Snails for the face: massage and rejuvenation with snails

In her quest for perfection, a woman is ready for a lot. From the simplest skin care at home, to amazing salon treatments and plastic surgery. To the most unusual measures to rejuvenate the skin of the face joined one more.

Snails for the face: massage and rejuvenation with snails


In Japan and other countries of the east in the most expensive beauty salons a few years ago a new service was born. Facial massage with Akhatin's snails. Quite a strange exotic procedure quickly gained affection and authority in wide circles of women who aspire, at all costs, to look younger and more beautiful. The practice of using snails with such an extraordinary purpose also appeared in our country. Why not, money is not needed for snails, they eat little and only vegetable food, unpretentious in care, but the effect of the presence of massage. And, despite the fact that no one has conducted research yet, and there is no substantiated information about the benefits of such an action, clients who have gone through the course of uletic therapy are simply delighted.

Useful properties of mucus mosquitoes

Chemical analysis of mucus allocated by snails in the process of movement and livelihoods has been carried out, showed the presence of some natural substances that are constantly used in cosmetology and even in medicine.

These include:

  • Allantoin - a powerful antioxidant that, reflecting free radical attacks, slows down the processes of premature aging of the skin, and also very effectively restores various damage to the skin, from mechanical to burns;
  • vitamins A, C, E, which are very saturated with mucus, provide a moisturizing, nutrient, softening, protective and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin, in addition, freshen and level the skin tone;
  • elastin and collagen are proteins that support elasticity and elasticity of connective tissues;
  • glycolic acid has an effective cleansing effect by removing dead cells from the upper layer of the skin;The
  • peptides of the antibiotic neutralize most of the pathogenic microflora that penetrates our skin's surface, helps in the fight against the rash of acne and various inflammatory processes caused by bacteria;
  • is a solar filter protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Due to these components, the skin after the course of the scaly massage becomes tensed, freshened and velvety. In this way, scars, stretch marks, acne, and pigmented spots are cured. There is a general rejuvenation and healing of all layers of the skin, wrinkles are smooth, the skin becomes elastic.

    With the help of mucus of snails, you can get rid of stretch marks left after pregnancy and childbirth, as well as warts on the skin.

    Many burn centers around the world apply Akhatin snails to treat burns of varying degrees of severity.

    Snails for the face: massage and rejuvenation with snails

    Exotic procedure of

    In the process of crawling on the client's face, the mask of the snake actively cleans the skin, eating dead corneous cells of the epidermis. In this way, you receive, in addition to light massage, a natural peeling, after which there is never any complication, because no chemistry or mechanical abrasive is used.

    Despite all the advantages and useful properties of snails and their secretory secretions, there are several disadvantages of this new-fangled skin rejuvenation technique.

    • The high cost of salon procedures with the use of snails.
    • The need for constant monitoring of the movement of molluscs on the face of the face, in order to avoid getting into the eyes, nose and mouth.
    • A specific procedure is not equally easy for everyone, as many feel disgusted with such slippery animals as snails.

    Contraindications include only personal intolerance, causing allergic reactions in the form of a rash or reddening. If these symptoms appear during the massage, you should immediately stop the procedure, rinse the face and no longer use this technique.

    As the

    massage is performed This new healing procedure is suitable for any part of the body and is equally beneficial for both women and men. Due to its considerable cost, it is most often used for the skin of the face, neck and neck area. Indeed, these areas are almost always in sight and it is difficult to hide traces of fatigue, aging and various skin lesions.

    If you decide on such a step and enroll in the salon for co-therapy, then get ready for the following actions.

    • Make-up and dirt from the face cleanse. Propose to take a comfortable position, for example, to lie down in such a way that the head is thrown and was parallel to the floor. A bit of milk is applied to the skin. It really likes Akhatina snails. Then on the chin, cheek and forehead are planted directly by the masseurs themselves. At the same time on the face can be from three to five mollusks, it depends on their size and the presence of them in a particular cabin.
    • The duration of the procedure varies. Some salons offer for an hour to relax and feel a soft movement on the face. Others recommend a 30-minute massage, and then another half an hour to keep evenly distributed mucus on the skin as a mask.
    • At the end of the session, the skin should be washed with water and apply a moisturizer.
    • Advise to do such massage in a day or at least twice a week for 1,5-2 months.

    Snails for the face: massage and rejuvenation with snails

    Use at home

    You can do all this relaxation and get home treatment by yourself, having made the necessary preparations yourself.

    To begin with, you need to get a snail Akhaten. Keep it in an aquarium or terrarium of a fairly large size. Following the warm and humid climate, taking care of the soil in the aquarium, providing the animal with the right food, you will receive a healthy and active snail.

    Now for the technical side. Rinse with soap and water without using aggressive synthetic products. Be sure to buy your pet, and completely. Apply some milk or cream to your skin and you can start the snail. Make sure you do not fall. The procedure time does not differ from the salon.

    Rinse the dampened mucus, moisten the face with cream and enjoy the feeling of softness, freshness and youth.