Uncheckit what this program is and how to remove it

In this post I will tell you what is the program UNCHECKIT and how to remove it. After my activity on my computer, I had to figure out what UNCHECKIT was about.

Uncheckit what this program is and how to remove it


A modern internet filled with different sites with licensed content that the

is freely available to anyone willing to. It gives the user some benefits, for example, you do not need to buy this or that digital product, but just download a broken version to your computer. But it should be noted that this is fraught with negative consequences. With the help of such resources, viruses, spies, which can deliver a lot of troubles, are very popular. One of them is the UNCHECKIT program. Today there are many types of spyware, some of them are not so dangerous, others are able to bring the operating system out of service without the possibility of recovery. Recently, Runet has become a great platform for placing Chinese viruses, most of them are not too harmful, but very annoying.

What is the Uncheckit

program? Any operating system is at risk, spyware and viruses are written even under iOS / Android mobile devices. The most exposed threat is the open source operating system, and Windows is also the most popular option for both stationary and mobile computers.

Uncheckit what this program is and how to remove it

Uncheckit uninstall

UNCHECKIT is a program that has started to spread in Runet not long ago, but has already managed to spoil the lives of many users. UNCHECKIT is a Chinese spyware, it can not cause a priori damage, but makes Windows useless and unsafe for sensitive data. The Chinese visitor, UNCHECKIT, is disguised as a helpful message by announcing that it will help set up the system and remove all that is needed to increase the speed. In fact, if you noticed at your UNCHECKIT, then you must necessarily clear the system from this abomination.

How to remove UNCHECKIT

Getting rid of the Uncheckit virus is not as difficult as it might seem at first sight. Do not hurry to immediately run to the wizard and reinstall Windows. If the virus has managed to break the configuration that is important to you, try to restore the system by launching the last successful download or rollback to the point when UNCHECKIT was not exactly installed on your computer.

  • You also have the option to log in to Task Manager and open the "Processes" section, where the main task is to find all programs currently running on the UNCHECKIT name.

    Uncheckit what this program is and how to remove it

    Remove Uncheckit from Task Manager

  • You should be very attentive at this stage, because this spyware can change its exact name from version to version.
  • "Kill" the UNCHECKIT process and go to "Install and uninstall programs" or use any uninstaller to help you remove UNCHECKIT from your computer.
  • How to remove Uncheckit

    balances The last item is a post-scan system for Uncheckit residues. To remove Uncheckit, the following options are great:

  • Adwcleaner;
  • HitmanPro;
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free.

    Uncheckit what this program is and how to remove it


  • Virus Cleanup In order to continue to no longer endanger Windows, it is recommended to use antivirus programs on a regular basis with at least minimal security. Windows 10 already has an official Microsoft defender, which is completely in common use with the Chrome browser, equipped with unwanted software filtering. You can increase the control of accounts for a few units, so malicious Uncheckit software can not be installed in the system without the knowledge of the administrator.