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Making of furniture for a bathroom with own hands

Bathroom repairs play an important role in creating the comfort and style of the room, but without properly selected furniture to achieve the final design option is impossible. The bathroom furniture will create or emphasize interior style, will give it

functionality and practicality. It is impossible to imagine a room with a bath and a sink, without shelves, cabinets, shelves and other elements.

Shops offer a wide range of cabinets, floor and curtain elements, bathroom shelves, but even such a huge selection can not always help in acquiring the necessary interior details. The most common reason is the lack of furniture of the desired size. If the area of ​​the room is rather limited, then it is necessary to maximize the use of every sm square, and the furniture is strictly in accordance with the size of the existing niches, the distance between the plumbing, the door and the wall, etc. Out of this situation may be the manufacture of furniture for the bathroom with his own hands.

Selection of materials for furniture

The high humidity and temperature that prevail in the bathroom, cause complexity when choosing a material. DSP, used for conventional non-volatile interior elements, is not suitable here. You can buy moisture resistant chipboard, which is presented exclusively in white. However, white color is not always able to help in creating the desired interior, so you will have to look for other options.

  • MDF can be considered as an option, although when in direct contact with moisture for a long time, it swells and loses its original appearance and quality.
  • The ideal option for manufacturing interior parts for wet rooms will be an array of wood or ship plywood.
  • The final choice of material depends on the individual benefits, desired result and financial capabilities.

Shelves and shelves with your own hands

The most basic bathroom furniture that you can build yourself is shelves and shelves.

For their manufacture you will need:

  • material( ship plywood, chipboard moisture resistant, MDF or an array of wood);
  • glass is shock-resistant if you plan to make glass doors or shelves;
  • door hinges;
  • furniture screws, primers, putty wood, etc.
  • jig saw;
  • Roulette;
  • screwdriver;
  • pencil;
  • stencil;
  • knife.

Determine the exact location of hinged shelves or floor racks and sizes.

  • Draw a sketch with the required number of side and horizontal details. Calculate the amount of material.
  • Draw the chipboard or plywood sheets according to the sketch, spray on a circular saw or jig saw. Making a good cutting at home is difficult, but you can ask for help in a furniture shop, where you quickly and quality spray the workpieces.
  • If, as a material, you choose an array of wood or plywood, process the workpieces with a special impregnation and, if necessary, apply one or two layers of paint that protects bathroom furniture from the effects of moisture.
  • When items are ready, mark the place under the screws and drill the holes in diameter slightly less than the thickness of the furniture screw. Connect the parts.
  • For two hinges, screw two self-tapping screws or dowels into the wall. Screw metal hangers to the shelves and hang the shelves on the prepared place.
  • For shelving to add mobility, you can tighten a wheel or put them on the legs purchased in any furniture store.
  • Not easy to make, but stylish and practical bathroom furniture is ready, you can safely use it at your discretion.

    Types and variants of shelves for the bathroom

    Shelves made by their own hands can be of different types and sizes. There are several variants of hinged elements that are suitable for this or that style in interior design.

    Making of furniture for a bathroom with own hands

    The most simple in manufacturing are shelves on metal brackets, on which a wooden board or chipboard is laid. Depending on the types of brackets, shelves can be made for any style.

    For example, forged metal foundations with curves will fit into the style of baroque, rococo or renaissance. Chrome-plated brackets with a glass shelf - high-tech, art deco. Simple solid wood shelves that have two or more levels, ideal for country, chalet or African style.

    Shelves with their own hands, made entirely of metal, can be written in modern styles such as hi-tech or minimalism.

    Hinged parts for bathroom furniture from the chipboard without additional elements can be added immediately in several styles, the main thing - to properly arrange them after assembly. For example, you can use a stencil to put a picture or an ornament, which will combine the element of furniture with the surrounding parts.

    Wash Basin Wash Basin

    The wardrobe can also be made by yourself if there is little experience in the manufacture of simpler interior elements.

    Making of furniture for a bathroom with own hands

  • The most important point in this paper is the correct creation of a drawing with accurate data in millimeters. Carefully measure the size of the washbasin and already on the basis of the data obtained, create a thumbnail pedestal.
  • The shell underneath the sink can consist of only the bottom and sidewalls, but can be provided with several practical shelves. Cabinets with shelves in the manufacture is much more complicated, so carefully calculate your strength before getting started.
  • Cut from the selected material the elements of the cabinet according to the drawing and proceed to the assembly.
  • First, connect the side elements, the bottom and the upper connecting strips. The frame of the future curb will come out.
  • If the project does not have horizontal elements, you can hinge the bathroom furniture door. The rear wall in such stands is not provided, as it will interfere with the connection of the sink to the sewer.
  • It is imperative to install a tumbler on metal legs to exclude the long contact of the bottom of the cabinet with moisture, which can often fall on the floor in the bathroom.
  • When the bathroom furniture is ready, install it in the place where the washbasin will be located and check for strength. Try to shake a little. If the structure is solid, put a washbasin on it.
  • Assembly assembly should be secured by fastening to the wall. It can be made with metal angles with screws or dowel nails.
  • A wooden tumbler, before putting it in place, will have to be painted and painted in a tone or color chosen in accordance with the general design.
  • In most modern bathrooms there is enough shelf, shelves and pedestals for a wash basin. If you allow the area of ​​the room, then you can think of the elements of furniture at your discretion. For example, you can create a frame for a washing machine, a niche with shelves under the bath, etc. All about the shells with a curb see here.

    Calculations for the manufacture of a pedestal for a washbasin

    We will try to calculate how much cash you need to make a cabinet bedside made of laminated chipboard.

    • LSDP laminated moisture content - about 3000 rubles per sheet, there will be enough ½ leaf, together 1500 p.
    • door hinges - about 50 hryvnas.for a couple, a total of 100 rubles;
    • legs - 20 pcs., Total 80 pts;
    • screws 1 pc., All will need about 20 pcs., Together - 20 p.

    The total cost of the stand - within 1700 rubles. It is not possible to buy a wardrobe for such a sum.

    Choose a style for the bathroom

    Bathroom furniture should only be started after the interior style has been determined, and furniture elements have been created based on the style chosen.

    The most popular bath styles are:

  • Classic style. Classics are relevant at all times, but not always have the means to make it come true. First of all, for this style, you need a large area of ​​premises and only natural finishing materials: wood and stone. Small accessories in this style are inappropriate, their number must be minimized. Furniture is exclusively from an aged design tree. Only separately located cabinets, no niches and built-in details.
  • Ethnic style. Ethnic style in recent years has been widespread due to its unusual and versatile nature. It includes several design directions at once: Japanese, African, Scandinavian and some other styles. The materials of the ethnic bathroom are used in natural, including rug, bamboo, unusual stone texture, African wood, etc. Color and shades of processing and decor elements can be varied depending on your preference. Bathroom furniture can be the most varied, the main thing - to add statuettes to her and unusual figures of wood and stone.
  • The style of the country is different negligence and inaccuracy. For processing it is possible to use bricks without further processing, rough stones, wood. Elements of furniture should match the interior: massive rough pillars, bulk shelves or racks. The color must be natural: light pastel, brown tones.
  • So, when the chosen style, made by using the appropriate finishing materials, you can proceed with the manufacture of bathroom furniture. Correctly selected materials and high-quality unsuccessful work will give a positive result in the form of stylish, practical and functional furniture that will decorate your bathroom and last a long time.

    Buy furniture in the store or do it your own hands - it is up to you to decide. The second variant is several times more economical and often more reliable than the first one.