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Myopics of purpura - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photos

One of the forms of hemosiderosis is the telangiectastic ring-shaped purpura. This disease was described in detail by the Italian dermatologist D. Mayokki( D. Majocchi), so the second name of the illness was given in honor of the scientist.

Purple Mayokki is characterized by the formation of red spots in the form of rings on the skin. The disease is more likely to affect men aged 30-50 years.

Symptoms and manifestations of this disease are also associated with Chamberg's disease.


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Causes of development of

Precise reasons that lead to the development of purple Mayokka, until now, failed to establish. Several theories were proposed, but so far none of them has received general recognition.

Myopics purpura causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo

Development of the disease can occur due to the negative effects of infectious agents.

  • There is a likelihood that purplish miyoki develops due to the action of infectious agents. The disease often occurs on the background of chronic infections such as tonsillitis, tuberculosis, etc. By the way, as a result of the depletion of the body of such diseases can develop even in the attachment of Behcet's disease, droplet psoriasis, etc.
  • Toxic-allergic theory of the development of myopia Mayakki suggests that until the development of purpuraleads to the action of poisonous substances and allergens.

In addition, the following may be beneficial for the development of purpura Myoxa:

  • Various endocrine disorders, resulting in severe changes in the hormonal background.
  • Chronic diseases of various systems and organs of the digestive tract, cardiovascular system, etc.
  • Disorders of metabolic processes, including gout, diabetes, etc.
  • Chronic stresses, depressive states.

In the mechanism of development of purple Miyoki significant increase of hydrostatic pressure in capillaries is significant. However, the fragility of capillaries with myopic disease remains within normal limits.

One of the permissive factors in the development of myopic disease may be trauma, including chronic - due to pressure, friction of shoes or clothing. Also, you should know that as a result of friction of clothes and shoes I can also form hyperkeratosis, fine-colored keratolysis, and others.

Clinical picture of

During myocyte disease, three stages can be distinguished:

  • The stage of telangiectasia;
  • The stage of hemorrhagic-pigmentary;
  • The stage of atrophy.

At the first stage of myopia purple, around the hair follicles are red specks in size from poppy to lentil grains. Against the background of this disease, folliculitis may also occur. The appearance of these spots is due to the expansion of capillary vessels, which leads to the formation of small hemorrhages. A characteristic symptom of hemorrhage is that, when pressed on a spot, it is not completely discolored.

The second stage of myopia purple is characterized by the formation of multiple point hemorrhages. At this stage of the disease, the focuses on the skin begin to grow eccentric. At the same time, in the center of the foci, there is a resolution of the process, as a result, the spots on the skin become like rings or semicircles. The diameter of the lesion cells in purple Mayokka can reach several centimeters.

At the stage of the atrophy of the Miyoki Disease, the skin in the lesion cell becomes pale yellow, shiny. Sometimes there is a significant thinning of the skin.

Mayakki's purple can form one, sometimes several ringed lesions. Localized rashes, often on the legs, sometimes on the buttocks or lower back. Very rarely purpura becomes widespread, and focal lesions are located throughout the body.

The general condition of myocyte disease, as a rule, does not suffer. Itching or other sensations in the area of ​​rash are not noted. Hemorrhagic lesions of the internal organs with myocyte disease do not occur. Sometimes in patients there are vascular dystonia, often hypotension.

Typically, the content of non-hemoglobin iron in the blood remains normal, hidden coagulopathy is detected in a small percentage of patients. Purpura mayokki proceeds long, the disease may last for several years. Often there is a subacute course of the disease, in which the symptoms are less pronounced.

Diagnostic Methods

Diagnosis of purpura Myoxa is based on the study of the clinical picture of the disease and the collection of anamnesis.

A histological examination may be used to confirm the diagnosis. In myopia purple, there is a large number of capillaries in the papillary layer. Vessels dilated, their walls thickened. It is noted the presence of hemosiderin deposits( iron-containing pigment) in the tissues of the skin. Sometimes it may also be seen and vasculitis.

Treatment for

The treatment scheme for purpura mayokki is individually according to the survey data.

As a rule, patients are prescribed antihistamines as when treating urticaria vasculitis. These are substances that reduce the sensitivity of the body. With purple, Miyokoku necessarily appointed vitamins, calcium supplements and immunostimulants.

In the presence of indications in the Mayoki disease, anti-inflammatory agents, antibiotics, anti-hemorrhagic drugs can be prescribed.

For external treatment of manifestations of purpura, ointments are used to help restore the elasticity of the walls of vessels containing heparin. Also, the effect of cold is recommended. When illness Mayokka spend the application of ice on the hearth of injury. In the widespread process, it is possible to prescribe ointments containing corticosteroids.

Treatment of folk remedies

In Mayokki's disease, apart from medicaments, phytotherapy can be used. Folk healers are recommended for this disease:

Myopics purpura causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo

For the treatment used herbal remedies.

For the strengthening of blood vessels and the treatment of purple Mayokki it is possible to prepare a vitamin mixture. It is necessary to take 300 grams of dried apricots, dried figs, prunes and raisins. Pour a little boiling water to make dried fruits become softer. Then thaw in a blender or a meat grinder. To the mixture add 300 ml of liquid honey and juice squeezed out of three lemons. The mixture is spread over small cans with dense covers. Eat every morning a spoonful of this delicious drug of purpura.

Will help to strengthen the vessels and get rid of purple mixes of vegetable juices. It is necessary to prepare a mixture, taking 50 ml of juice of cucumber, carrots and beets. In the first week of purifying myopia, you should drink a cooked mix each morning on an empty stomach. From the second week, the mixture should be taken every other day.

For the treatment of myopia, you can prepare a herbal medicine. Take an equal number of horsetail grass, heron grass and wood. Mix the dry ingredients and fold into a tightly closed glass or plastic container. For three tablespoons of the mixture brew three cups of boiling water in the evening. In the morning, strain the infusion into 6 portions, drink one serving every three hours.

As an external remedy for the treatment of purple Mayokka, a mixture of sesame oil and wheat germ oil can be used, and the ingredients are taken in equal volumes. Means twice a day to rub in the skin in the area of ​​defeat in purpura, giving the butter to clothe.

Forecast and prevention of

Specific prophylaxis of purpura Myoxa is not developed, as the exact causes of the disease are unclear. It is necessary to detect and manage the chronic diseases in a timely manner, to make general measures - hardening, walking and outdoor recreation. The same strengthening procedures are recommended even in the treatment of telangiectasia and nummer eczema in a mandatory manner.

For prevention of exacerbations of the process of purpura, Miyoki is recommended to regularly conduct prophylactic treatment with angioprotectants, disaggregation agents. The prognosis for purple Mayopka is favorable, although the disease may last for several years, periodically becoming exacerbated.


Myopics purpura causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo Myopics purpura causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo Myopics purpura causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo Myopics purpura causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo Myopics purpura causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, photo