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Onychoshisis - causes, treatment, photo

Onychoshisis is a dystrophic change in the nail plate, resulting in a transverse splitting of the nail on the leafy plates.

There is no danger to the patient's life and health of onychoshisis, but creates a noticeable cosmetic defect,

distorting the nails. Also, a cosmetic defect can include the following diseases of the nails: onycholisis, trachyoniyia, melanonichiya, and others.


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Causes of the disease

The main causes of onychoshisis are the adverse effects of the nail plate on chemical or mechanical factors. Most often, the onychoshisis is a consequence of:

Onychoshisis causes, treatment, photo

A frequent contact with household chemicals can bring up onihoshizis development.

  • Frequent contact of nails with household chemicals, solvents and other chemicals. Especially often to the bundle of the nail plate leads to contact with alkaline solutions.
  • Use of nail varnishes, as well as solvent for varnish. It is very harmful to use solvents, which contain acetone.
  • Incorrect nail healing, use of coarse metallic pollen.
  • Constant mechanical damage to nail plates. Onychoshisis can be called a professional disease of pianists, as well as musicians who work on stringed instruments, text pickers.
  • Sometimes the onychoshisis is just a consequence of some skin diseases, such as eczema.
  • Very often, they are a consequence of diseases such as onychotylomania and onychophagia.


The main symptoms of onychoshisis are the bundle of the nail plate. The nail splits into several layers in the transverse direction. Sometimes there is a change in the color of the nail, it becomes dirty white or gray.

Most often, the onychoshysis is observed on the second, third and fourth fingers. It breaks down only the grown area of ​​the nail, that is, if you trim the nails a little, then they look quite healthy, but as the leaf grows, the plate splits into several layers. Nails with onihoshizios acquire increased fragility and fragility. The soft tissues surrounding the nail with onihoshizis are not affected.

Diagnostic Methods

Diagnosis of onychoshysis is performed on the basis of external examination of the patient's nails. An examination is mandatory on the fungus, since some varieties of onychomycosis can give similar symptoms. In addition, it is necessary to find out in the patient whether he has other skin diseases, for whom onychoshisis is just one of the symptoms.

Treatment for

Onychoshisis causes, treatment, photo

Massage is used for treatment of onychoshisis.

Treatment of onychoshisis necessarily should be complex, the method is selected individually, taking into account the causes that provoked the development of the disease. The main purpose of treatment - strengthening the nail plate, restoring the nutrition of tissues surrounding the nail. As a rule, treatment includes the use of medications( systemically and locally), physiotherapy, massage.

To improve the nutrition of tissues in patients with onychoshisis, it is prescribed to receive vitamin and mineral supplements, Bud, which include amino acids and fatty acids, because these substances are "building material" for the nail plate. Useful restorative, as well as, sedative, which can strengthen the immunity and stabilize the emotional background.

As a systemic treatment is prescribed:

  • A long course of retinol to be taken at 30 drops twice a day for at least 6 months.
  • Injection of cyanocobalamin. A single dose of 200 micrograms, the course consists of 30 injections, it is recommended to do it every other day.
  • Intravenous solution( 10%) of food gelatin. The course of admission is 3 months, daily dose - half a glass, divided into 4-5 servings.
  • Local therapy for the treatment of onychoshisis is the use of trays with the addition of sea salt and essential oils.

    If the fracture of the nail plate is insignificant, it is recommended to apply an antibacterial patch and use a spontaneous mode for the patient's finger. If the cleavage of the nail is deep, then the removal of the distal( extreme) area of ​​the affected nail, followed by the imposition of a bandage with an antiseptic.

    Physiotherapy with onychoshisis is a phonophoresis with the use of vitamin A and E vitamins, since these vitamins contribute to strengthening the nail plate. Physiotherapy is conducted in courses of 10-12 procedures at intervals of 1.5-2 months.

    Treatment of folk remedies

    Salt trays from onihoshizis. Salt strengthens nails well, it is better to use sea salt for baths, but you can do the same, which is in every kitchen. For the procedure you need to take half a liter of warm water and a tablespoon of salt. Hold nails immersed in salty water for 20 minutes, then thoroughly wipe and apply nourishing nourishing cream or butter.

    There are many folk recipes that strengthen the nails and can help with the treatment of onychoshisis. However, one should not forget that without eliminating the cause of the disease, it will be impossible to succeed in the treatment.

    Onychoshisis causes, treatment, photo

    Beeswax is also used to treat onychoshisis.

    At mask, the mask is made from natural beeswax. It can be purchased at honey fairs or at specialized stores. A small amount of wax must be melted to a liquid state( it is better to do it in a water bath).After the wax cools to a temperature of about 40 degrees( it will be warm but not hot), you will need to immerse your fingers in it so that the nails are completely covered with wax. After 15 minutes, remove "waxed thimble".

    Very useful for seaweed oil nails, it can be used for treatment of onychoshisis. Just rub the oil in the nail plate. If there is no sea buckthorn oil, you can take olive, adding to it a little lemon juice.

    Vitamin composition for treatment of onychoshisis. To prepare the ointment you need to buy vitamins A, D and E in ampoules. One need to take one ampoule of vitamin E and three ampoules of vitamin A and D, mix their contents and add 20 grams of olive oil or any nourishing nail cream. The resulting composition is rubbed every day in the affected nails for three weeks.

    Prevention of

    Treatment of onychoshisis requires time, the course usually takes several months. In order not to have long and hard to treat nails, it is better to pay attention to preventive measures.

    To prevent the onychoshisis development, it is recommended that:

  • Adhere to the hygiene standards for nail care.
  • Do not use low-quality nail polish and solvent containing acetone.
  • Replace metal nail files for glass nails.
  • Eliminate nail contact with household chemicals, building solvents and other chemicals. If you need to work with them, use gloves. But with gloves, be careful, as some people may have an allergy to latex.
  • Avoid the risk of injury to the nail plate and nail bed.
  • In the presence of chronic skin diseases( eczema, red flatfoot, etc.), it is necessary to persistently and consistently treat them, as they may be a consequence of these diseases.
  • It is recommended to monitor your diet regularly, to take vitamin and mineral complexes to strengthen the nails. The most important substances for nails are iron, silicon and calcium, as well as vitamins A, D, E and B.
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    Onychoshisis causes, treatment, photo Onychoshisis causes, treatment, photo Onychoshisis causes, treatment, photo Onychoshisis causes, treatment, photo Onychoshisis causes, treatment, photo