Spiny silver spruce. Motherland, breeding and care for silver spruce

Spiny silver spruce. Motherland, breeding and care for silver spruce

So called the coniferous tree is native to North America. Spruce, like most conifers, is well adapted to life in the shade, and drought for it - not an obstacle. It grows on loamy and sandy soils, reaches a maximum of 40 meters( cultural - 25), lives almost 100 years. To plant

, this tree can be cuttings and seeds.

A fir tree consists of many representatives, but a silver fir - the most harmonious and beautiful among all. In addition, it is unpretentious, perfectly tolerates severe frosts and air pollution, resistant to snowstorms. These qualities are far superior to all of their "relatives."In wildlife, the trees live in one and small groups. Most often found along the rivers and on the northern mountain slopes of North America( in the western regions).Sometimes the place of their residence are mountains( height - 2-3 thousand meters above sea level).Evergreen tree Spruce spruce silver is considered one of the most precious rocks, it is equally beautiful at any time of the year.

Description of spiny silk spruce

Silver spruce has a symmetrical, pyramidal( cone-shaped, flattened crown with a diameter of 6 to 8 meters). The flat branches( paws) on it are densely, horizontal tiers, their usual state - lowly lowered( the older the tree, theThe colors of the crown are gray-and-blue, the most beautiful and popular varieties with the highest content of "silver" in the color of the needles. Of course, a more bluish tint in the cultivated trees( due to constant selection). It is interesting that when the growth of shoots stops,the needles get the usual green color

Spiny silver spruce. Motherland, breeding and care for silver spruce

The tint of the young needles - light green with a light white patch The 3-centimeter sharp needle-shaped needles have 4 faces in the base A trunk of silver-colored fir-trees with brown-gray bark resembles a straight column, the diameterIt is about 1 meter and occasionally there is a 2 or 3-trunk tree. The older the tree is, the thickness of its bark( about 3 cm). The old tree is different and the bark is roughly peeled off. As for spruce shoots, they are short, bare, tough, their color is orange-brown, with age it turns gray-brown. The shape of the hanging cones, located at the very top of the crown - cylindrical. At first they are green, but when ripening they acquire a brownish brown with a glittering color. At the edges of the cones, they grow on the toothed scales. Spruce adds annually in height from 12 to 15 sm.

Planting and care for silver spruce

The best spruce will grow in a slightly shaded area. It is not very flabby to the soil of the tree is still more enjoyable fertile soil, in which logically the formation of deeper and more durable roots. WARNING!When transplanting the plant it is impossible to dry the root system, consolidate and tread the soil! Spruce screams lie near groundwater, so if present, you can not do without "soft" drainage( rubble and geotextiles in the soil).The neck of the root at the same time should be located on the ground level. The most suitable for soil acidity is 5-4,5.

Spiny silver spruce. Motherland, breeding and care for silver spruce

As already mentioned, plant a silvery tree and seeds and cuttings. The landing pit should contain turf ground( 2 parts), peat( 1 part) and sand( 1 part).It will not be bad to add to the ground nitroautophos( 100 grams).If the summer is hot and dry, young trees are watered once a week - a bucket of water under each plant. Silver fir, unlike ordinary, tolerates drought better. Loosen soil under seedlings shallowly enough 5-7 cm, while mulching superimposed 5-6 cm of peat layer, which is then mixed with the soil, but not removed.

Crop branches only dry, broken and diseased. In radical crop, trees that are used for hedger are needed. They ate adult winter-hardy, but the need for young animals should be protected from late autumn and early spring frosts. The first two after the year of landing in the winter, the soil under the trees mulch sawdust( 6-8 cm layer) or peat, adult trees do not need it.

Varieties of Silver Spruce

If the territory of the estate or private home ownership is small, it will be good for not the wild, but the high-grade fir-trees, various in their color, height and shape of the needles. Very popular among gardeners is a variety of blue-gray and silvery-gray shades.

The most famous - blue spruce spiny .It is tall( about 10 m), has a beautiful crown of conical shape. The needles of this tree are rigid, its color is blue-green to silver. When growing up, the needles acquire a blue hue. The blue spruce is planted individually, it is not prone to soil and moisture. Very often she acts as a New Year's symbol.

Spiny silver spruce. Motherland, breeding and care for silver spruce

Koster - the most common type of sprouts with silvery-blue needles. The crown is conical, the height of the tree is about 7 meters.

The lightest needle in the Hoopsii .Its unique feature: to get a crown of good shape, in the early years the young tree is necessarily tied up.

Very beautiful spherical 2-meter long fir-trees. There are dwarf and soil-shaped forms of silver fir. Dwarf Spruce is a tree with blue needles. It grows no more than a meter, with a thick crown. There is a blue pillow-shaped spruce. Its height is 50 cm and the width is 70 cm. The young man produces shoots of raspberry color, which are located at the ends of the shoots. Such eats look great both individually and in various landscape landscapes( in rockeries, on alpine slides, etc.)

Where grows silvery spruce?

Silver Beauty from North America. This tree is a symbol of the states of Colorado and Utah( USA).It is well tolerated by the crop, making the crown more dense. Therefore, the fir tree often acts as a living fence. To create beautiful landscapes it is appropriate to use decorative forms. Particularly by landscape designers is the favorite silhouette shape, familiar to us as silvery( blue).It was derived from a specific population of the original region in the natural range. There it is adjacent to the blue-green and silver-green forms. Widely used this species for greening the territories of industrial enterprises.

Spiny silver spruce. Motherland, breeding and care for silver spruce

In the 30-40-ies, silver spruce comes in its heyday. At this age she has the most intense coloration. Christmas tree is not only beautiful, but also a very useful tree. The barbed beauty, for example, serves beauticians: they often use a substance, a hydrolate, which is collected after a stretching from the overheating device with a water-tight part. This powerful antiseptic and wound healing remedy is recommended for the care of any type of skin( combined and oily, including).