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Beautiful corner rack to the bathroom

The modern bathroom provides not only beautiful and comfortable decor, but also elements of furniture. Often the bathroom uses various cabinets and bedside tables for storing detergents and hygiene. What exactly furniture to use in this case depends on the size of the room.

The most convenient option is the corner rack to the bathroom.

Usually a shelf in the bathroom is installed to accommodate various towels, bathroom accessories, cosmetics. Therefore, the shelf solves several tasks at once:

  • storage of detergents. In order not to overload the bathroom with different things, prepared for washing, and simply for storage, you need to set corner shelves. They can contain detergents. This will make the bathroom cleaner and uncluttered;
  • security. Incorrect storage of detergents can cause them to fall under the feet, and then there is a risk of injury. A bathtub helps to avoid this;
  • corner shelves for the bathroom is not only a place of storage of various items, but also an interior, emphasizes style and design;The
  • can be placed in any room on the entire area of ​​the room;
  • regular shelves in the bathroom are mounted on the wall. Such a shelf can be found in any store for taste and price. Fastening to the wall in the bathroom - a pretty reliable option;
  • for a more rational use of the bathroom space in the corner under the bathroom is a shelf;
  • if the bathroom shelf in color and texture coincides with the door, then it can be installed on the back of the door. Also, if it is a plastic shelf, then it can be attached to the suckers.

Sometimes( if the sizes allow) in the bathroom wall make a niche that plays the role of a shelf. Such niches are very comfortable, since they do not bounce out of the wall and do not interfere with the movement of the person in the bathroom. Usually, when processing the walls in the bathroom, they are tiled or drywall.

When choosing a shelf in the bathroom, it should be borne in mind that it should match the color and shape to the sink, bathroom and other interior items. The semicircular polish brings softness into the bathroom, and the small corner shelf smoothes the sharpness of the corners. Shelves of square shape make the bathroom more rigorous, and multi-level, with several compartments, visually increase the distance from floor to ceiling.

How to make shelves in the bathroom with your own hands?

Shelves are divided not only in the form but also on the material. The bathroom is often set to plastic shelves. This is because the plastic is cheaper than glass or metal, and according to properties( for example, resistance to dampness and mold growth) it is not inferior to glass. If the shelf in the bathroom will be made of drywall, then choose a waterproof type. Moisture-resistant drywall is painted in green.

Beautiful corner rack to the bathroom

Gypsum board shelves differ in good colors. The classic option is metal shelves. Usually stainless metal is used for their manufacture. It looks very noble and aesthetic and does not rust away from the high humidity in the bathroom. Chromium metal shelves are also used. But they are better to buy from well-known brands, since chrome can go down in a month.

The most popular material for shelves is glass. It is simultaneously combined with the interior of the bath and is not afraid of moisture and mold. Wooden shelves are comfortable and well-handled. But in order for the bathroom shelf from a tree to serve for a long time, it must undergo a treatment that consists in coating the surface with water repellents. Also, shelves are made of marble and ceramics, but these are very expensive materials. Polichenko is not such an important subject of the interior as a wardrobe or table. Therefore, to store detergents and decorate the interior of the bathroom is quite simple metal or glass shelf.

Of course, you can not buy a ready shelf, but you can save it, doing all the work with your own hands. This will require the following tools and materials:

  • slabs of wood;
  • jig saw;
  • milling machine;
  • Drill and Drill;
  • pencil;
  • building level;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • ruler;
  • paint and brush;
  • brackets.

Step-by-step instruction

After preparing the tools and materials, begin to mark the wood boards. Corner shelf usually has small sizes, so the plates are taken small. The marking starts from the angle. The size of the lower part is measured on the wall. The value obtained is multiplied by 2, and 5 sm is added to it. Plate marking, drawing lines in pencil. The MDF sheet forms on the desktop and the end of the rope attaches to the center. To the other end, a pencil is tied, and, drawing a rope, draw a circle. In this case, the length of the rope from the fixed end to the pencil equals the radius of the circle. Then the circle is divided by a ruler into four parts, and from them are cut out two horizontal and vertical elements of the shelf.

Beautiful corner rack to the bathroom

When cutting MDF boards it is better to use electric shaver, since the knife is not equal to the end not to get .From the plate, the circle is cut so that it exactly corresponds to the drawn line. Then this circle is sprayed into four parts. To leave the shelf of the corner, the workpiece is cut off the upper part. The remaining three parts will have a curved edge. You can process them with a disk mill.

When all parts of the shelf are ready, it must be collected. First, the corner shelf is completed in parts, and all its parts are fitted. Particular attention should be paid to places where rounded ends end. To fit the joints tightly to each other, they can be fitted with a knife. After the shelf of the corner is finished and its compartments ideally lay one in relation to one, it is necessary to drill holes for metal products. They will be connected through the wall of the sector to the end of the other. From the outside of the shelf screwed screws. In the same way, there is a small shelf. Then, using the level of the shelf, it is level and fixed on the wall. After putting the shelf corner into the bath is painted in any color.

Corner shelf in tiled bath

If the corner shelf in the bathroom will be made not from a tree, but from another material, for example, from a tile, then the order of work will be different. The base of the corner shelf is cut from the whole panel with a saw blade. Then, precisely in terms of size, the tiles are tinned to the panel. After that, the base is covered with a solution and placed on it tile. When laying, tile joints between tiles must be carefully scored.

Once the panel is ready, it is attached to the wall:

  • While drying the mix for the panel, you can prepare the support. To do this, in the wall, you need to drill four holes and nail them in.
  • The hats are tucked into the nails and the dowels are driven into them, and one must be especially careful not to bend the nails.
  • A solution is then applied to the panel and inserted into the nails.
  • After this, the shelf angle is pressed and secured with a sticky tape until the solution solidifies.
  • Seam between the tile and the wall is filled with silicone.
  • Tools that are required for this:

    • plastic dowels;
    • tile tile;
    • solution;
    • silicone for seam insertion;
    • corner.

    Tile cutter for these works can be rented.

    Recently, corner shelves are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the fact that the corner shelf - the ideal option for a small bathroom area. For competent use of bathroom space it is not enough just to hang the lockers and put the bedside tables. Only good hygiene and household chemicals should be stored in the locker. That is, the main drawback of a locker or bedside table is that they clutter up the limited space of the bathroom. The situation can save the bathroom with an angle shelf. You can also try the combined variant: an angle shelf and a locker. In the closet you can put hygiene products, and on the shelf - bubbles, bottles, tubes, etc.