Eyebrow Tinting Henna SPA: 7 Steps to Perfect Eyebrow

Girls pay a lot of attention to the eyebrows, their shape and expressiveness. And the care of the eyebrows requires a lot of effort, they have to give a form, to squeeze excess hairs and paint with paint, if the color is not intense enough. Henna SPA for eyebrows is an unusual dyeing technology from the

with a tattoo effect that will provide a fantastic visual effect and amazing resistance.

Eyebrow Tinting Henna SPA: 7 Steps to Perfect Eyebrow

Makeup looks like expressiveness of


  • What is SPA Henna
    • A growth enhancer
    • Honey for eyebrows: instruction for applying the professional set of
  • 7 easy steps to perfect brushes
    • Coloring Henna Spa Dark Chocolate
    • The color palette produced by the manufacturer

What isSPA Henna

What are the advantages of the Henna SPA eyebrow technology? The composition is natural and contains no harmful substances.

The use of this mixture can be pregnant and nourishing, since henna for eyebrows Brow Henna is absolutely safe.

Growth Growth Gel

Paint with a tattoo effect paints not only the hairs themselves, but also the epidermis. Henna for eyebrows surprisingly stable, on the skin it can last up to 17 days, and on the hairs the pigment will remain for up to 8 weeks. No ordinary paint can boast such resistance.

Eyebrow Tinting Henna SPA: 7 Steps to Perfect Eyebrow

Shades with different shade effects

Shades of Henna: instructions for applying the professional set of

The tattoo effect is now in fashion. Henna paints the skin, makes the eyebrow color more intense and intense. There will be no pain during the spa procedure, as well as skin damage.

The peculiarity of this technique is the care with special tools that gently coats the hairs and epidermis before the procedure. The palette contains seven colors, which makes it possible to pick a shade that individually suits the girl. With henna you can adjust the pale tattoo.

You will find a henna coloring if:

  • likes the tattoo effect;
  • needs to mask missing gaps;
  • rare hairs, pale;
  • want paint last for more than two weeks;
  • painting should be safe.

Eyebrow Tinting Henna SPA: 7 Steps to Perfect Eyebrow

Correct dyeing of eyebrows will draw attention to

7 easy steps to perfect eyelashes

Natural henna for eyebrows Henna helps to achieve intense scaly skin and hairs, with no gaps and stains. Henna SPA eyebrow coloring takes place in seven steps.

Painting Paint Henna Spa Dark Chocolate

  • Cleaning. The skin of the eyebrows must be cleaned with Cleanser Henna SPA lotion. It effectively removes the fat extracted from the sebaceous glands, which improves the penetration of henna into the skin.
  • Peeling. Exfoliant Henna SPA - this scrub removes the keratinous layer of the epidermis. This procedure stimulates cell division and allows the paint to lie on a well-groomed and perfectly smooth skin. After peeling the paint stays long, gaps and stains do not appear.
    Eyebrow Tinting Henna SPA: 7 Steps to Perfect Eyebrow

    Scrub Exfoliant Henna SPA

  • Washing. Washing of hairs of eyebrows is carried out by a special shampoo. The tool prepares hair for dyeing, opens their scales, so that the pigment penetrates deeply into the hair. After washing, the skin is treated with anesthetic and the tweezers remove excess hair, giving the borders the desired shape.
  • Preparing Henna. The desired color is selected from seven shades of henna. The powder is dissolved in Aqua Henna SPA, a mineral solution that creates an acid medium, makes it possible to make a high-quality homogeneous mixture for application to the skin. If the warehouse is hanging in a brush, it is necessary to let it stand for ten minutes. If a special mixer is used for mixing the paint, it takes just one minute.
    Eyebrow Tinting Henna SPA: 7 Steps to Perfect Eyebrow

    Henna Super henna

  • Drawing. Before applying the dye, the eyebrows are drawn using a special marking pencil. A white pencil creates a thin layer on the skin that prevents the paint from falling out of the contour. The line is easy to apply and is washed away quickly.
    Xena is applied by tweaking movements using a brush or spatula, evenly throughout the surface. Paint should penetrate well into the skin and hair. You need to make only one thin layer, as the amount of applied mixture will not affect the quality of painting. To apply to the final color, you can change the consistency, the darker and thicker the composition, the more intense the shade. The brightness will also be affected by the exposure time, the paint is applied for a period of 15 to 25 minutes.

    Eyebrow Tinting Henna SPA: 7 Steps to Perfect Eyebrow

    Erow PAINT Brow Henna

  • Removal. Paint is removed using a wet cotton wool disc. He is briefly applied to the eyebrows, so that the henna softens, and after being drained by light movements in the direction of hair growth.
  • Fixation. The final stage is the application of a fixing composition, which creates a thin film on the skin and closes the scales.
  • The color palette produced by the manufacturer

    Henna SPA is a durable tattoo painting without any damage to the skin and hair. With this amazing technology, dyeing will be even, without spots and gaps. The paint can be used to mask eyebrows.