Types and description of decorative expressions of rabbits

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Rabbit is a well-known decorative rabbit and its second name is ram. Most people like decorative expressions of rabbits that cause emotion and

differ only in that they are slightly less common. Millions of people choose them as pets.

Types and description of decorative expressions of rabbits

The name "rams" they received due to hanging ears and smooth coat. Exactly small ramparts. Spread over a decade across Europe from the 20th century. In Russia, they were brought from Austria, the Czech Republic, and Poland. In the middle of the XIXth century, the rabbit meat and German meat fodder crossed. As a result, a rabbit of large size with a beautiful thick and shiny fur appeared.

Rabbit Structure

For such rabbits, a compact body is characteristic. A dense, reminiscent of the squared body, you can not notice the neck, as it is practically absent, a wide muzzle, a wool is long and short, large bright, beautiful eyes, legs short and thick, with undercoats. The whole picture is completed by soft, hung long ears of 24-28 cm, resembling a horseshoe. Only those rabbits whose weight does not exceed 3 kg can be called decorative. Average fecundity. One inoculum is 6-7 rabbits. Juicy and delicious meat.

Types and description of decorative expressions of rabbits

The weight of decorative rabbits does not exceed 3 kg.

There are several types of pronounced rabbits:

  • English;
  • French;
  • German;
  • plush;
  • fleecy;
  • dwarf;
  • Dutch;
  • Meisen.

The German rabbit is a little different from French, but for the English type, short paws and ears are large in size.

Rabbit is a decorative, pronounced woolly bark, famous for its very fluffy, plush short wool. Dutch and Meisen rabbits are the smallest, and Meisen's are on the brink of extinction. This breed is under special control and protection in Germany.

The popularity of these decorative rabbits was due to their sedative nature without any signs of aggression. This breed is quite friendly, and one can accurately say that under any circumstances, teeth in the course of these creatures are not allowed. Easily tied to a person.

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Buying a rabbit

When buying a rabbit, it can cost as much as 1000-4500 rubles. When choosing, be careful. Pay attention to the ears and the nose of the ears. They should be clean - it will indicate that the rabbit is a healthy body. If you notice any discrepancies( muddy eye color, different selections), you should immediately notify the breeder. The breeder is required to conduct several procedures in your presence, such as ear and nose cleaning. Follow also the cleanness of the legs, because they play a major role in cleaning the muzzle in a beast.

The animal should not be too damp. At first, of course, she will be afraid of you, but over time, the anxiety will pass, and the rabbit will start to trust you and everyone who surrounds him. Getting to the new world is not without difficulty.

Look at the bite. It must meet all the standards of human bite, that is, the upper part of the teeth should be in front of the lower one. There are cases where teeth are located exactly one by one. Bite is considered wrong if the upper part of the teeth is below the lower one. Soon it can pass, but only if the animal does not hurt.

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Rabbit content

Types and description of decorative expressions of rabbits

The best place to place a cell is a light, well-protected place.

Before placing a rabbit at home, you must remember that he has sharp teeth, which the animal loves to whip up something. Buy a cage first.

The cell must meet several requirements: the

  • has a large space, so its size should be approximately 0.7x0.6 m;
  • rabbits are naturally accustomed to mink, so they will not refuse a house in their cage, especially when they need to get used to new people and circumstances;The
  • animal will be much more comfortable if the cell is divided into 2 floors.

The best location for a cell will be light, well protected from the draftspace.

A pupil learns quickly in a tray, so this will not be a special problem. Your task is only to put the dishes. Angle tray will be the best option.

Do not forget that the rabbit will need to examine every corner of your home for acquaintance with its neighbors, that is with you. So give him freedom - let go of the cage.

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Nutrition and rabbit vaccination

Types and description of decorative expressions of rabbits

If the upper part of the teeth is in front of the lower one, the bite is correct.

Kids should not give raw food( juicy vegetables, fruits, greens), only after maturation you can enter it in a diet in small quantities.

The main component of the food is hay and cereal mixtures that can be purchased in the city's stores.

Buy a mineral stone, with it the rabbit will grind their teeth so that they do not grow.

When buying a rabbit, a mandatory item is vaccination. Irrespective of the breed, vaccination is carried out without exception. The necessary vaccinations from two diseases are made:

  • myxomatosis;
  • hemorrhagic disease.


https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = D_3t9JgLEHw

Is there an idea to take your pets on a trip? Perfectly! Just remember that you need to take a rabies vaccine before traveling. The first vaccine is advisable when the rabbit is 45 days old. After 10 days a friend is allowed to do. The rabies vaccinated rabbits should pass at the age of 2 months - no later, no earlier. It should be recalled that without a certificate of vaccination in the plane you may not be allowed.