heat and cold of rabbits breed white giant carry very well, so the cells can be placed directly outdoors. But it is better to put them in half-open sheds or other premises without drafts. Cages should stand in the shade, away from the burning sun. A mandatory condition for keeping rabbits is cleanliness in cells. In too closed and dirty premises, rabbits can become pododermatyam or mastitis. In addition, the cells should be spacious. For male: height 80 cm, length 1-1.5 m, depth - 90 sm.


    For females - more, based on offspring. For young adults are preparing spacious enclosures based on the calculation of 1 square.m per person. Cages for females should be two-story. In order to protect from rats, the floors with slits better to be covered with a tin, you can think of special traps installed on the floor, where there are no rabbits. The door in cages is made of lattice material. In the winter it is enough to hang a door with a blanket to avoid drafts. The cell does not require additional insulation because the white rabbit has a fairly thick hair.

    Rabbits breed white giant react well to "communicating" with people, they are very peaceful, friendly. That is why many white giants in the apartments are holding. To remove the specific odor of the rabbit, it is necessary to sterilize at about four months of age.

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    Features of the diet

    The diet of these rabbits depends on the season and age and does not differ from the diet of other rabbits. However, given that rabbits breed white giant grow very intensively, feed should be rich in protein. Of concentrated feed use chopped oats or barley. In the summertime, fresh herbs are added to it, and in winter hay. Be sure to include carrots in the diet.

    Rabbits should eat it together with the beard. It very positively affects the operation of the SLE-intestinal tract in this breed. It is possible to add to the diet bread, soaked in milk. In the summer, rabbits are recommended to be released for a while from the cells and let go of the pastures, eliminating the presence of poisonous herbs there. In percentage terms, special fats occupy 60%, grass and hay - 15-20%, root crops - 20%.In feeding, widespread use of so-called vinaigrette.


    It is made from boiled vegetables. The cages should be equipped with a meal with water. If rabbits do not drink water, then they are completely saturated with water that comes from food. If the rabbit is gaining weight well, its nutrition is well balanced, then the female has a second chin. Its presence is also a distinctive feature of this breed, which also suggests good rabbit health.

    Each rabbit should have a special first aid kit. It includes: 5% solution of iodine, boric acid, brilliant green solution, boric acid, penicillin, furatsilin, biomitsin, streptocide, octosilicium, trivitamine, lactic acid, anti-myxomatous vaccine. There must also be various disinfectants and a sufficient amount of dressing material. But the rabbits themselves are not recommended. It is necessary to consult a veterinarian.

    White rabbits breed rabbits when they reach the age of four to five months. At this age, their weight is about 3-4 kg.

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    Meat and skin dignity of the breed

    The skin of the white giant is much larger than that of other breeds. It is used both in natural form and in color. Wool shines well in the sun, it is thick and silky. The touch is very similar to the chinchilla fur. This is especially important for sewing outerwear. Skin is sorted in this way: it needs to blow, and if the skin lumen is more than two millimeters, it is classified as second grade. Of course, in terms of its hair parameters, it yields to the chinchilla peel, but completely satisfies the demand in the market in terms of price-quality.


    https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = L5-kC9gef3A

    Another undeniable advantage of this breed is sophisticated delicious meat. The yield of meat from an adult is approximately 70-80%.Rabbits breed white giant play a very important role in breeding. Animals willingly use females and males to remove new breeds or improve existing ones.