Features of rabbit breeds "Butterfly" and "Californian"

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Breeder California Species

A rabbit butterfly is one of the most beautiful and popular breeds, it has received this name because individuals have an original color, somewhat reminiscent ofbutterflies Males and

females are usually white, black( brown) spots of unusual shape are present on their back and head.

Features of the rabbit breed butterfly and california

The rabbit butterfly is one of the most beautiful and popular breeds, it is so called because individuals have an interesting color, something like butterflies.

If these spots are located on the back, they have the form of stripes or points, they can often be seen on the head where they are located harmoniously and symmetrically to each other.

The "Butterfly" Rabbit have a white tail with a black color at the end. Breeding of this breed is popular among breeders around the world.

History of the appearance of "Butterflies"

It is worth noting that some "Butterflies" are brown instead of black color. They first appeared in England in the late 19th century. After some time the breed has spread around the world. Since the time when the first rabbit-butterfly was born, the breed has changed considerably. The first species was quite small, so in those days the breed was considered decorative. The weight of a female or male on average was one and a half kilogram. In the future, the breeders decided to make pairs of this breed with the rabbits "Giant" and "Goats".As a result, individuals turned out completely different and larger.

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Main features and contents

Features of the rabbit breed butterfly and california

The butterfly rabbit has a powerful body, its length reaches 60 cm. Chest wide, strong paws, back extended.

As you grow older, the weight of an individual could reach five kilograms. Many breeders noted that the skin of the rabbit butterfly has excellent characteristics, it is beautiful and soft, moreover - it does not need to be painted extra( for example, in the manufacture of fur).Soon the breed acquired another species - meat-sourctic.

At present, this breed has not lost its natural advantages - the breeding of individuals is aimed at obtaining meat and furs. The rabbit butterfly is a very unusual breed. Modern males and females are quite powerful, adults have a fairly large head. In the shape of the head you can determine the sex - if the rabbit head is oblong, then before you female, in males, it rounded. The butterfly rabbit has a powerful muscular body, the length of which reaches 60 cm. His chest has wide, strong paws, his back is elongated. Males, in comparison with females, are large and dense, females have good fertility in comparison with other breeds. About 7 cubs can be obtained in an okril.

The most common mistake of rabbits is frequent cross-breeding with other breeds. The butterfly rabbit is not recommended to be erected with unknown species. As a result of such a mistake, the rabbit will no longer have the characteristics, their wool will not be so smooth and silky. Broken breeds may be overweight, but the quality of meat is much worse. One of the main advantages of the breed is that individuals perfectly adapt to adverse weather conditions, they normally tolerate the heat and are able to adapt to the cold. The butterfly rabbit is endurable, it is unpretentious to breeding conditions. Individuals can be bred in reliable large cages or on the balcony. In order for a butterfly rabbit to behave whimsically, it needs to create appropriate conditions. His cell must meet all the necessary hygiene requirements: it is desirable that there is no cracks on the floor where it is located;When buying try to choose the one in which the design is easier.

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California Species

The California Rabbit Breed has been brought to America, and today it is one of the most famous in the world. To get Californian, rabbits erected individuals of Chinchilla, New Zealand, Himalayan breeds.

Features of the rabbit breed butterfly and california

California has a very large body with a short neck.

As a result, breeders were able to get a unique breed that became popular not immediately, but after decades. California rabbit weighs an average of 4 kg, and individuals who weigh up to five and a half pounds( in this case, the animal looks thick) are also found. California has not a very large body, a head with a long neck, there are individuals with a rare lilac or blue color. The breed is one of the best, so it is worth iting! The Californian rabbit is predominantly considered to be a breed of meat, but it is also used in the meat-cricket industry. Individuals perfectly tolerate temperature differences, they breed both in the north and in the south. To get a healthy and, most importantly, strong person, it is recommended to keep it in conditions of home microclimate.

For breeding animals you need to buy a reliable non-small cage. The Californian rabbit has rather strong legs, which gives additional benefits to its content. It gives the meat a high quality, its maximum weight reaches 5.5 kg. Females give good offspring - about 10 cubs per ocrh. The average life expectancy is about 10 years. Remember that rabbits love to cheat, take care of valuable things and the lack of access to wires. Californian will need a large cage and slightly larger, compared with other breeds, care for the hair.

To ensure that the pet has the right conditions for life, try to ensure that the water for drinking is clean. If you are properly caring for a rabbit, its meat and skins will be very high-quality. It is recommended to feed it daily.


In addition to the main feed, vitamins and minerals should be included in the diet, and green grass should also be present. Rabbits require large varieties of feed, which should periodically be fed fodder and silage. It is worth remembering that any living organism from time to time requires plant food, rabbits can be given an apple, carrots, and cabbage. If you want to introduce new useful products into the diet, you need to enter it gradually.