Geranium plyuschist: care for her, ways of reproduction

Just a few years ago, the popularity of geranium plyuschisty began to gain popularity, which has not standing but hanging( ampeluous form. Such a variety of geraniums is called pleurisy, as the leaves of the plant are shaped like ivy leaves.take them for artificial ones, but these are really genuine sheets.

Sometimes people who do not know what kind of geranium looks like, they are confused with the usual one and believe that there is no difference between them, but this is an unacceptable mistake, because even the family varieties have the slightest differenceSo how does ampel geranium differ from the usual?


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What is the difference from ordinary geranium

On the abolition of pleural effusion from the usual speaks even the mostThe nameplate of the geraniums is a number of plants that have several general characteristics. Such plants are called ampelnymi. Long downhill branches are just that general characteristic. Usual Geranium has a vertical and relatively long stem. Also, the branches of pliuschistnaya gerani are quite flexible and curly, which gives such an impressive effect of the beauty of this plant. Flower shoots can grow up to 1 meter in length. Many people are accustomed to the fact that the leaves of the usual palargon are mild, which gives the impression that they are covered with a cannon. But the leaves of geranium pliushlistnaya surprise with its smooth and even foundation.

Geranium plyuschist: care for her, ways of reproduction

Care for

To ensure the quality care of your plant, you need to take care of the correct soil in advance. After all, it depends on it, whether the flower will grow and bloom.

Pleasant geranium has several soil requirements, namely:

  • , this kind of plant prefers a fertile soil;
  • for the production of the most suitable soil for geranium will require an equal amount of sand, humus, leaf, turf and peatland;The
  • flower feels more comfortable in a not-too-big pot. When choosing a pot for cultivating it is necessary to take into account that between the walls of the pot and the roots of the plant should be a distance of approximately 1,5-2 cm.

It is not so difficult to look after a pelargonium, as it may seem at first.

A grooved geranium variety from Africa, so it is very light-hearted. It needs to be located on the southern windows. In that case, if there are none, then such a flower should not start, because you do not see the desired splendor and bright green leaves.

Geranium plyuschist: care for her, ways of reproduction

Although this plant originates from Africa, it does not tolerate heat. The air temperature in the room in which the geranium grows must fluctuate between 20 and 25 degrees in the summer. With the advent of winter, the temperature regime in the room is reduced and should be 12 to 15 degrees.

In a hot weather, the flower should be watered frequently, but to the extent. In no case stagnation in pots should not be formed, because then there is a risk of the appearance of mold. In order to avoid such a situation, it is necessary to make a preliminary drainage that would exclude such an opportunity. With the onset of cold, the requirements for watering change and then it must be carried out only 1 time in 10-14 days.

Many do not know, but the pelargonium leaves are not adapted to moisture. Therefore, they can not be sprayed, because in the event of contact with water, they can develop a variety of diseases, as well as rotting.

Like any plant, the plutonous geraniums need to be fed. The most suitable for it will be fertilizer, which includes potassium. It is used three times a month in the spring-summer period.

Geranium plyuschist: care for her, ways of reproduction


A proliferation of geranium plutonic varieties in two ways:

  • seeds;
  • cuttings.
  • It is worth furthering in the first way, because it has a few nuances. Due to this method of reproduction it is possible to obtain a considerable amount of material for planting. You can buy seeds in any flower shop, the range of which can also have varieties of seeds, through which you have the opportunity to grow a plant with a different color. An example of such varieties may be Geranium Plyuschyshlist Cascade of color and Waterfall of the summer. To give you a variety of tender and bright colors of flowers at 100% can Waterfall of the summer.

    Geranium plyuschist: care for her, ways of reproduction

    Seeds begin to sow from December to April, provided that the winter will be doped. The family lands in the soil to a depth of 0.5 cm. Then the bowl should be placed in a small greenhouse and must necessarily be wet. When the thermal regime is maintained from 22 to 24 degrees and a sufficient amount of light, the seed of the pelargonium pliuschyslistnaya sprout after 7-10 days. Watering during growing should not allow stagnation of moisture, or vice versa - dry soil. After 3 weeks, seedlings that have grown up must be diced. From the moment when you are sure that after planting the plants normally develop, you can start feeding with small portions of mineral fertilizers. Growing is not a complex process, but it requires a lot of attention and patience.

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