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Hair loss telogen - causes, symptoms, treatment, photos

Hair on the human head grows in periods. The active growth phase is called anagen, the phase of further rest is telogen. At any time, about 80-90% of all hair is in the phase of growth, and the rest 20-10% are "resting".

Thallogenic hair loss as an anagenic

alopecia is a fairly widespread phenomenon. It can be caused by various reasons, but this condition is manifested in the form of partial baldness. In most patients, the most abundant hair loss is observed on the apex, and on the lateral and posterior parts of the baldness is not so noticeable.


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Causes of development of

Hair loss telogenic cause, symptoms, treatment, photo Why is telogen hair loss developing? The reason is known, this is the wrong functioning of the follicles due to the negative effects. And noticeable hair loss begins, as a rule, after some time after the negative influence. Therefore, not everyone can associate a specific negative factor( for example, a transmitted infectious disease) with the fact of hair loss.

The main causes of telogen baldness:

  • Reduced immunity. That is, hair loss often occurs in various chronic diseases, after transmitted infections and even as a result of frequent colds.
  • Avitaminosis. This factor is a consequence of malnutrition, for example, a rigid diet or peculiar taste flavor when a person's diet is very low in vegetable diet.
  • Iron deficiency anemia.
  • Autoimmune diseases caused by a non-standard response of the immune system to the body's own tissues.
  • Serious stress or excessive physical activity.
  • Long-term treatment with certain medicines.
  • Skin diseases with focal points located on the scalp. For example, seborrhea, folliculitis is decalcifying.


Hair loss telogenic cause, symptoms, treatment, photo There are 5 types of hair loss syndrome in the phylogeneum phase.

Premature termination of the growth phase( anagen).This option is the most frequent response to adverse effects - treatment courses, febrile conditions, infectious diseases, etc. In this type of development of the disease, the follicles, which normally had long been in the phase of anagene, prematurely go into the phase of rest. As a result, after 1 - 1,5 months after the action of a negative factor begins abundant hair loss.

The late completion of the anagene phase is often observed in women in the postpartum period. Due to hormonal and metabolic changes, most of the follicles( 95-98%) stay longer in the phase of growth. And after childbirth "delayed" in their development, the follicles in large numbers go into the phase of rest, so many women in a month or two after childbirth begin to fall out strongly hair. A similar reaction in women may develop after stopping a long course of taking hormonal contraceptives.

A shortened anagene syndrome due to unexplained reasons. In this case, the type of disease does not grow hair of a certain length. It is necessary to say that the syndrome of the shortened phase of hair growth is not infrequently found, such a diagnosis is made only after the complete elimination of androgenic alopecia.

Early completion of the resting phase. The normal duration of the telogen phase is 1-1,5 months. Due to shortening of this process, strong hair loss may occur. The reason, of course, is the use of some medications.

Increased Telogen Phase Duration. This option is most often observed in people living in the northern latitudes under abridged light day. In the spring-summer period, with an increase in the light day, it is often abundant hair loss, and in the winter hair falls far less.

Analysis and study of various types of telogen baldness allows the physician to identify the cause of hair loss.

Clinical picture of

The main symptom of telogen alopecia is increased hair loss. In addition, the patients note: thinning hair, the appearance of bumps on the crown, the removal of the border hair growth in the direction of the head.

Treatment for

Thalogenic hair loss is in most cases successfully treated. The success of therapy is determined, mainly, by identifying the cause of the disease and its elimination.

Hair loss telogenic cause, symptoms, treatment, photo Patients recommend:

  • Normalize mode, relax more, organize sleep properly;
  • Try to eliminate stress factors;
  • To refuse stacking, do not use a hair dryer, a heat shaver, an iron, a flatbed;
  • Discard Chemical Waving and Straightening Hair;
  • Avoid dying of hair or using natural dyes if possible.
  • If possible, stop taking hormonal medications( after consultation with a physician);
  • Vitaminize the diet, take vitamins and the form of Buds.

Almost all of these measures should also be followed if you want to get rid of such widespread hair diseases: trichokinesis, trichoclasia, monelletx.

In the event that the cause of telogen baldness is a disease, efforts must be made to treat it and increase immunity. Of course, this should be done under the control of a doctor.

The purpose of the dasg for internal and external use should be performed by the doctor after the patient's examination. The fact that telogen alopecia has similar manifestations with symptoms of androgenic baldness, so self-treatment can lead to deterioration of the hair condition.

It is important to understand that the treatment of telogen baldness should be regular and prolonged. With premature termination of therapy, a relapse of the disease is possible. In addition to the use of drugs, the patient recommends careful grooming of hair, avoiding injuries.

Treatment by folk methods

In the treatment of telogen baldness, you can use folk methods. However, it should be understood that treatment will require a long and regular, instant stop hair loss wait after applying herbal infusions and masks is not worth it.

It is recommended to use herbal infusions to rinse your hair and scrub your head. They should be cooked from nettles, mother-and-stepmother, burdock root.

A good effect is the regular use of masks. You can use the following compositions:

  • Two raw egg yolks, 50 ml of cognac, 100 grams of sour cream to be mixed and applied to the head, rubbing the rubies in the roots. After 20 minutes, wash the hair without shampoo, but with the use of balsam.
  • Vitamin Oil Mask. It is necessary to take 50 ml of cannabis oil, a vial of dimexin and 5 drops of an oil solution of vitamins A and E. Apply to hair, keep at least an hour.
  • Luke Medium Mask. You need to take the bulb, rub it and squeeze the juice. Mix with two spoons of liquid honey and yolk. Apply as a hair mask for two hours every other day.
  • Alcoholic tincture on hop cones. Cook from a glass of cones and half a liter of vodka, insist 5 days, rub in hair for half an hour before washing.

Forecast and prevention of

Prevention of telogen hair loss is to eliminate the negative factors that can provoke hair loss. The forecast for telogen alopecia is good, with timely and competent treatment of the problem can be cope.