Sanitary Engineering

How is the installation of a rustic bag with your own hands?

Currently, virtually any apartment owner has a bathroom. A very useful device for this room can be a towel warmer. Depending on the material from which it is made, distinguish a towel rail brass, steel, copper, from

polypropylene pipes, metal-plastic and others. Depending on the type of coolant, distinguish water, electric, combined towel dryers. Installing a towel bag with your own hands is not a simple matter. Connection of such a unit can be done by joining it to a central heating or hot water supply system.

How is the installation of a rustic bag with your own hands?

The best way to connect a towel-dryer with your own hands is the second way, because hot water is always there, and heating is switched off during the warm period of the year. When installing towels with your own hands, there may be some problems. Not all rooms may have a pipe lining. Thus, the lower connection of the towel will require a piping gasket. To do this, you will need to turn off the riser. In this situation, a ladder, a pump will be useful. The stove is a vertical pipe, which runs from the bottom up through all floors and supplies the apartment with hot water. Do not do in such a situation without the involvement of communal services. They need their written permission. Let's consider in more detail how the installation of a towel-dryer is carried out, the main stages of work.

Preparatory work

Installation of a new towel dryer on its own will require the owners of the apartment or the house to dismantle the old unit. To do this, use a wrench, screwdriver to unscrew all fasteners and remove the old towel rail. Within a few days, a written communication to the public utility service with a request for permission to carry out repair works is submitted. You will need to turn off the riser, for this to turn off the cranes. Once the permission is received and the riser is off, you can get started. When installing such a device, a lower connection is used. To install a brass, copper or other towel rack, you need to choose high quality pipes.

You can connect the machine with metal-plastic pipes. Their advantage in simplicity and speed of work. But there are some disadvantages. When connected with other elements of the system, the internal diameter is slightly lower than that of the ordinary. In addition, the metal plate is very sensitive to pressure variations. As for the copper material, it is recommended to hire a professional to install such pipes. Connecting the towel with copper pipes is most reliable, as the process of fastening is carried out by welding. The same applies to polypropylene tubes.

jumper connection As already mentioned above, in some cases it is necessary to turn off the riser and deprive the water's neighbors for a while. To avoid this, you can make special jumper( bypass).Bypass is a small section of the pipe that has elements for connection. The technology of their installation is simple. The first thing at the ends of the bearing tube is the gun mounting the towels. If the pipes pass high, a ladder is put. The same main pipeline to the valves is connected bypass. The arrangement of pipes is shown in Figure 1.

How is the installation of a rustic bag with your own hands?

All this ensures complete isolation of the water supply system from the main pipe to the bathroom, which means that the riser does not need to be cut off; only the valves must be shut off, the pump switched off, the water will not enter the dryer, but it will be easy to goup through the jumper. We will also need ball valves for mounting the jumper. To install ball valves, it is advisable to wrap their threads with flax and apply a layer of paste, also suix and oil paints, as shown in Figure 2.

How is the installation of a rustic bag with your own hands?

Connecting the towel dryer

Installing the towel dryer includes the use of clutches. Get ready for the towel rails and connect with the main pipeline with the clutch. The supply of pipes should be done so that there is a slight slope towards the towel bag. Divers do in the course of the movement of water.

If the length of the pipe connecting the unit with the hot water supply system is more than 50 cm, then the slope should be from 5 to 10 mm throughout.

If it is half a meter then the liner can be horizontal. To connect the towel dryer ladder and pump can be useful.

The connection of the towel dryer with your own hands involves attaching the device to the wall. If the hard cover( tile, concrete), then you can use brackets or dowels. The pre-drilled hole clogs the dowel, and the dryer itself hangs. It is important that the device should be in a suspended state, it does not need to be fixed. This applies to the pipes itself. Pipes do not need to be welded. If the dryer is placed for the first time, then make a marking of the wall and with the help of grooved or Bulgarian cut the plot.

Checking the Performance of the

After all steps have been completed, check the tightness of the pipes. The parking lot must work so that the water can enter the pipeline network, the pump too. Includes newly installed cranes and let the water flow to the rifle dryer. The procedure should be carefully. In places where welds are located, water leakage is not allowed, all joints must be sealed.

If leakage is detected, then gaps and defects must be breached, otherwise hot water may leak. Use a drying unit preferably the next day after repair work. A pump( pump) can be used to increase the flow of water. The pump will be indispensable if the dryer is not used in the apartment but in a private home. Pumps for a rushness dryer( pump) can be purchased at any construction store.

Installation of electric towel warmer

The difference between this unit is that it connects to the mains via an outlet. The finished appliance already has a wire with a fork. The carrier in this situation may be water, antifreeze, or other liquid. To put the drying device in your own hands, it must be remembered that this is not safe, since almost always the bathroom is very high in humidity, that is, there is a risk of moisture entering the outlet, so it is recommended to bring it out through the wall. To do this, you will need the following equipment: hammer, drill, screwdriver, screws. An electric device can be seen in Figure 3.

How is the installation of a rustic bag with your own hands?

The unit itself is fixed on the wall brackets. The hole in the wall for an electric wire can be made at any height. Better if it's not noticeable. To do this, at a designated point, a hole with a diameter of about 2 cm is made to allow the wire to enter, then plug the plug into the socket. For fastening of a wire on a wall from an internal and external side using brackets for posting. The pump will not be needed. In order to provide fire safety, it is also possible to arrange a protective trip device, which will work at the slightest failure. Combined towels drying machines work both from the hot water supply system and from the electric current. It is difficult to install them with your own hands.

List of tools and materials

In order to install a device for drying towels in your apartment or home, you need to have a complete list of tools and materials. It includes a drill, a hammer, a screwdriver, a screwdriver, a key, a bit. It is also advisable to stock up the material: pipes of a certain diameter, dowels, screws, brackets, clutches, bypass. In addition, you will need a ladder, a welding machine, a Bulgarian, cranes. The drag is possible at work at height. Another important element is the pump. Requires a Water Pump.

No tools are required to turn off the riser. Thus, practically anyone can make bathroom repairs. It is very important that the riser is switched off before mounting. At the initial stage of the work, the owner must select the type of towel. The best option is a water view, since it is more reliable and safe in the fire. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the pipes. It is better to buy copper pipes. If you follow all the rules and requirements for the installation of a towel dryer, it will last for many years.