2017 Year

New Year's Eve in Karelia 2017. Rest and prices

New Year

New Year's Eve 2017 wants a lot of special and charming atmosphere so that the impressions of the holiday were enough until next year. It is not obligatory for this to go abroad, because the New Year in Karelia in 2017 will become as interesting and memorable. It is here that you can feel all the charm of

.Here you can chic New Year holidays, both with children and an adult company. Karelia will be able to please its guests with their entertainments.

What attracts vacation in Karelia?

Not all regions of Russia are far from every country, and not every country can boast such a majestic taiga, huge snowstorms and incredibly beautiful nature. For Karelia is characterized by severe winter with heavy frosts and plenty of snow, but such conditions create a festive New Year's atmosphere.
New Year
Many tourists come here every year to admire beautiful lakes, small islands, mountain waterfalls and incredible beauty canyons. Such a spectacle should be observed by every Russian. For tourists in Karelia, local guides organize walks in the most picturesque surroundings. Thus, a person will not go from here, not enjoying all the grandeur of the Karelian nature.

After such walks you should definitely visit the capital of Karelia - Petrozavodsk. There are many monuments in the form of monuments and museums. Here you can taste the local cuisine. In addition, during New Year's holidays in Karelia you can take yourself to winter fishing, skiing and dog harness. For fans of active leisure there is an opportunity to work rafting.
New Year

How to meet New Year in Petrozavodsk?

The 2017 New Year's Meeting in Petrozavodsk will be an excellent solution. On New Year's night you can stroll along the embankment of the city, explore the sculptural compositions - gifts from Germany, Latvia, Finland, the USA and France. Photosession in such places will turn out to be very attractive and unusual.

For children, the opportunity to visit the House of Dolls is provided. No less interesting will be a guided tour of a dog breeder, in which you can play with the most cute dogs of the Husky breed.

In addition, Karelia has natural reserves, one of which is the largest waterfall in Europe. Even in winter, waterfalls in Karelia do not freeze.

Winter sports enthusiasts can spend unforgettable days skiing, skiing or snowboarding.

Price for rest in Karelia.

A lot of tourists are worried about vacation and prices in Karelia. You can, of course, seek help from travel agents, and you can plan your holiday yourself. For example, the average cost of a three-story cottage costs about 3000 rubles a day. Usually in such a house 5 sleeping places are provided.

In a word, Karelia is one of the few places in Russia where you can chic to meet the New 2017.So you can safely stop your choice in this region.