The device of a mini farm for rabbits and its features

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At the moment, farmers are in demand for a mini farm for rabbits, designed by Academician Mikhailov. Although in former times,

was considered to be the most popular growing of rabbits outside cells. The former method had a number of disadvantages that made the care of animals labor-intensive and risky in terms of the spread of infections. In addition, because of the high activity of rabbits, they are located outside the cells, their meat was more rigid, and the reproduction process and at all difficult to control, because of which the breed quickly degenerated.

The device of a mini farm for rabbits and its features

For breeding rabbits, the first thing to do is to build a home for them. The easiest way is to make cages for rabbits with your own hands.

The main characteristics of these structures

After the introduction of mini farms into the practice of rabbit, this type of business became less troublesome and more profitable. Thanks to the patented design of the cells, they have the most comfortable conditions for the growth and reproduction of rabbits, with care for the maintenance of animals takes only a couple of hours a week. Feeders in the cells are assembled to function in a semi-automatic mode, however, as well as drinkers.

Due to this approach, animals are fed with food and fresh water for several days, almost a week. In addition, the heating of the water and the compartment allows the growing of healthy individuals all year round.

The low cost of such a farm for rabbits allows you to redeem it in almost half a year. You can choose any variant depending on the scale of the created economy: country house, household, industrial, etc. You can buy a finished farm in one of them specializing in the manufacture of firms or order in a carpentry workshop. However, in order to be fully confident that the materials for its creation were used in natural and do not harm the animals, it would be better to make such a mini-farm with your own hands.

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Farm Structure

The device of a mini farm for rabbits and its features

The design of a two-tiered mini farm for rabbits.

The design of a mini-farm in the extended version includes three tiers: the top, bottom and frame-stand. It happens that the upper part is absent, because there are two tiers for the complete maintenance and growth of rabbits. But we will consider the full design to get the most accurate picture of rabbit technology in a mini-farm.

The upper tier can perform various functions: the main, the so-called implantation, or as auxiliary maternity compartment. However, often the upper tier involves the presence of removable partitions, which are periodically cleaned, combining two cells into one. This is the case, for example, during a harness, feeding the female to the male.

The division of the lower tier into unequal parts is carried out using a drinker and feeder for feed. The area of ​​each cell is approximately equal to 1.4 square meters.and holds about two dozen rabbits.
The general location of cells in a farm is made as a system of sleds, that is, several layers of single-storey or binary cells combined under one cover. In this case, the cells appear to be well protected from atmospheric precipitation, drafts, overheating or overcooling. The most widespread construction, which occupies about 8 square meters, with two rows of cells under one roof. It is extremely important that the cells have convenient access from all sides, including for cumbersome inventory.

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What's the mini-farm

The device of a mini farm for rabbits and its features

The design of a triple-sized mini-farm for rabbits.

If you imagine a cell pattern in the direction from the roof to the ground, then there will be approximately the following order:

  • at the very top are the vent pipe;
  • followed by a slope of the roof;
  • below is a section for the maintenance of young animals and males or mother liver, in which case the design involves the presence of an electrical outlet for heating the matrix;
  • is the next level for drinking and feeding, drinking water also needs heating;
  • pallet level and waste mine;
  • storage device for waste disposal.

The northern side of the cell is warm, and the southern one is the most open, so that the inside of the cellular ventilation is maximal. The ceiling must be tilted, which does not completely impair the animals, on the contrary, it creates conditions close to the natural ones.

The bottom of the cage is dialed with an average width of the straps, which are located at an angle of forty five degrees, adhering to the intervals between the bars in the 1.6 - 1.8 cm. Through these cracks, litter and other waste fall down, which facilitates the process of cleaning the cells. In addition, due to the fact that garbage and other waste residues are not retained in the cell, rabbits are less vulnerable to infectious diseases. And the provided ventilation pipe eliminates unpleasant smells. The rails themselves should be clothed with iron so that the rabbits do not clog the tree. Such a floor of a cell is made removable so that it was possible not only to wash it, but also to repair it if necessary.


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Need to know necessarily

All elements of retracting feeders and other parts of the cell are preferably provided with comfortable handles and latches.

The device of a mini farm for rabbits and its features

The main elements of the mini farm for rabbits.

The presence of drinkers and feeders is characteristic for the booth compartment. The mattress compartments usually have folding doors to form a work cabinet when working with this compartment. From the inside, this compartment should be warmed up so that even in the cold season, the temperature in it could be maintained optimally for newborns. The floor in this part of the cell is somewhat lowered down, in comparison with the main part, and is no longer rail, but solid.
There is an automatic drink between the compartments, due to which the animals always have water. It can be made from a canister, located on the outside of the cell upside down. Thanks to the narrow nozzle on the neck of the canister, the water is fed into the drinking container as necessary. Thanks to this method, you can not worry about the presence of drinking water in a rabbit in a cell for several days. In the cold season, when the outside temperature drops below eight degrees Celsius, it is advisable to heat the water so that the rabbits do not get sick.

Not far from the drinker, a feeding device is installed, equipped in the lower part with a fine grid, which removes small particles that are harmful to the rabbit, by sending them to the recyclers. Another feeder for hay and root crops, located between the tiers. This feeding system allows rabbits to eat as much as they want, so they quickly gain weight and feel good. Overnight rabbits can fit up to eighty times, but this does not mean that feed costs are rising. On the contrary, with this design, the owner of the farm receives a more economical and efficient feed, as well as faster growth of rabbits to optimal body weight.


Rabbits feed on several types of feed, since monotonous nutrition can lead to a food disorder that is a serious danger for rabbits. In the spring and summer, excellent results are given to green fodder. A feed is extremely necessary in the diet of pregnant and feeding rabbits and young animals. From rough forages suitable beets and carrots, as well as the croup of these roots. For the winter, the diet add oats and mineral supplements.

The peculiarity of such mini-farms is that, if desired, it can be gradually improved in accordance with its needs. Thus, canister drinking can be replaced by a more thorough nipple, and the garbage collectors are supplemented with boxes.
Mikhailov's technology is still developing and in modern farms, there are some examples of farms equipped with rabbits for swimming pools. In hot weather, this innovation helps the animal feel more cheerful and virtually disappears the risk of heat stroke. Even in severe heat animals in such cells keep appetite.


The entire rabbit breeding farm in the number of eight cells does not take up much space, which means it can be located anywhere, even in the backyard. The total area of ​​the earth for such a number of cells will turn out to be about 25 square meters. During the exploitation of this technology, there was no detected flaws in particular. But the mass of virtues. Animals in this complex grow fast, as well as their fur is of high quality. With the growth of the number of rabbits, these farms can be expanded both upward and outward.