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How to quickly pump ass models 2017 photo helpful tips

Beautiful buttocks are always in great demand. For your ass to become elastic and tense, regular training with moderate loads is required. Only this can achieve the desired. For those who want to pump pumpkin in 2-3 weeks and then and for quite a few days,

can try express exercises to achieve fast results, but you yourself understand that it will not be possible to get a stunning result. The maximum that can be achieved is to bring the muscles of the buttocks to a tone. If you want to become a winner of the Brazilian ass, then adjust yourself to regular heavy workouts.

How to quickly pump ass models 2017 photo helpful tips If you are serious about the cause and plan to engage in sports regularly, for the best results in the case of "beautiful pop" you need to do less than 3 times a week for 8-15 minutes. It is also worth adding aerobic loads - twice a week. You can run, jump on a rope, swim or skate. Any active sports will fit. Do not give yourself a relief. Having done a deal only once, you risk dropping classes in a month.

How to quickly pump ass models 2017 photo helpful tips To keep your homework more efficiently, select the time that is most convenient for you. It is not necessary to do sports in a home dressing gown - change into a training form, and after classes take contrasting souls. When performing each exercise, start with 15-20 repetitions. Increase the number of repetitions by 5-10 per week until you can perform 100 repetitions. If the exercise is very easy, then you can use dumbbells to weigh. If you do not have dumbbells at hand, pick up water in plastic bottles and work with them. The weight of the burden should also be increased gradually.

How to quickly pump ass models 2017 photo helpful tips

Effective exercise for the buttocks Examples 2017 Photo

Any self-respecting girl is trying to keep track of her figure. Elastic and beautiful halves of the pop is a true work of art on the female body. Most men with the appearance of a girlfriend for the first time, pay attention to the ass. Often this criterion is the impression of a man about a woman, if the "fifth point" did not hold his eyes, there is a high probability that the next appointment will not take place. The charming ass is also a subject of envy from other women.

How to quickly pump ass models 2017 photo helpful tips Classic Squat. Following the correct technique of squatting, you can quickly see the results. Perhaps this is the best exercise for the buttocks, which has no equal in the field of fitness. There are many variations of squats, depending on the starting position, the used inventory, techniques of movements, etc., do Squats with dumbbells, one stamp, a bar, or just under the load of their own weight. Exercise involves a whole complex muscles of the human body, the main emphasis is on the thigh and buttocks. Movements during squats act as a catalyst for the metabolism process, respectively, burning fat and muscle growth is significantly accelerated. When squatting, you will give an excellent stimulus not only for the buttocks but also to the legs, which will result in a positive effect on their harmony. At one time you will be able to hit two goals at once.

How to quickly pump ass models 2017 photo helpful tips Slicing Plays. Starting position: the legs are slightly wider than the shoulders, the socks are slightly turned to the sides. Slowly squat, spreading your knees in one direction with socks. Attention!
1. While squatting, slide the body a little forward, pulling the pelvis back;
2. Keep your back straight;
3. The adder must be as deep as possible;
4. To complicate the exercise, stay at the bottom for a couple of seconds or make a triple spring;
5. Just in order to complicate the exercise, linger in the lower point and alternately tear the heels out of the floor.

How to quickly pump ass models 2017 photo helpful tips Forces ahead. Initial position: stand straight, fix your back, you can take extra burden in the form of dumbbells or bottles of water. Take a wide step forward, the wider the step, the more the sphincter muscle is activated. Then go back to the starting position or go ahead if space is allowed. Hands can be lowered along the trunk or hold in front for a better balance. Attention!
1. The back should be straight, the body is clearly perpendicular to the floor;
2. The back of the knee should almost touch the floor;
3. The curved front leg should form an angle of 90 degrees;
Lasts effectively pump the muscles of the buttocks and the forelegs, so if you have a problem with swollen legs, this exercise should not be performed too often, but it is also worth abandoning the encumbrances when it is performed.

How to quickly pump ass models 2017 photo helpful tips

Best Exercise for Hips Examples 2017 Photo

Hip area is one of the most problematic areas for a female figure. It is on the hips that are often deposited extra pounds in case of malnutrition. In addition, this area suffers from sedentary lifestyle more than others. The most common problems are the presence of "ears" and loose skin on the hips. However, with the help of effective exercises for the hips and buttocks, you can quickly get rid of extra centimeters and make the figure more attractive.

How to quickly pump ass models 2017 photo helpful tips A very effective leg exercise for legs. There are many variations of such exercises, the most common of them - these are the waves standing on all fours. It is necessary, relying on the palms and knees, to first deduce it upwards bent 90 degrees, and then straight leg, while maximizing the strain on the buttocks. Run 2 approaches 20 times for each leg. Mechs can be made and in a position lying on the side, on the back or standing. At the same time, both the ups of the straight leg and the bent arms will be equally effective. Exercise also has a good effect on the inner and posterior surfaces of the thigh, tightens the skin.

How to quickly pump ass models 2017 photo helpful tips A simple, but very effective exercise for strengthening the buttocks. Starting position, standing on all fours. Bending leg at an angle of 90 degrees, lift it to the position of the thigh parallel to the floor. Do not let your knee touch the ground. When lifting the leg exhale, when lowering the breath. Perform the exercise first for one half of the priest, then for another.

How to quickly pump ass models 2017 photo helpful tips Lifting the pelvis lying on the back of the bridge. Initial position: lie on your back, pull your arms along the body, palms down. Bend your legs in your lap, pull your feet as close to the buttocks as possible. From this position, push the pelvis as high as possible, and then return to the starting position, but do not put the pelvis on the floor, but just hang over the floor slightly. While exercising, keep your buttocks tense, as if clutching them. Attention!
1. During the exercise, also strain the muscle of the press, it will help to fix the back and exclude the deflection in the lumbar;
2. Pay special attention to your knees, they should not travel apart, fix them in one position;
3. For greater efficiency, lift the pelvis upwards, make a hang or three springs;
4. As a burden, you can take a bottle of water or a pan from the rod and hold the hands in the groin area while doing the exercise, while stressing not on the hands but on the upper part of the body;
5. Exercise can be complicated by lifting, perpendicular to the floor, by foot and in this position, lifting the pelvis. In this case, you need to take approaches to one and the other leg. Exercise involves not only the sphincter muscle, but also the press, as well as the biceps of the thigh, which allows you to strengthen and tighten the back of the thigh.

How to quickly pump ass models 2017 photo helpful tips