2017 Year

New Year's Games for the New Year 2017. A win-win lottery

New Year

In the heat of hot summer and rainy autumn, cold winter is coming. And this means that the onset of the New 2017 is not far off. And now is the time to think about who and where to celebrate this long-awaited event. And so that during the holiday did not have to be bored, it's worth thinking about the

New Year's contests and games.

According to the eastern horoscope, 2017 will be a part of the Fire Cave - a tedious and playful bird. Therefore, it is best to please Nord and prepare New Year's games for the New Year 2017. The best of them can be found in this article.

"New Year's Tale".

During this game, the whole family can feel a fantastic atmosphere. The game can be attended by both adults and children. You need to take some children's book of fairy tales from the shelf. The leader distributes the roles among the players based on the chosen book. Then he begins to read a fairy tale. All the characters he says when reading a book should create the corresponding sounds. For example, if this is a fairy tale "Ripka" and at the moment it's about a mouse, then the hero must fill. It turns out very fun and funny.

New Year

Snowballs game.

To play this game, you need to split into two teams. Before this we need to form 32 shots from the wool. The teams should be located in a goose, and put them in buckets in front of each one. Before the first player in the column, snowballs are placed. Each team has 16 slides in front. At the signal players begin to throw one slip in the bucket. After each throw, regardless of whether the player got into the bucket or not, he goes to the end of the column. The team that threw most of the snowballs into the bucket wins. Teams can be divided into women and men, or adults and children.

New Year

"Black Box".

For such a game you can take any box or box. In the box you need to put some object. The meaning of the game is to pass this box in a circle, and each participant must portray the magician or psychic and try to guess what the subject is in the box. The main prize here appears not for guessing, but for excellent acting skills. The game can be attended by both adults and children.

"Win-win lottery".

A win-win lottery has always been a pleasure for many, because it's always possible to get presents here. To add this new year's meaning to the game, you can use New Year items as prizes. For example, champagne, New Year's ball, tangerine. To add originality, you can play such things as: a hammer, wrapped tinsel or shovel for shoes, also decorated with New Year's. Prizes must be folded into a separate package or box. For each prize stick a number. You need to make tickets with the same numbers. Players are asked to take out a ticket. But before receiving a prize, the player must dance, sing a song or tell a verse.