Breast Immunity: Features and Recommendations


  • Varieties of vaccines for domestic rabbits
  • Medications and conditions for their storage
  • Rabbit prick: features of the procedure

Breast Immunity: Features and Recommendations Rat poisoning is a prerequisite for a careful and successful retention of the animal and breeding. These animals are often exposed to various

viruses and harmful bacteria. The goal of a good owner is to create a damper of disease by vaccination.

Varieties of vaccines for domestic rabbits

Pupils can be vaccinated against paratyphoid, listeriosis, rabies, and pasteurleozes. There are also special complexes that help to prevent several diseases at once.

Important: Immunization against myxomatosis and also against a viral dangerous hemorrhagic disease are mandatory.

What needs to be done for rabbits? In order for the pupils to be healthy, it is recommended once a year to make a special vaccination from VGHK and myksomatosis with one ampoule. Other vaccines should only be done during outbreaks of relevant illnesses in your area.

Little born rabbits surely get their immunity through breast milk, but it ends up at two months, so the very first vaccine is given to babies in six weeks. The next vaccine from VGKhK is placed after three months to fully consolidate health.

Vaccination from myxomatosis does not depend on the age of your rabbit, as the disease is transmitted by mosquitoes, fleas and other blood-sucking insects during the warm period of the year. Therefore, it makes no sense to vaccinate animals in the beginning of winter, but the time from the warm April and October is optimally suited for vaccination.

Medications and conditions for their storage

Breast Immunity: Features and Recommendations Vaccines are produced by a variety of companies. Depending on the region of permanent residence, you can choose those drugs that will ideally help your rabbit maintain a high level of immunity.

The rabbits in the home should be done with the utmost care and accuracy, so pay attention to the conditions of preservation of this or that preparation.

The vaccine should be stored at 0-5 ° C, for example in a refrigerator. If you decide to freeze the refrigerator, keep in mind that the medicine needs to be rearranged, as it will quickly deteriorate. If the selected vaccine stays in the heat, you can simply throw it out, as it will not bring benefits.

Important: A diluted preparation for rabbits is valid for only three hours - it does not depend on storage conditions at all.

Rabbit prick: features of

Breast Immunity: Features and Recommendations procedure How to do rabbits vaccination? It is not always possible to take the animal to a clinic, so you need to be able to do injections absolutely independently. The course of treatment can not be severely interrupted so as not to impair the health of the infant.

You will need:

  • insulin syringe;
  • drug;
  • rabbit.

Instructions for correct injection:

  • Take the necessary medicines, vitamins, antibiotics, soothing and, of course, analgesics. Also, buy digital scales to accurately know the baby's weight. This will help you to accurately calculate the dose of the drug.
  • Dial medicines in a prepared syringe, release excess air by pushing the needle up. Ask someone close to hold the rabbit firmly, but gently, so that the pet does not jerk at the most inappropriate time for you.
  • Speak with the puppy kindly and calmly, grab the folds of the skin in the area of ​​the shoulder or between the shoulder blades. Puncture the skin, but do not put the needle completely. Smooth the contents of the syringe without paying particular attention to the rabbit's reaction.
  • At the end of the procedure, stroke the baby, praise and elevate your favorite treat.
  • You can put the necessary injection and intramuscularly in the back muscle of the thigh. Drugs are faster absorbed, since muscle tissues contain large vessels. But this method is quite painful, so keep the rabbit very firmly.
  • The skin of the beast has a disinfectant property, so it is not necessary to wipe the injection site with cotton wool with alcohol. Do not use one insulin syringe several times.
  • If something goes completely wrong, or the vaccine will be very painful, the rabbit can drop sharply into a deep shock state and die. Together with the drug, give something anesthetizing or soothing. Carefully take care of your pet's health so as not to hurt him.
  • Remember that the animal fully trusts you and really knows that you will not harm him - do not be disappointed with it. Let's understand that in your thoughts there is nothing wrong, and you only give him a healthy, carefree and happy life. To properly make an injection, consult a qualified vet who will give the basic advice and help the right advice how to make a quality baby vaccine at home.