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Herpes of pregnancy - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos

Herpes pregnant causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos Pregnancy is a serious test for the future mother's body. At this time there are serious hormonal rearrangements, the consequences of which affect all systems of the body.

During pregnancy, the woman's immunity is reduced, so pregnant women often "wake up"

infections that have leaked latency. Among these infections is herpes.

Hermetic infection is fairly widespread. So, in 25-30 years the herpes virus appears in 40-45% of people.

There are many varieties of herpes virus, and each kind of disease causes specific diseases. The most common herpes simplex virus type I and II.Type I virus causes rashes on the skin, including the so-called "cold" on the lips. But when infection with type II virus develops genital herpes.

Table of Contents

  • 1 Causes of
  • 2 Clinical Implications
  • 3 What is a Dangerous Disease in Pregnancy?
  • 4 Diagnostic Methods
  • 5 Treatment of
    • 5.1 Treatment with folk remedies
  • 6 Prevention and prognosis of

Causes of

infection Infection with herpes virus can occur long before the disease manifests itself for the first time. With normal immune status, the virus is often in a "sleep" state, not showing itself. However, when immunity is reduced, for example, when overheating, the virus can be activated.

Pregnancy is always accompanied by a decrease in immunity, it is a necessary reaction in order to prevent the mother's body from deflecting the foreign fruit for it. Therefore, the aggravation of herpetic infection in pregnant women is not common. Sometimes it is during the period of pregnancy that the disease manifests itself for the first time.

The ways of contracting a herpes virus are quite diverse. For example, a simple herpes simplex virus type I is transmitted by contact, airborne and sexually transmitted infections. But genital herpes is transmitted only by sexual means.

Clinical manifestations of

Because there are different types of viruses, the clinical manifestations of herpes can be varied. In dermatology it is customary to classify diseases that are provoked by herpes simplex virus by the following signs:

  • The appearance of herpetic eczema. Patients have peeling and redness of the skin.
  • Rash by the type of vesicular dermatitis - the appearance of bubbles on the background of reddened skin.
  • Development of gingivostomatitis or tonsillopharyngitis - the appearance of herpetic vesicles on the mucous membranes - gums, internal surfaces of cheeks, tonsils, etc.
  • Development of herpetic meningitis - a disease with lesions of the membranes.
  • Development of herpetic encephalitis. In this case, the brain tissue is affected.
  • Defeat herpes eye tissues.
  • Disseminated Herpes Infection. In patients, rashes appear throughout the body.
  • Anogenital type of herpes, which affects the mucous membranes of the urethra, genital organs, the region of the anus.

A particular threat to pregnant women is the genital herpes herpes, as the disease poses a threat not only to the future mother, but also to the fetus.

The main symptoms of genital herpes:

  • At the first stage, there is redness of the mucous membranes and skin in the anus, perineum, genital area. Redness is accompanied by the appearance of edema, itching and pain.
  • Then rashes appear in the form of bubbles. Bubbles are usually small, they are filled with a transparent or slightly cloudy liquid. Rash can merge, forming rather large lesions.
  • A week after the eruption, the bubbles burst, and deep eruptions are formed on the spot. Complete regeneration of the skin occurs approximately 15-30 days from the moment of the debut of the disease.
  • In women, the genital form of herpes can affect various parts of the reproductive system. With a herpes defect of the lower part on the mucous membranes and the skin there is a rash. If the infection struck the upper part of the system, then patients report the appearance of periodic discharge from the vagina, as well as pain in the perineum and in the lower abdomen. What else can be dangerous this type of herpes, you can read in detail in this article in detail.

    In patients with severe herpes in women, general symptoms may also appear - fever, muscle aches, and malaise.

    What is a Dangerous Disease in Pregnancy?

    Pregnant women are particularly at risk for primary infection during pregnancy.

    If this occurs at the beginning of the wear period, the risk of miscarriage is greatly increased. In addition, the herpes virus that penetrated the body of the pregnant woman, can cause fetal malformations, including severe brain damage, CNS.

    In the event that the infection with herpes occurs in the middle or at the end of pregnancy, the disease can provoke childbirth to a term, lead to intrauterine death of the child, cause brain damage in the child.

    If infection occurs before pregnancy, women have antibodies to the herpes virus that protect the baby from being infected.

    When exacerbation of genital herpes in the period before delivery, cesarean section is necessary. This is necessary to protect the newborn from infection in the process of childbirth. However, with timely treatment, aimed at neutralizing the virus, natural births are possible.

    Diagnostic Methods

    For diagnosis of herpes necessary: ​​

    • Conduct an external review of the patient. The presence of characteristic herpetic rashes is the most obvious sign of the disease.
    • A PCR-based smear test that detects the presence of herpes virus.
    • Conducting an IFA blood test to detect the presence of antibodies.

    Treatment for

    Herpes pregnant causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos Medications that could permanently destroy herpes virus have not been developed until now. However, there are remedies that suppress the virus and remove the manifestations of the disease.

    Unfortunately, the safety of most antiviral drugs for the fetus has not been proven, so in the manifestations of herpes, in no case can be treated independently. Therapy should be prescribed only by a doctor, a specialist will be able to assess the risk of taking certain drugs.

    Generally, drugs for acyclovir, valacyclovir or famciclovir are prescribed for treatment. The selection of the drug is carried out strictly individually.

    For the treatment of herpes, these drugs are used, both in tablets and externally in the form of ointments, which are applied to places of rashes with herpes. Simultaneously, the patient may be prescribed immunostimulating therapy and taking vitamins for general strengthening of the body.

    Treatment with folk remedies

    Pregnant is recommended to use folk remedies only for external action and only after reconciling the chosen prescription with a doctor.

    It is recommended to apply for firing grease or chamomile oil, ointment based on calendula.

    As a restorative remedy, it is useful for horseradish tea with the addition of Echinacea.

    Prevention and Prognosis

    It is recommended that women be given blood before they are planning pregnancy to detect antibodies to the herpes virus. If the doctor considers it necessary, you should take the course of preventive treatment.

    It is important to prevent infection during pregnancy, so contact with people with herpes rash should be avoided. It is necessary to avoid sexual intercourse with untested partners or, at least, to use barrier methods of contraception at this time.