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Skin horn on the face: what are these reasons

Skin horn - benign neoplasms from the cells of the upper layer of the skin - the epidermis, which appears on the human body independently and is a dense horny mass cylindrical in shape, which resembles the outside of the animal's horn, hence its name. The size of the horn is not very large, but the

, however, is quite noticeable, has a light beige or brown color. Outside, this tumor has a dense, slightly expanded base, which, narrowing, exacerbates to the top, is most common in a single instance and absolutely painless. Often, the skin horn, or horn keratoma, is a disease that occurs either by itself or as a result of benign tumor diseases, in the initial form of squamous cell carcinoma, is formed in the elderly.

This unpleasant disease is found much more often in women than in men, and occurs mainly on the skin of the ears, cheeks, eyelids, or on the scalp, and occasionally on the mucous membranes and presents a lot of troubles to the patient. The skin horn looks not only uneasy, but it is also dangerous because it can be reborn in malignant neoplasms in the event of injury, and lead to the onset of infection in place of the tumor.

1 Classification of pathology

There are several forms of this tumor, which have pronounced differences:

  • The primary form - on a healthy part of the skin of a person without visible for that reason is the formation of the onset - horns, with consolidation and gradual darkening of the color of the skin of the horn on it does not happeninflammatory processes. In the stage of the first form, which has a benign course, the transition of this tumor from benign to malignant occurs very rarely, but nevertheless it is necessary to closely follow it, as the form of the skin of the first form is still not sufficiently studied, but it is precisely at the stage of primary neoplasm, the skin horn hasmuch more likely to be fully recovered.
  • Secondary form - a rebirth of already existing neoplasms, or warts and papillomas, in malignant in the presence of any inflammatory process, both at the cutaneous roots, and in the body, or in case of injury to the tumor itself, the skin around it.
  • Skin horn on the face: what are these reasons

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      2 Etiology of education

      The causes of skin horns are as follows: the growth of the epidermis at the site of a warts or keratocutamy, it can be triggered by a viral infection that has been infected by a person,injury to the skin or prolonged and frequent exposure to direct sunlight. Doctors believe that the skin horn may develop as a result of red or tuberculosis lupus. Sometimes a skin horn may also develop in a child as a result of skin injury or until the end of a cured infectious disease.

      Skin horn on the face: what are these reasons

      3 Actual symptoms of

      The appearance of this disease of the primary form usually develops from the redness and appearance of a small area of ​​skin of any part of the skin, which eventually grows and becomes more and more dense. As the size of the seal increases, its color changes from light yellow at first, to dark brown then. Modifying as the size increases, the tumor becomes a horn, the end of it has a foundation that is constantly lit. The skin horn, having a size from 1 to several centimeters, becomes more and more rigid, along its length, you can see multiple longitudinal strips. Hormone keratoma grows slowly and only in length, but sometimes the very fast rate of growth should alert the patient and serve as a prediction of the disease. These formations are found most often in a single copy, especially in different areas of the person, ears, necks, centuries.

      Sometimes the skin horn may grow on the skin of the lips and mucous membrane of the mouth, most of all this can be persistent smokers. Appearing as a result of permanent microtraumatic or frictional skin horn on the human body is very easy to be confused with a wart or cornea, so if any new tumors occur, consult a physician. The skin horn on the face has a much greater chance of developing into a malignant form, so it is subject to immediate removal, and the cornea of ​​the cornea on the body practically remains benign.

      4 Diagnosis and treatment of

      Usually the diagnosis of such a disease, which has a bright clinical picture, makes no difficulty. In the secondary form of the skin horn, it is also important to determine the nature of the emergence of tumors. In diagnosis, a histological analysis is used to determine the nature and form of the disease, to exclude the presence of symptoms similar to other diseases, and to make a prognosis for the development and treatment of this form of neoplasm. In diagnostics, tissue particles are used from the base of the onset, as it is on the basis of the skin horn all pathological processes occur.

      Skin horn on the face: what are these reasons

      The treatment of skin horn in the pursuit of modern medicine is to remove it, which is carried out in oncological treatment facilities and in cosmetology centers.

      Following a surgical intervention on the site of the tumor, there is an insignificant scar or scar. The most successful methods of skin hernia removal are:

    • Surgical excision of the onset, usually applied when new tumors reach large sizes.
    • The effect of a laser beam - laser irradiation - is considered less painful and sparing method, after which application practically does not require rehabilitation.
    • Liquid nitrogen cryodestruction practically does not leave traces or scars in place of tumors.
    • Skin horn on the face: what are these reasons

      5 Folk remedies for

      Along with medical treatments for cutaneous horns, folk medicine also has the means of treating this tumor, but they all can only prevent further growth but can not completely remove it. With horny keratomas, you can use the following folk medicine:

    • Aloe leaf, sustained for several days in a freezer, cut and tied to the growth of the skin, better at night.
    • It is not bad that medications are used in the form of compresses with 6% vinegar onion bulbous.
    • You can use propolis, apply it to the base of the onion for 3-5 days and fix it with a bandage.
    • 6 Prognosis and prophylaxis of horny keratomas

      After the removal of the skin horn in clinical conditions, the outlook for the development of this disease is completely favorable, since the relapse of the disease is practically not developed, and the percentage of growth of tumors in the malignant is very low. There are no special preventive measures: it is enough to try not to injure a skin, do not stay for a long time directly under direct sun rays without sunscreen, to change or adjust the diet, enriching it with enough vitamin C. Also, a preventive measure that can prevent the appearance of skin horn is regular anda thorough review of the skin of the body: at the slightest pathological changes, early diagnosis and treatment of the initial stage of the disease can be fully cured, there were newbornstion.