Hemorrhoid Treatment

Flaxseed oil with hemorrhoids - application and treatment

Table of Contents

  • Types
  • Composition
  • Antithesis and Presentness
  • Obesity
  • Insoluble Acid
  • Application to Hemorrhoids
  • Pharmaceutical Preparations
  • Conclusion

Flaxseed oil when hemorrhoids are used and treated

Few imagine that flaxseed oil has a great deal of useful properties. Of course, we have heard about the existence of its

, since television shows a huge number of health programs, but how many useful substances it contains and how and why they know little about its use.

Types of

Flaxseed oil when hemorrhoids are used and treated

Flaxseed oil can be refined and unrefined. Each of them goes in a certain way. Refined flaxseed oil should have a greenish precipitate, be clean and must be transparent.

Non-refined is of several varieties. Requirements for it are the same as for refined ones.

If flaxseed oil is used for medicinal purposes, especially in case of hemorrhoids, it should be acquired in a pharmacy or from proven suppliers, as there is a huge amount of counterfeits in the market.

Composition of

Flaxseed oil when hemorrhoids are used and treated

The composition of linseed oil includes:

  • proteins;
  • linoleic acid;
  • carotene;
  • linolenic acid;
  • grease oil;
  • enzymes;
  • palmitated acid;
  • carbohydrates;
  • stearic acid;
  • ascorbic acid;
  • vitamins A and E.

In addition, in the seeds of flax there is copper, zinc, manganese.

Antiquity and Contemporary

In ancient times, people used linseed oil not only in cosmetology. Hippocrates used it to treat burns and relieve pain. While the Slavs used it not only for therapeutic purposes, but with pleasure they were eating. But over time, linen was replaced by cheaper oils such as sunflower and corn, and later soybeans.

Recently, scientists have paid attention to flaxseed oil. In developed countries, it is used to fill salads and produce margarine and other products, add to porridge, prepare sauces, mixing with sour cream or mayonnaise. In addition, it is simply irreplaceable for the treatment of hemorrhoids, diabetes, wound healing. It is used for asthma, eczema, psoriasis and other diseases.


Flaxseed oil when hemorrhoids are used and treated

Many women today are trying to reduce the amount of fat they use to try to lose weight. But the fact is that reducing fat intake does not alter fat metabolism, which is often the main problem of obesity and overweight .In this case, the more effective means will be to replace saturated fats unsaturated, which in turn will have a positive effect on the exchange of fats in the body. Flaxseed oil is perfectly suited for these purposes.

Unsaturated Fatty Acids

By the content of unsaturated fatty acids, flaxseed oil exceeds fish oil twice, so it is especially recommended for those people whose diets are completely absent from fish and seafood.

Application to

Flaxseed oil when hemorrhoids are used and treated

Hemorrhoids As has been mentioned more than once above, flaxseed oil is an excellent remedy for treating hemorrhoids. Usually it is used in combination with other ingredients. It can be used both internally and externally. Inside, flaxseed oil is consumed one tablespoon a few times a day after eating for several weeks. The course promotes the normalization of digestion and emptying, aimed at getting rid of constipation.

Also, for the treatment of hemorrhoids, you can rub the ointment "Vundehil", which is sold in many pharmacies, linen and seaweed oil with hemorrhoid .The resulting medication should daily lubricate inflamed areas, such as hemorrhoids for two weeks.

In addition, 30 ml of flaxseed oil can be mixed with the same amount of sea buckthorn, add 1 g of anesthetic powder and 50 grams of medicinal calendula ointment. The resulting drugs are lubricated with a tampon, which is then applied to the manifestation of hemorrhoids and left overnight. The course of treatment is seven days.

Pharmaceutical preparations and counterfeits

Flaxseed oil when hemorrhoids are used and treated

Today, in the pharmaceutical market, more and more dasgs containing flaxseed oil are emerging. But due to the fact that the production of such drugs is a labor-intensive process, there are also a lot of fakes. Therefore, when buying oil or its products it is necessary to be especially careful. After all, a non-quality product can cause serious damage to health.


Thus, high quality flaxseed oil and its ointments and other preparations are excellent remedies for the treatment of various diseases such as hemorrhoids, psoriasis, atherosclerosis, tumors, and cancer. In addition, it can be used in burns, allergic reactions, vesicles, wounds, liver diseases, biliary tract, dysentery.

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