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New Acer Predator 6

New Acer Predator 6

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    Characteristics Acer Predator 6

    Acer Predator 6 has been developed for the gamers,

    , who like to play. The gadget is equipped with a large 6-inch screen with high resolution. The device hides an extremely powerful 10-core processor called the MediaTek Helio X20, which hits all conceivable performance records. Supports the highest speed availability of just 4GB of RAM, which is very much for the mobile device. And for a normal battery life, a battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh is expected.

    The rugged Acer Predator 6 makes it truly male. Sharp corners, strict lines, aggressive design - all this is in the smartphone. The front side of the device has got four powerful speakers of red color, although the body itself has a metallic color. An important aspect of the device is the 21-megapixel camera, which allows you to shoot video and photos of excellent quality. Present in Predator 6 and strong vibration so that the player can feel the tactical return, which is implemented in the gamepad ah. The Android Smartphone based on Android 5.1 is based on excellent optimization.

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    Acer Predator 6

    release date During the official announcement of the Predator 6 smartphone, Acer did not say anything about the release date remarkable in all aspects of the gadget. However, it's safe to assume that the device for genuine gamers will be available somewhere at the end of this year. There is also the probability that the release of Acer Predator 6 will be postponed to the beginning of 2016 due to the complexity of the manufacturing process. The producer also chooses not to distribute the price, as it still needs to be installed. But judging by the characteristics, the device is unlikely to cost cheaply.

    New Acer Predator 6

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    Latest news Acer Predator 6

    Acer Predator 6 is positioned as a smartphone that is ideal for gaming. He possesses a unique and brutal appearance, which should especially be liked by the male half of mankind. A powerful stuffing allows you to run any games with the highest quality graphics, and also do it at the ultimate speed. The new Predator line allows you not only to acquire a smartphone, but also to purchase various accessories that will make the life of hardcore gamer more joyful. In any case, the device from Acer necessarily stands out from the crowd of homogeneous gadgets, because for this, Predator 6 has absolutely everything.

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    Photo Acer Predator 6

    New Acer Predator 6

    Gaming smartphone Acer Predator 6

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    Video Acer Predator 6

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