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A dog similar to a fox: a little breed, a slash, a corgi, a useful video

A dog similar to a fox: a little breed, a slash, a corgi, a useful video

Many people simply adore foxes: these animals really look pretty cute. A furry fur coat, a sharp muzzle and a thick tail give the fox a charm. You can make an effort and become the owner of a dog that looks like a fox.

  • Sheltie and long-haired collage
  • Siba-inu: clever "chanterelle" from Japan
  • Welsh korgi: small "fox" from the world of elves
  • Useful video on the subject
  • Finnish spits: the most advanced "fox"

True, it is difficult to care for this beast, especially in the conditions of a city apartment. However, there are breeds of dogs that resemble foxes like two drops of water: these are scallops, long-haired collins, siba-inu, welsh corgi and Finnish spitzs.

Sheltie and long-haired collage

Scottish Shepherd, otherwise called the Shellfish, very much resembles a fox. In this dog, the face is elongated, thick wool and fluffy tail. The color of the shellfish may look like reddish or black-brown foxes.

It is worth noting that the Shelters have a wonderful character: these are real intellectuals of the dogworld. The pupil never bothered his owner without requiring constant attention. Like all other shepherds, the Shells are greatly trained and upbringing. Well, thanks to the well-developed hearing, these dogs are wonderful guards.

A dog similar to a fox: a little breed, a slash, a corgi, a useful video

Reminds foxes and long-haired collie. From the shellfish, they are distinguished by a higher height and elongated paws. Collie - born shepherds and guards. A calm, balanced mind allows these dogs to even serve as nannies for babies.

Siba-inu: clever "chanterelles" from Japan

Very reminiscent of fox dogs of the sib-ing breed. The breed in the Rising Sun is specially for hunting for small game.

Foxes like sib-inu are similar not only with pointed ears, thick fur, color and narrow face, but also habits. Representatives of the breed are highly intelligent, tricky and savvy.

Surprisingly, but Sibu-Inu has a rather rich facial expression. These animals have an extraordinary actor's talent: they can depict virtually any emotion, which often avoids punishment for their disobedience. After looking at the sweeping guilty siba-inu face, the owners forget about their recent intention to punish the pupil.
A dog similar to a fox: a little breed, a slash, a corgi, a useful video
Similarities with the fox and the actor's talent are not the only virtues of sibu-inu. These dogs are solely devoted to the owner, good-natured and, like collie, can serve as nannies.

Welsh Corgi: small "fox" from the world of elves

If you want to create a small dog that looks like a fox, pay attention to the welsh corgi, the world's smallest shepherd dog. True, the similarity is not absolute: the welsh corgi's ears are too large, and the paws are too short.

There is a beautiful legend about the origin of welsh corgi, which testifies that once these wonderful dogs were riding animals of elves. Once the elves decided to give a little pair of puppys to the little shepherds, since then the welsh korgi and began to live with people. By the way, on the backs of the dogs there are labels that, they say, were the saddles of a charming nation.
A dog similar to a fox: a little breed, a slash, a corgi, a useful video
Of course, there is also a more realistic version of the appearance of the breed. According to archaeological data, the first Welsh Corgi was brought out in England in the 9th century. At first dogs were used as shepherds, but in our time the range of corgi occupations has expanded. These miniature dogs have a great sense of smell, so they are often trained like a nashpour: Welsh Corgi successfully helps the English police search for drugs.

Welsh Corgi - a small breed of dogs, similar to fox, has a thick wool with undercoat. There are almost black and red representatives of the breed.

The nature of the welsh corgi is exceptionally good-natured and cheerful. They are very active, playful and inquisitive. Despite the small size, these dogs have a tremendous sense of dignity and no humiliation from the owners. To "their" welsh korgi invariably put friendly and friendly.

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Finnish Spitz: The Most Perfect "Fox"

These dogs reminiscent of the fox not only the appearance, but also the behavior of the behavior. Finnish spoks are quite aggressive, tend to show increased caution. However, to its owner, the Finnish spits are always favored.

The Finnish spitz ducks were specially for hunting birds. Like all other hunter breeders, these dogs are greatly trained. True, classes should be short enough: the spitz quickly "tired" the routine and it begins to show capriciousness and obstinacy.

In order to become a full-fledged owner of the Finnish Spitz, you will have to spend a lot of effort. Breed members are independent: you need to be persistent in order for a pet to recognize your leader.

The Finno-Ugric tribes should not start the Finnish Spitz: these dogs need to spend a lot of time in the air, they need long daily walks.

If you are dreaming of a fox-like dog, now you know which breeds are worth paying attention to. The choice is wide: shabby Finnish spokes, charming korgi, savory sibu-inu. .. It remains only to study all the subtleties of care for the future pupil!