What characteristics should be in young rabbits cells?

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Cages for young rabbits must meet fairly strict requirements, because the life of the animals depends on this construction. The young are rabbits whose age allows the

to remove them from the rabbit( 1-1.5 months after birth).They will be in this category until they reach puberty. Rodents are usually divided into cells. Yes, individually located reproductive species and those that will be grown for meat. In addition to these characteristics, do not forget about sexual attachments.

What characteristics should be in young rabbits cells?

Cage for young rabbits must meet all requirements, because the life of the animals depends on this design.

Thin construction

There are many types of cells for young rabbits. They can be classified according to different features. Depending on the structural features, they are: single-tier or tiered. Multi-level cages for rabbits - a very convenient arrangement, which involves the placement of houses in several rows( tiers).

What characteristics should be in young rabbits cells?

Drawing a single-tier cage for rabbits.

This option solves the problem of insufficient space. The most common are two-tier buildings. They are suitable for use in outdoor or indoor environments.

Like conventional cages for rabbits, these are usually located at a certain height from the ground level. The bottom tier should be at a distance of about 0.5 m from the floor. The height of each tier is usually 60 cm, and the width depends on the estimated number of individuals( approximately 2 m).Each cell can be equipped with special mines that provide the convenience of daily cleaning.

To ensure the stability of such structures, masters create a concrete foundation for them. Such a technical solution will help to avoid the rollover of cells. As for the number of blocks, then most of them are 4. Each block can be divided into cells, for example, 4, and in one cell are placed on 4-5 young rabbits. This is the most common option.

You can make 3 tiers in total. This number is safe, and its increase poses a threat to the design, as it can not withstand all gravity. At the top of the tiers it is recommended to install a canopy on separate concrete posts.

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Placement Places The following types are distinguished by the location:

  • exterior with moving ability;
  • exterior with a seat for walking;
  • external without moving;
  • cells inside the premises.

What characteristics should be in young rabbits cells?

A two-strand cage for rabbits is a very convenient arrangement that involves the placement of houses in several rows.

Typically, this classification refers to the industrial breeding of animals. What are the differences inherent in one or another type of housing? Exterior cells with the ability to travel primarily differ in their ease. Therefore, it is worth considering the choice of the material from which the construction will be carried out. It may be lightweight metal mesh, but it should be strong to avoid damages from rodents.

You can often find the use of a tree for the manufacture of houses for rodents. This material allows you to easily carry out various constructional ideas. But his recognition is not the most successful choice, since he is prone to damage to the teeth of rabbits, and due to moisture can rot. Therefore, such cells are short-lived, they often have to be replaced by new ones.

Cells that are outdoors, but without the ability to move, can be represented by stronger and more durable materials.2 of the type described above is better arranged so that only 3 of their walls are made of mesh. But the rest of the wall should be solid. For this, the cage can be placed in some real wall of the building or attached instead of a solid sheet of durable material.

This procedure will help protect it from bad weather, draft, wind. Care should be taken that the cage is equipped with a shed or ceiling. It should be made of waterproof material so that rabbits can safely remain in the middle of the structure during precipitation.

The flat in the dwelling can be made of mesh. Typically, the bottom of the concealment, for example, litter from the grass, which is subject to regular replacement.

What characteristics should be in young rabbits cells?

Cage manufacturing tools for rabbits.

It is necessary to clean the cage regularly, since inappropriate conditions can lead to rabies diseases. As for the walkway, then you need to make a larger cage.

Rabbit, and especially the young, very much like a comfortable temperature regime. Therefore, houses in summer hot weather is recommended to install in the shade, and in the cool weather - not in the long run. In general, humidity should be about 65% - this is the most appropriate value for maintaining the animal in a favorable condition.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that external cells are good only in the warm season. During the cold weather, structures that can be easily placed indoors will come to the rescue. They are slightly inferior to the outside due to their limited functionality, which is due to smaller sizes. In this case young rabbits will need light, so they need to provide lighting for 10 hours a day, especially in autumn and winter. In addition, the room should be ventilated regularly, but there should be no drafts.

Some professionals still recommend keeping young rabbits outdoors all year round, creating a special, comfortable environment.

What characteristics should be in young rabbits cells?

Cages for rabbits should be periodically cleaned.

This placement makes it possible to get good thick wool in rodents, especially if they are grown to produce furs. In addition, animals can develop sustainable immunity. As a result, they will be immune to most diseases. Females will have the best productive qualities.

In the winter, such street cells need to be warmed up. They must be protected by a heat-flushed material that will help maintain the required temperature regime inside.

The outer and inner cages for rabbits must meet certain requirements. The construction must be at a certain distance from the ground, it is approximately 0.5 m. It is important that there should be enough space for each animal, because their health depends on the convenience and comfort of the proposed conditions of maintenance. It is sufficient that the height of the walls is about 30-60 cm( depending on the species of the animal), and the depth can reach up to 80 cm. All these sizes are conditional and selected in each case individually.

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Number of inhabitants

What characteristics should be in young rabbits cells?

Cage sketches for rabbits with deck.

Cages for young rabbits by number of individuals can be either grouped or single. The peculiarity of group cages for rabbits is that they assume the placement of animals from varieties of one sex or another. For example, it may be a construction that contains 6 or 8 animals. Depending on the type of animal you want to be populated, you must correctly calculate the space of the room. This value may vary, for example, from 0.12 m2 to 0.17 m2 per square meter.

Single designs are usually designed for young males. When the latter reach a three-month age, some of them may be aggressive towards others. In this case, it is worthwhile to have a well-equipped facility where there will be a bully. The main attention should be paid to fixing the feeder and drinker. The rabbit should not move them( turn around).

Females of the same age can easily be accommodated in 2 or 3 individuals. The size of group and unit cells for three-month rabbits depends on the breed. The average height reaches 40-60 cm( in some cases higher), and width - 70-120 cm.

Any cell should be arranged in such a way that it is easy and easy to do cleaning and replacement of food and water in it. For this it is very important to have a door of the right size. It is the entrance that should be convenient in order to remove the animals and other elements of their life.


https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = zLTuN5HHi0k

No matter what kind of cell counts were preferred, care should be taken to ensure that all conditions are met. A man is always in the answer for who he has tamed.