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Towel warmer with water with a shelf: selection, connection

Waterproof towels are an integral part of a modern bathroom. This device provides a comfortable microclimate, reduces the humidity to the normal level and maintains the optimum temperature. The modern market presents a huge assortment of towel dryers.

Many of them are equipped with a shelf that is very convenient. The procedure for connecting the towel bag to the shelf depends on the design features, as well as on the system to which the device will be connected. The most popular model is a water towel rack "ladder".Such a unit is compact in size, it is very easy to use and can be connected to a heating or water supply system with one's own hands, saving money on the services of outsiders.

Towel warmer with water with a shelf: selection, connection

Features and Benefits of

Water Tumble Dryers The modern water towel warmer is a beautiful and compact design that does not take up much space and has an attractive appearance. This is a lightweight and compact unit, presented in a variety of configurations.

The most popular among users is a water towel rack. It can be completed with or without a convenient shelf. The connection of the device with the shelf is no different from the installation of the product without it, since the shelf, as a rule, is a single design with a towel rail or simply throws it onto it.

Polycarbonate water towel warmers can be connected to heating and water supply systems.

If the unit is connected to the hot water supply system, it will operate throughout the year.

If connected to the heating system, the operation will be limited by the time when the system is heating.

Water towel warmers can have different looks. Classic models are made in the form of the letter "P" or "M".Such devices take up quite a lot of space in the bathroom, but their functionality is very high. Modern models have an improved design in the form of a ladder, many of them equipped with a shelf.

Towel warmer with water with a shelf: selection, connection

Water models, made in the form of a ladder and equipped with a shelf, are currently the most popular. They can be placed even in the smallest bathroom. Original and elegant models are available for sale, which will be an excellent addition to any interior. The design of such towel rails is quite complicated, the functionality may also be different.

The best quality waterproof towel rail with a shelf is made of stainless steel. For the production of budget models used steel with a polymeric coating and brass.

Among the main advantages that benefit the water units with a shelf against the background of electrical analogs, the following can be distinguished:

  • Affordable value;
  • Relative installation ease;
  • No need for a grounding device;
  • Electricity savings;
  • High heat output.

Towel warmer with water with a shelf: selection, connection

How to choose a good water towel warmer?

To install the water towel bag with the shelf as easy and fast as possible, you need to choose the right appliance of good quality that best fits into your bathroom.

When choosing a dryer it needs to be thoroughly inspected. Discard the purchase of seamless pipe products, as under pressure seams will soon dissipate. The best option is solid pipes. A good towel bag with a shelf must have a warranty card and a passport.

It is necessary to check the compliance of the working pressure of the towel warmer and water in the system. Pay attention to the coating of the device. The most reliable is the chromium-plated coating, and the best material for manufacturing a towel rail is stainless steel.

Set the shelf dryer as carefully as possible, and then your bathroom will have a healthy microclimate and attractive appearance.

Ways of Connecting the

Water Tumble Dryer There are several ways in which the towel rail can be connected. The most convenient of them - this is a side connection. This method reduces the time and effort spent on connecting the dryer. The main thing is that the diameter of the tubes for the towel dryer is the same as the diameter of the inlet holes for the heating system. In this case, it will not be necessary to buy additional adapters and other materials.

Modern water coolers with a shelf normally carry pressure up to 15 atmospheres, and in extreme cases, it can withstand 20 atmospheres, depending on the particular model. This point is especially important if the device is installed in a city apartment. The fact is that in city heating systems there are leaps of pressure that adversely affect any equipment. Therefore, the installation of a "ladder" towel bag will be fully justified.

In the case of the installation of a towel bag with a shelf in a one-storey private house, this indicator is not very significant, since the working pressure in such heating systems rarely exceeds 3-4 atmospheres.

Towel warmer with water with a shelf: selection, connection

Step-by-step instructions for connecting the

towel bag The connection of this unit can be done with your own hands. The padding trailer crashes into the heating or plumbing system. A better connection is to the hot water supply system.

In case if in your bath under the lining for heating additional laying of metal-plastic pipes, then these works must necessarily be agreed with the relevant utilities. Representatives of the service will shut off the riser, after which it will be necessary to install a jumper( bypass) with ball valves. After the installation is complete, the system checks the entire system, and only then can it be run.

First of all, read the list of materials and tools you will need to connect a water towel with a shelf. The list is as follows:

  • The towel warmer itself;
  • Split keys;
  • Bypass;
  • Pipe Solder;
  • Couplings;
  • pair of ball valves;
  • Polypropylene tubes( if the appliance is connected to the heating system).

First of all, disassembling the old unit, if any, is carried out. If necessary, the riser is switched off. Work is carried out on the connection of pipes and towel dryers, after which cranes are installed and a jumper mounted, with which it will be possible to set the desired temperature of the towel without changing it for the whole system.

Before planning to work, carefully plan everything. Make a list of materials to be purchased, think through each stage, prepare everything to avoid distraction. Consider the cost of disabling the riser for the time of work( the utility will definitely not agree to disable it for free), add to the estimate the cost of additional pipes and other consumables.

After that, go to the local communal service office and write a statement to turn off the riser. You will be told when the master arrives. If possible, better match the exact time of arrival personally with him.

You can start connecting the dryer only after the communal service representative disconnects the system. After the installation is complete, you need to carefully check the equipment, remove all debris and connect the device to the riser.

Procedure for connecting the towel dryer to the riser

After the old towel rail is removed, special couplings will have to be installed. They can be of different sizes. Pick up those that fit the pipes installed in your home. It is very important to follow the eyebrows bias. Focus on the course of the coolant flow in the system.

In case if the length of the liner does not exceed 50 cm, you can put it in a horizontal position. Connecting the riser of hot water to the dryer is carried out from below, because the flow should go up. When connecting the system do not forget that it is necessary to observe some distance between the wall and towel warmer. If the diameter of the main pipe does not exceed 2.3 cm, then this distance should be 3.5 cm. If the diameter of the main pipe is 4-5 cm, then keep a distance of at least 50-65 cm. The towel rail should be harnessed on special fastening hooks, which clog the wall. It is not recommended to use welding, as this can lead to deformation of the device when the system starts.

Now you know all about the features of the water towel, the order of its choice and the connection. There is nothing complicated about this. Just follow the instructions and be careful. Good work!

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