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Installation of an electric towel warmer


Towel Towel is a must-have household item in a city apartment and in your own home. This device has 3 main functions:

  • drains and warmes towels;
  • complements decoration;The
  • helps maintain a constant temperature in the bathroom.

In the specialized stores of

today there are many different devices that perform these functions. Having chosen the electric towel warmer, you will be satisfied, because now you will always have hot water, no terrible air cork in the heating system. Such rust dryers, unlike water, are the most durable, easier to replace and mount.

Installation of an electric towel warmer

Value of electric towel warmers

One of the advantages is the complete autonomy of central heating. This makes it possible to create the necessary comfortable temperature in the bathroom, which is important in the absence of general heating. An electric towel warmer with a temperature regulator is regulated elementarily, automatically stores the desired temperature in the room, instantly warming it. So there is a significant saving of electricity. If necessary, the towel warmer can be turned off or moved to the lowest operating mode.

Thermostats of an electric towel warmer perfectly perform the work of the heating heater, the installation allows you to easily pick up its power. For a bathroom, the reality of full heating is an important point in ensuring the absence of moisture in this room during its evaporation and improving ventilation.

Electric towel warmer in its design helps to conveniently position and dry things and towels.

Its location adds comfort to the bathroom in maintaining personal hygiene and order. Towel dryer with thermostat mainly has timer switching on and off. It makes electric charges optimal and enhances safety when drying things.

Choosing an

electric towel warmer The choice of towels for power is determined by considering the purposes for which it will be needed. A device of low power can be purchased and it will be enough if it is only necessary for drying towels and linen. If you want to use an electric towel warmer as a heating device, you need to buy a design of high power, then its price will be much higher. The correct power can help you find a consultant, you just need to know the area of ​​the room that will be heated by this device.

Today there are a large number of models of electric towel dryers that differ by:

  • power;
  • appearance;
  • presence of additional elements( timer, thermostat, etc.).

Also available floor and hanging electric towel dryers. The most popular device is the advanced features. You can buy an electric towel warmer with a thermostat in all shops selling plumbing. It is very convenient to set the required temperature, it will slower or faster to dry the towels, and also warm the bathroom to a comfortable state.

Installation of an electric towel warmer

Electric towel warmer, has a timer, will help with the settings to turn on and off the device needed by the user time and adjust the assigned parameters. It's great for those who get up early and for the winter season.

Floor and hinged towel warmers have very significant differences. The floors are more comfortable, as there is an opportunity to move them across the entire surface of the floor and put in any comfortable state for a person. But if there is no certainty that the floor is dry, it is better to stop the choice of hinged equipment.

Currently, an electric towel rail with a shelf is found in the stores. This model is equipped with a convenient device, which allows for the lack of additional surfaces in the form of shelves to save space in the bathroom. On it you can put dry towels and various detergents.

Connection of electric towel warmer

When deciding to buy an electric towel warmer, you need to determine in advance the location of its location. It is recommended to put it next to an outlet, which should be well insulated and there was no possibility of getting into its moisture. Connecting the hinged towel will require the presence of a drill, with its help it will be necessary to screw the fasteners, which then will hold the coil. The device will be ready for use when the user is satisfied that the attachments sit firmly and that they can easily be placed on the towel rail.

electric towel warmer design features Modern towel warmer has a number of distinctive features:

