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Happy birthday of your beloved aunt

Happy birthday of your beloved aunt Aunt is, though not the closest relative to us, but nevertheless, is far from being the last person in our lives. Who was watching us when mom was busy? Aunt. Who bought us what my mother forbade? Again auntWho gave useful tips on topics to share with what mother we

were ashamed of? You know the answer yourself. Of course, it's aunt. For these and many other reasons, we must be very grateful to her. And it will be simply not allowed to deprive a native person of the attention of his own birthday.

Make your birthday greetings to your beloved aunt, start planning ahead of time so that it does not turn out that the day before the celebration you have no gift or greetings on your hands. And everything would be nothing, but only time for a competent choice will not be there anymore. Try to preview the future birthday girl, what would she like. It can be done so elegantly and subtly that she does not understand what told you what she wants to get on her birthday.

Pay attention to the gift, and with greetings we will help you. You can take them even right behind the festive table. Just go to us, find the appropriate verse and tell it. This will be enough to bring your beloved aunt a pleasant emotion.

Happy birthday of your beloved aunt
My tender aunt, dear,
Happy birthday, I congratulate you.
Be always so beautiful,
I will only please you.

So that the sun shines in the window,
A month did not bother at night.
So you get a little bit of
at a time when you want to cry.

Quiet, native, you know -
I do not want to see tears ever.
On the face of your tender, beautiful
Only the joy will always be.

Happy birthday of your beloved aunt
Abeet gently congratulations,
We like the beauty of
That the men from you
All gone crazy!

To keep you clean,
And the glow of kindness,
In every glance, in every case,
To keep you young!

Happy birthday of your beloved aunt
Aunt Aunt, Acceptance Congratulations,
Let all sweet dreams come true,
Let your bunch knock at your door,
Let the bird be happy for a hand.

Have a smile funny birthday,
Gladly welcome guests,
Let all wishes will surely come true,
Let all the images be forgotten forever.

Happy birthday of your beloved aunt
Happy birthday,
Aunt my dear,
The sea of ​​joy, the luck of
I wish, not tha.

Day after day let it be clear,
Take pendant from me,
Be always always more beautiful,
For me, you are the standard!

Happy birthday of your beloved aunt
My dear aunt,
Happy birthday I hurry to greet you!
Let your life be happy,
. Do not let the sorrow of seals in it.

Let it be the only light of the sun!
Let smile on your face shine!
Titonka, live for a hundred years,
Or two hundred, already digitizing for trifles!

Happy birthday of your beloved aunt
For you, aunt, all congratulations and flowers,
It is better for you not to find the whole world,
You are a source of enthusiasm and good,
Let generously reward you for all luck.

Let the desire coincide with the possibilities,
Let your house have a happiness and love to adorn,
A healthy health sincerely wish you,
Let a good angel protect you.

Happy birthday of your beloved aunt
Titonka here today we all got together,
To welcome you and drink wine.
Because you have an aunt holiday today,
Today is your birthday.

We sincerely congratulate you,
All these roses are for you only.
We respect you very much,
. To a million you are one.

Thank you for your kindness and care,
You have always been your native friend to us.
We wish you happiness and health,
You come in more often to visit us.

Happy birthday of your beloved aunt
Titonka, thank you so much
Hundreds of times I want to say!
Be always healthy and happy,
Please invite and invite again!

Let your hopes and predictions make
succeed in a herd!
Let poetry and prose live in the soul,
Believes in a beautiful dream!

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