7 ways to dilute the dried carcass

Did not expire, and the carcass has dried up? And at the most inappropriate time! Do not despair and throw away unused cosmetics. It can be resuscitated. If the mascara has dried up, the first thing to do before the recovery operation is to familiarize yourself with its


7 ways to dilute the dried carcass

Do not be distressed if the carcass has dried up, learn how to resuscitate it


  • Hand tools to dilute the mascara of the mascara
  • Preparations from the store for quick restoration of cosmetics for eyelashes
  • How to prevent the drying of the waterproof mascara and revitalize it
  • Means for revitalizing mascara under the sign"Forbidden"

The basis may be paraffin or water. To revitalize the brasmatic with paraffin, it is enough to lower for a quarter of an hour in warm water( as an option - put on a battery).The heated bottle should shake well. After all manipulations mascara is brand new!

If there is water based brasmatics, then nothing else but dilute it will not remain. There are not many ways to get a carcass back to its original state, but they exist. To begin with, pay attention to the "grandmother" methods.

Hand tools to dilute the mascara

If you find that the brasmatic has no normal consistency and there is no time to escape to the store by special means, try home remedies for diluting carcasses.

  • Cleaned or boiled water. The easiest option is for those ladies who have no problems with their eyes. Water can become a source of eye irritation, so use it with caution.

Rada. Water quickly evaporates, diluted carcasses are best kept in the refrigerator.

7 ways to dilute the dried carcass

  • Tea. For breeding use a black sweet drink. This option is to restore dried carcasses for those who like experiments. When using tea, strictly follow the dosage - no more than a few drops. To begin, it is better to simply dip the brush into a tea container. If it does not work, add some liquid in the tube.

7 ways to dilute the dried carcass

  • Mineral water without gases. Use is similar to the use of ordinary water.

Preparations from the store for quick restoration of cosmetics for eyelashes

If home remedies do not seem to be very reliable, dilute dried carcasses can be liquid from the pharmacy or the store. Use in this case?

  • Liquid for contact lenses. The main plus of such manipulation is the complete absence of the possibility of developing an allergy, since the composition of the fluid is identical to the tear.
  • Drops for eyes. Great for sensitive eyes. In the use of this method there is one nuisance - the impossibility to predict the reaction of interaction of these funds. Still, chemicals.

7 ways to dilute the dried carcass

Board. For breeding use neutral drops without antibiotics.

  • Makeup Remover. Oddly enough, but the liquid that is designed to remove the makeup will help bring the carcase to normal. The perfect combination is the same manufacturer of brasmatics and makeup liquid.
    Board. Use a waterproof makeup remover to brew a stable carcass.
  • Butter. Almond, peach or jojoba. The obvious plus is the healing properties of oils. Negative: Use the tool with caution. If the porridge does not spoil the oil, then put the carcass out of hand easily.

7 ways to dilute the dried carcass

Board. Use good absorbent oils. Normal sunflower is not suitable - very fat. The consequences of its use are the development of eye diseases.

If you do not want to break your head over how and how to dispose of carcasses, it is better to turn to specially designed for this purpose. At the showcase of the cosmetic shop there are always professional preparations for breeding brasmatics.

How to prevent the waterproof mascara from drying out and revitalize it

If you regularly meet the problem, pay attention to the reasons why the carcass most often dies:

7 ways to dilute the dried carcass

  • Incorrect storage. It is very important to tightly close the brasmatic cap. Otherwise, air enters into, which is the main cause of the problem.
  • Wrong use. The desire to capture more carcasses involves involuntary rapid movements when opening a tube. At the same time the air enters the tube and the content dries.
  • The term of use has expired. The expiration date on the packaging does not mean that within three years you can use one tube. In essence, it is a shelf life. After opening the carcass, it is necessary to paint her eyelashes for no longer than three months. And this must always be taken into account when resuscitating brasmatics.
  • 7 ways to dilute the dried carcass

    Be beautiful, do not let the

    masks dry. Tools for resuscitation of the carcass under the sign "prohibited".

    Never use saliva masks, hydrogen peroxide, and alcohol-based liquid. The reason for such a restriction in the named means.

    Saliva contains a lot of bacteria. The risk of developing allergies or diseases is very high. Liquids with alcohol and peroxide are the cause of irritation, inflammation and even the burn of the mucous eye.