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Flabby skin on the legs - how to pull it up?

If you do not plan to do a plastic surgery in the near future to remove the loose skin from the inside of the hips, and from the upper part of it - fat "trap", then these tips are for you. In fact, flabby skin on the legs leads to sad reflections, but physical

exercises and massage can also help solve this problem. The result can only be achieved with regular exercises. For each training you need to select 3-4 exercises( at least 5 approaches in each), and vary their set.

Whale skin on the legs how to pull up?

Here are some exercises that will help you return the skin elasticity:

Rise in the stairs. It is necessary to get up to the stairs not by a person, but by a side, and putting his hands on the railings, then put the right foot on the step, and turn the left leg through it crosswise and put it on the next step. So go to the end of the ladder, following the average pace.

Output: Lay sideways so that the shoulders, head and legs lay on the same line. One arm under one's head, the other one in front, in order to maintain balance. Left your leg bending in your knee, put yourself in front and slowly straighten, lifting, and then slowly lowering it. The foot should be well fixed, it should be shortened. For one approach do at least 10 climbs, then the same - for another leg.

There is a special simulator for training the muscles of the inner surface of the thighs: it is a chair with foot stands, which are diluted in the sides. When you put your legs together and / or lift them to the chest, your feet should not rotate, and your back should remain straight. Exercise is performed at a slow pace( preferably) with the pressure of the muscles of the press, and to increase the effect, you can add a small amount of weight.


The folding of hip muscles is best to begin with the use of squeezing with the help of the edge of the palm( 3-5 times) and the kulaks. The next reception is a kneading session, which starts with a double stamp, followed by a colossal kneading with fists( each kind of kneading is carried out 3-4 times).Sweating alternates with squeezing( 2-3 times) and shaking( 1-2 times).

Massaging the outer side of the thighs, take more time to rub and rinse the fascia. Fascias are massaged with the help of a comb of the fist( if necessary, the use of a load with the other hand), carrying straight, zigzag and colloidal movements.

Whale skin on the legs how to pull up?

A complete range of training for the feet and buttocks

If the skin's fluidity came after childbirth or sudden weight loss, or you simply need to approach the issue of elasticity of the skin more seriously, use a balanced and proven program that consists of 10 exercises. All of them are directed solely on the buttocks and thighs.

The starting position - standing on the knees, hands bent at the elbows and lying on the floor. Do not drop your head, do not bend your back. Bend in the knee's leg to lift up and turn back to its original position. Make 20 repeat this for another leg.

  • IP former. Repeat exercise 1, but when lifting move your foot to the left, next time to the right. Having done 20 times for one leg, repeat for another.
  • IP former. Raise one foot by aligning it. Lower the overlay over the other, lift it and rotate it to the floor. Run 15 times and change leg.
  • IP former. Raise an equal foot, just now to the side. Return to place. Make 15 times for each leg.
  • IP - lie on the right side, the right arm rests in the floor and bent in the elbow. Left leg bent in the knee, rests on the floor in front of the trunk, in the middle of the right thigh. Right foot lift up, keeping it flat. Lower it to the floor. Repeat 20 times, roll over to the left and do the same for the left leg.
  • IP - standing on their knees, hands straight, resist their palms on the floor in front of them. Align one foot and pull back. By making 20 distinct vibrant mechs up, bend your leg and turn it back to the floor. Likewise do the other foot.
  • IP - standing equally, holding hands in front of you. Tightening the muscles of the buttocks, perform 10 squats. Break 20 seconds and repeat the exercise. The number of squats must be increased over time.
  • IP - lie on the back, legs at the width of the shoulders, knee-bends, feet on the floor, hands along the trunk. As you can, raise the pelvis from the floor and lower it back. Shoulders and feet do not change their position. Run 30 repetitions.

Repeat Exercise 8 only by lifting the pelvis to the top position to kneel together. Also repeat 30 times.

Re-exercise 8, but lift the pelvis four times simply, and lift the knee together on the fifth lift. Make 30 climbs.

The first five exercises should be performed smoothly, without sharp movements. At the same time do not delay or chalk not. Moving from one exercise to another necessarily requires a few seconds to relax the body, to stretch for the muscles. This is done so: the pelvis falls down on the heels, hands are pulled out in front of him. Pull forward, in a cat, then move your bowl to the right or to the left.

Beginning a series of exercises for the first time, do all without hurting so as not to damage the tendons or muscle tissue. Perhaps it will not be possible immediately to do the specified number of climbs or mohaws, nothing terrible, most importantly, do not throw classes at all. Over time, increase the number of repetitions, bringing to the recommended numbers. Remember about the workout and the final stretch. If on the second, third day feel pain in the hips and buttocks, then the process has begun, continue to train.

Whale skin on the legs how to pull up?

Cosmetic procedures

In order for the result to be faster and more resistant, it is worth adding a film wrap with various mixtures to raise the skin tone. Due to the effect of the sauna the skin perfectly cleans and rejuvenates, becomes smooth and elastic. Practice 3 treatments per week for a month. The result will surely please you.

Do it this way. After a shower with a scrub, apply a cooked mask on the thighs, wrap the food film, get under the blanket. And after 30-40 minutes rinse with warm water remnants and apply an anti-cellulite cream.

For wraps, oil masks, cosmetic clay, seaweed, dead sea mud, honey and sour cream are most often used. To enhance the effect, add essential oils, spices, vinegar, chocolate, coffee and tea.

By practicing at least a part of the recommendations, you will see how the loininess of the skin on the legs disappears, and your body is getting younger with each passing day.