  • The use of advanced technology makes it absolutely safe, although it uses a high voltage of 220V to connect it. An electric towel warmer has excellent dielectric materials in its construction, with its production advanced advanced insulation technology of electric current. All this ensures the absence of induction currents on the housing and good transmission from the heat heater, the device has a high overall efficiency.
  • Electric towel warmer has high reliability and long service life. Due to the fact that in the design of the thermostat high quality heating materials are used from the simplified to repair the electric circuit of automatics and control. Therefore, this device can be used all year round.
  • Installation of an electric towel rail eliminates the use of a special tool: soldering iron, welding machine, Bulgarian, you can do an electric drill, mounting dowels with a variety of "quick mounting."The fastening procedure will take a small amount of time, anyone who knows the work of the drill can do it.
  • The device of any towel bag does not require the construction of special communications and can be connected to a conventional socket. Installation of an electric towel rail in connection with its complete independence is possible in any place. Many of its designs have special fasteners that help maintain the relative mobility of the device.
  • Towel dryer( thermostat) is presented in a wide assortment, so you just have to choose a device for design, power and design. This electric appliance does not require much space, perfectly fits into the various interiors of the bathroom, connect it in a convenient place.
  • The heating of the case has a maximum temperature of approximately 70 ° C.It is quite enough that even in the cold season, fully heat the room and quickly dry the towels. In this case, the probability of formation is absolutely excluded in the event of contact with it of serious burns. An electric towel warmer has a minimum operating temperature of approximately 30 ° C.In such a comfortable heated condition, towels will be located without strong heating of the whole room.
  • By design, electric towel dryers are distinguished by two types:

  • Cable. Their scheme does not foresee the use of filler. The heating element is a special warmed up cable, so the location and connection of the towel can be anywhere. This type of towel is almost instantaneously in the working condition, but since it does not have a thermal capacity, there is a rapid cooling.
  • Butter. The scheme of these towel dryers assumes that the heat carrier in them will be an oil filler that transmits heat from the Tena around the device and has a relative dependence on the location in space. In this towel-dryer in its flaming device there is no air that can create a cork. In its design, the circulating motion of the oil filler is foreseen, in this regard, the installation of towel dryers is not advised to perform at an angle with deviations from the presented position in accordance with the instructions. Electric oil towel warmers are smooth, soft warming and cooling.
  • Regardless of which design of an electric towel warmer, the installation and price of them will be different. They are:

    • sexual;
    • ceiling;
    • wall.

    To connect and increase the electrical safety of the heaters, they have an oil filler, an additional grounding is used.

    Installation of an electric towel warmer

    Installation of an electric towel warmer

    The possibility of installing a water towel dryer in the bathroom is not at all, so the perfect way to buy and buy an electric appliance is to buy it. He has some advantages:

    • easy installation;
    • ability to change the heated temperature;
    • independence from hot water supply.

    It is quite easy to carry out the installation of a model of an electric towel rail "ladder" on its own. There is absolutely no need to conduct welding work, wedging into the water supply system of hot water. When making the installation, it is necessary only to strengthen the device in any convenient place on the wall and make the connection of the towel dryer to the electrical network.

    The connection scheme of a towel dryer implies the presence of excellent electrical wiring in the house. This device is equipped with a TEN, which has high enough power and creates an extra large load on the network. Bathrooms mostly do not have sockets because the voltage of 220 V and high humidity are not acceptable. To connect the towel you can bore through the wall a hole and skip to another room a power cord.

    There is another option. To install an outlet, protected from moisture, by its connection with a lamp. To install the socket in the wall, it is desirable that it is adjacent to rooms that are not heated to avoid condensation.

    With electricity, the towel rail has a second class of protection, equipped with a thermostat on the Tena. This allows you to set the desired heating temperature yourself, the connection scheme provides for automatic shutdown during overheating.

    Connecting the towel dryer

    The connection of the towel is carried out with the necessarily exhausting of the wires. Then you need to make a mark of mounting brackets, make holes. The walls and brackets must be separated by sealants. Then the connection scheme provides for clearing of isolation 5-10 mm of connecting wires and connection of Tena with the electric network. Connections are hidden in the connecting box, which is mandatory. If there are sockets in the bathroom, the towel warmer is connected directly through the plug.

    This electrical appliance must be checked for accuracy and fastening at the first time. You can operate it around the clock. The required temperature is maintained in automatic mode. It is not allowed to use an electric towel warmer in a disassembled condition and in rooms damaged by unreliable wiring. The product has a detailed instruction, which has a diagram, describes the features of operation and specifications.

    Electric towel warmer is optional in the bathroom. This unit can be installed in the hallway, in the kitchen and in other places where there is a need for drying things. See more about the choice of electric towel warmer here.