Face masks with vitamin E: recipes, reviews, recommendations for use


  • Vitamin E for skin
  • Moisturizing mask with glycerin and vitamin e
  • Eye masks( 4 recipe)
  • Mask with honey and vitamin E against wrinkles
  • Rejuvenating mask with olive oil and vitamin e
  • Tightening mask with clay and vitamine
  • Vitamin gelatin mask
  • Cleansing foam mask with protein and vitamin E
  • Acne and acne mask

Mask recipes are becoming more popular and there are several reasons for this. First, you can be sure of the nature and safety of the components, and secondly, this is the case when beauty does not hit the pocket. In addition, you have the opportunity to constantly experiment, creating your own ideal means. So, the most popular component of home cosmetic masks can be considered vitamin E. He struggles with wrinkles and promotes the rapid recovery of epidermis cells. Of course, in cosmetic stores there are a lot of masks from this component, but they can not be compared with the home. In addition, the price of store costs can not always be justified by the effect.

Face masks with vitamin E: recipes, reviews, recommendations for use

What Vitamin E Uses

The main benefit of vitamin E is that it has a beneficial effect on ovarian function. As a result, the hormone estrogen starts to be actively produced, which is responsible for the beauty and youth of the woman. Nevertheless, the results bring not only the internal use of this vitamin. In contact with the skin, it also improves its condition.

Carefully study the composition of cosmetic products that you use. Probably most of them contain vitamin E in their composition, and the reasons for this are several:

  • - due to the activation of recovery processes in cells, significantly aggravated skin aging;
  • - blood circulation is activated, as a result, the skin is more saturated with oxygen and other useful substances;
  • - Vitamin E helps eliminate inflammation and prevents peeling;The
  • is an excellent barrier against direct sunlight;
  • - helps to get rid of freckles, pigmentary spots and scars.

As you could see, vitamin E has a fairly wide range of effects. One only oil solution of this substance can have a beneficial effect on the cells of the epidermis than expensive multicomponent creams.

Let's go straight to the recipes.

Glycerine mask with vitamin E

Buy in a pharmacy packing of glycerin and capsules with vitamin E. Now these components need to be interconnected. In turn, puncture 10 capsules, squeezing their contents into a jar of glycerol. Before applying the product on the skin, it must be well cleaned. The time of exposure can range from 40 minutes to an hour. Thus, you can fully combine beauty treatments with the viewing of your favorite series. At the end of the specified time, you need to wipe the residue with a napkin, but do not wash it in any way. It is better to carry out the procedure for the night so that the components as long as possible affect the skin.

Some precautions should be taken with glycerin. Since it is a product of alcohol processing, it is inherent in it to extract moisture from the deep layers of the skin, if its sources are not exterior. Therefore, it is better to apply such a mask in the bathroom, having previously included the tap. This is especially true in the winter, when the heating devices dry air. Also, after applying the mask, you can slightly smear your face with cold water. Thus, glycerin will draw moisture from the outside and transfer it under the skin. Otherwise, your person is exposed to dehydration and severe dryness.

Face masks with vitamin E: recipes, reviews, recommendations for use

Vitamin E for the skin around the eyes

  • The basis of the mask will be a banana. Rip about a third of the ripe fruit with a fork. Now the mass needs to be mixed thoroughly with a tablespoon of cream. Before applying, put the vitamin E capsule in the mask. Carefully cover the skin around the eyes with the resulting composition.
  • Another recipe involves the use of almond oil( a teaspoon).To it it is necessary to add 5 drops of oil vitamin E and for about a quarter of an hour to put a storage on a skin. If you have a little bit of a tool, add aloe juice to it and apply it to dry cracked lips.
  • If you are still not complaining about age-related changes, but want to protect yourself from wrinkles in the eye area, then simply put the contents of vitamin E capsules over the ages. For about 10 minutes, gently rub with your fingers until the remedy is removed. This procedure is carried out 1-2 times a week.
  • A mask of 2 teaspoons of cocoa butter and the same amount of sea buckthorn oil as well as 10 drops of oil vitamin E will help reduce age defects of the skin around the eyes. The medium should be applied in a thick layer. After a quarter of an hour, remove the excess with a napkin, but do not rinse.

Since the skin around the eyes is very delicate, the oil funds are the best option for it. It is better to apply such masks at night so that while you are asleep, oils penetrate deeply into the skin and smooth out fine and deep wrinkles.

Honey Mask with Vitamin E

This recipe is ideal for sensitive skin. It can also be used for the eyelids. Gently mix a teaspoon of yogurt and honey, add the same amount of lemon juice and about 5 drops of vitamin E. This remedy illuminates the skin and significantly reduces wrinkles. Typically, keep this mask about 10 minutes, then remove it with warm water.

Vitamin E and Olive Oil

Olive oil is a very useful skin product that is used in many home-made cosmetic recipes. For 50 milliliters of oil you will need 10 milliliters of vitamin E. The oil mixture is applied to the wrinkles, gently sprinkling. After 5 minutes, the skin needs to get wet with a napkin. Take the rule to carry out this procedure every few minutes before bedtime. If you do not have any pronounced wrinkles, then instead of vitamin E add a few drops of lemon juice in the mask. Also, olive oil can be used simply as a moisturizer, which guarantees you a shining young skin.

Face masks with vitamin E: recipes, reviews, recommendations for use

Clay mask with vitamin E

This mask is recommended for those women who want to achieve a quick tightening effect. It can be applied several times a week, and the effect becomes more pronounced every time.

On a tablespoon of white clay powder, you will need an equal amount of cucumber juice and 5 drops of vitamin E. If the mask is too thick, add a little water to bring it to the desired consistency.

The mask should be on the face for about 15 minutes. During this time, it will dry up, and therefore it is necessary to remove it very carefully. It is better if you do it with a damp cotton swab.

Gelatine mask

This tool allows you to not only tighten your face, but also saturate it with useful elements. To begin with, prepare the basis of gelatin - pour gelatin with water, herbal broth or juice of vegetables and fruits in the ratio of 1:10.It is important that gelatin does not contain aromatic additives or other foreign impurities. When it breaks, add a few drops of vitamins A and E, as well as a teaspoon of olive oil and juice of a centurice. Vitamin E contributes to the activation of regenerative processes, and vitamin A strengthens blood vessels, preventing the formation of the vasculature. Gelatin contributes to the reduction of wrinkles, and aloe butter and act as an additive food.

Egg and Vitamin Mask

Egg white is a very useful component of home masks. He not only tightens the skin, but also deeply cleanses it. So, shake the protein to prepare the mask, pre-adding about 5 drops of vitamin E to it, hold the face mask for 15 minutes. After you wash, apply a little olive oil on the skin. This is necessary in order to calm the epidermis, which for some time was recovered by protein. But the moisturizing cream is better not to use to not clog pores once again.

Face masks with vitamin E: recipes, reviews, recommendations for use

Acne and Acne Mask

For such a miraculous mask, you will need a tablespoon of oiled flakes, the same amount of honey, olive oil and yogurt. When the mass becomes homogeneous, add to it 10 drops of vitamin E. 10 minutes after applying the mask, it should be washed with warm water. Unlike most remedies for acne, this mask does not dry the skin, but vice versa - nourishes and moisturizes. A oatmeal will provide a deep cleansing effect, which will cause pimples to dry, and disappear after a while at all.

We are accustomed to taking vitamins inside. But the skin also requires the receipt of useful elements from the outside. Folk cosmetology has hundreds of mask recipes with this beneficial vitamin, which slows down the aging process and restores the epidermis. It is better if you do cosmetic procedures, combining them with the course of taking vitamin E.