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Causes of abdominal distension in infants and ways to eliminate pathology

Causes of abdominal distension in infants and ways to eliminate pathology


  • Newborn Flatulence:
  • Symptoms
  • Abnormal Bleeding: Treatment of
  • Abdominal bloating in infants is one of the most common problems faced by young mothers. Such a condition of the baby, which is accompanied by the appearance of severe

    pain in the abdomen, causes its constant crying. Parents are trying to ease the condition of the child, so they resort to various methods and means.

    Abdominal distension in a child of the first year of life is most often due to the fact that his intestines are not yet fully developed. Usually in a baby these colics appear in the first months of life, however, in some cases they can disturb the baby after a year.

    Newborn Flatulence:

    Symptom Abdominal bloating in infants is usually accompanied by pronounced symptoms, so it's simply not possible to miss it. The occurrence of colic leads to the fact that the baby becomes very restless and can not lie calmly after feeding. After some time after feeding begins to cry and squeeze to the stomach. When tasting the abdomen, you can notice that it has become too rigid and elastic.

    Most often, flatulence appears in the newborn in the second half of the day, with the spasmodic state of the intestine remaining for 30-40 minutes.

    In the event that the colic is disturbed by the child for a long time, this can be a dangerous signal and in this situation it is recommended that it be shown to a specialist as soon as possible.

    Causes of Pathology

    A newborn's meteorism is accompanied by strong pain and the result of this is the constant crying of the baby. Many parents are trying to figure out why bloating develops in a child and what to do in such a situation.

    Meteorism in children of the first year of life arises due to accumulation of large quantities of foam mass in the intestine. The result is a strong expansion of the intestine from the inside, as well as a violation of the process of absorption of food and failures in the digestive tract. All this leads to the fact that the baby begins to suffer from severe abdominal pains and this makes him whining and irritating.

    Causes of abdominal distension in infants and ways to eliminate pathology Abdominal bloating usually occurs in the first few months of its life and ages 4-6 months. The following causes of flatulence in children in the first year of life can be distinguished:

    • The use of food that does not correspond to its age and maturity in the digestive tract
    • Sometimes bloating does not depend on food and develops when you enter the intestines a large amount of air. This is most often the case when a newborn feeds, or when it is prolonged crying and screaming.
    • . Often, the cause of the accumulation of elevated gases in the intestine is a strong child overexcitation or its strong emotional stress
    • . In the case of a baby on breastfeeding, the mother's mother plays an important role. The use of a certain group of products leads to the development of flatulence in children
    • Bloating often develops in the intestinal dysbiosis, the development of an allergic reaction to cow's milk protein and lactose deficiency.

    Sometimes, flatulence in children up to the year may occur as a result of the penetration of various pathogenic microorganisms or E. coli in the body. This can happen absolutely anywhere, and the active livelihoods of these bacteria leads to increased gas formation in the intestine and a painful sensation.

    Abdominal bloating in infants: treatment of

    A strong crying and crying of a newborn causes a lot of experiences from his parents, so it's important to know what to do in such a situation and how to alleviate his condition.

    In the development of this pathology, many experts recommend the use of medicines prepared on the basis of the following plants:

  • Cranberry
  • Fennel
  • Cumin
  • Coriander.
  • Causes of abdominal distension in infants and ways to eliminate pathology A good effect also gives the use of special drops that help reduce the gut formation in the intestines of a child. In the event that all signs of flatulence in a child occur immediately after eating, it suggests that the reason for the development of this pathological condition is improper feeding. And then you need to change the pose for feeding the baby, as well as refuse to mum from the use of those products that can provoke meteorism in children.

    Another way to relieve the condition of a newborn is to massage. To carry it out, you need to carefully put the child on your back and start stroking the stomach with light movements clockwise. A good effect is given by the thermal procedures, which help to get rid of gases in the intestine. The simplest procedure is the imposition of a baby's diaper diaper, pre-warmed with iron.

    The appearance of bowel bloating in newborns and infants until the age of one year is not necessarily a sign of his illness, since such a condition can develop into completely healthy infants. In that case, if after a while after feeding the child does not calm down and continues to behave restless, then in this case it is recommended to show his specialist.