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Types of bathroom shelves: photo and description

A beautiful and modern bathroom is always pleasing to the eye. It is very nice to see this room clean and with stylish design elements. The interior of the bathroom must be given the same attention as the interior of any other room in the apartment. It is worthwhile to preview the

thematic sites and photos in magazines to think over the image of the room. Most modern apartments can not provide a large bathroom space. Here and there are problems of many people who want to make their bathroom not only attractive from the outside, but also as functional as possible. How to arrange all the necessary items, bath accessories, towels, jars and boxes on a square of several square meters? In order to place everything, you need to properly organize the storage system. Bathroom shelves can help with this.

Types of bathroom shelves: photo and description

Where to start when choosing a shelf

In our time, stores provide a wide range of shelves. Photos of various options and their detailed description are available in magazines about the interior or in brochures. You can choose, based on the material from which the shelf should be made: they are wooden, plastic, metal and glass. Is it possible to make a choice, focusing on the location of the shelves in the interior of the bathroom. On a free wall you can install hinged shelves;you can hang or put a shelf in the corner, such corner shelves help save space;or place them directly over the bathroom or near the shower cubicle. Let's consider a little more about which shelves in the bathroom can be found and how they differ from each other.

Varieties of shelves designs

It is necessary that the selected shelf is not only functional and combined with the overall style of the room design, but also conveniently located.

Therefore, first you have to carefully observe the free space and try to understand whether the shelf will interfere with opening the door, using a washbasin or moving around the bathroom.

There are several types of bathroom shelves:

  • hinged;
  • angles;
  • floor;
  • built into the wall.

Hanging shelves are good for everyone except one: they occupy quite a lot of free space. And this means that a very tiny room for installing a hanging shelf will be quite problematic. Do you need to place it in a place where it will not be very disturbing, for example, over a washing machine or over the bathroom itself. If the shelf, installed above the bath, will be used to store cans with shampoo, shower gel and bath accessories, then it can be arranged low enough to be comfortable to reach it. And if the shelf is understood as the likeness of the mezzanine, to store different boxes and towels, then install it should be quite high and at a great distance from the tap or shower, to avoid getting water on the thing.

Hanging shelves can be made from a variety of materials. In addition, a large selection of variants of the configurations of such shelves will allow you to choose the one that will fit into any interior. In specialized magazines about the design presented a large number of photos of various variants of hanging shelves. Large and wide can be used to place clean towels and bathrobes or even to store a basket of dirty laundry. The narrower shelves are suitable for storage of shampoos, creams or household chemistry. Very small hinged shelves of interesting and original shape can be used simply as an element of decor, placing on them small vases with flowers or flavored candles.

Types of bathroom shelves: photo and description

Corner shelves will be very convenient and functional, since space in the corner of almost any room most often remains idle. Multi-level corner shelves will help save space in the bathroom and organize order. They have such shelves most often over the bathroom and use them to store the accessories needed for washing. The shelf, set in the corner, often has a secure streamlined shape and allows you to keep everything at your fingertips at your fingertips during bath procedures. If there are free corners in the room other than those in the washing zone, then the corner shelves will look good in them. Will be placed on the shelf different jars or just the elements of decor, in any case, the convenience of such a shelf can not be denied.

A shelf that is located on the floor can only take its place in a spacious bathroom. It is more likely even a piece of furniture and its benefits are noticeable immediately. Multi-level floor shelves can differ in height and size and have different amounts of useful space. On the lower levels you can store large-sized items or towels, on the upper lay the items of basic necessity. It is better to put such a shelf directly next to a washbasin or a bath so that it is convenient to take the desired item at any time. Floor shelves can also be located in the corner. Angular shelves will save space and allow you to place a large number of things by arranging the bathroom in order.

The shelf, built into the wall, will become the original solution for the interior of any bathroom. However, it should be remembered that it is better to use the services of professionals to make such a shelf at home, as this process is quite complex and lengthy to perform it on its own. An outline plan or just a sketch drawing will help the wizard understand the idea, and the ultimate result will be a unique built-in regiment of its kind.

Materials from which the shelves

are manufactured. The market has a large number of shelves in the bathroom, made from a variety of materials. When choosing a shelf, first of all it is worth paying attention to where it will be located. For example, wooden shelves should not be installed in the immediate vicinity of the tap or shower, as it can be deformed due to high humidity. To contact with water it is better to choose glass or plastic shelves.

Bathroom shelves can be made of several materials:

  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • glass;
  • wooden.

Plastic is the most common material for making shelves in the bathroom. Thanks to a large selection of bright colors, shapes and sizes, plastic shelves can find their place in any interior. If the room already has certain color accents, then picking up the regiment, which will support the general style, will not be too much work. Plastic shelves are very practical because they are easy to clean and clean from dust and dirt. And if you add to all the listed small cost and durability of such shelves, then it becomes clear why they always have demand. Types of bathroom shelves: photo and description

The metal shelf looks better and more respectable. Spun from chrome bars, it will be a stylish accessory for a modern bathroom. In addition, metal is undoubtedly a very strong material that can withstand a lot of weight. But there is also a big disadvantage, due to which the purchase of a metal shelf may not cause joy: at high humidity on the shelf of the metal can form rust, which is difficult to remove. In addition, hard water will leave on the metal unsightly white breaks that are often enough to be cleaned. Therefore, installing a metal shelf in the bathroom, it's best not to place it close to water.

Glass shelves will add a slick note to the interior. If in order to make the room brighter, more often buy plastic shelves, glass shelves are valued for being able to create a transparent illusion of weightlessness. But it is absolutely obvious and their disadvantages: the fragility of the design of the shelf of the glass will not allow a large load, and the breaks and stains from the water, which will remain on such a shelf, will often need to be cleaned. The

Wooden Shelf is probably the most impractical option for a bathroom shelf. If the room is badly adjusted for ventilation, then high humidity can adversely affect the shelves of wood. Therefore, when choosing it is necessary to make sure that it has undergone a special treatment and can be located in the bathroom. One can not deny that, as an interesting and stylish d├ęcor, a wooden shelf will look very good in the interior. In the photo of the bathrooms, executed in a rural style, you can be sure, simply using a tree to add softness and comfort to the room.

Mounting options for shelves

The most reliable method of fixing the shelf is mounting on the dowel. But this option requires careful and lengthy training. After all, before drilling holes for a shelf, it is necessary to make sure that all calculations are made correctly. In the instructions for installing shelves, as a rule, there are photos and pictures explaining the order of action. But the shelf, secured in this way, will last for a long time and will be able to withstand large loads.

For small shelves that will be located above the bath, you can use attachments on suction cups. This type of fastening is very simple, does not require pre-surface preparation and is carried out in a few minutes. However, it should be understood that such a large shelf can not withstand weight. But on its surface can be placed soap, shampoo and shower gel.

The use of shelves in the bathroom interior will make the design of the room more original and add the necessary accents. Choosing shelves of different shapes and shades, you can dramatically change the room. In addition, the shelves will add a space of functionality. And staying in the renovated bathroom will be pleasant and comfortable.